In North America, fescue is one of the most widespread pasture grasses for high-quality animal feed. This is also a popular grass type of pastures. A native grass of tropical origin that extends from marshes (salt and freshwater), lagoon fringes, and sandy beach ridges. Harmony and Sod Solutions are common brands carried by large garden centers. Sod is more reliable than seed, which is one of the main reasons why it is so popular with home owners. Which is Better for Your Lawn – Sod or Seed? Sod is pre-planted grass that is ready to roll down on your home lawn, also referred to as turf grass. The grass blades grow up to 8” (20 cm) long and are about 0.12” to 0.2” (3 – 5 mm) broad with a smooth texture. There are all kinds of great arguments for using both, and really, it all comes down to simply being a matter of choice. Canada: HomeStars You should also consider maintenance needs when choosing the right sod for your project because lawn care is an on-going process. Seed – Prior to installation, you or your installer must prepare the soil with any necessary herbicides and nutrients to prevent weeds and encourage germination. There are around 12,000 different types of grass in the botanical family Poaceae. *You have to keep up with the maintenance and use fertilizers Grass seeds come from grass plants that mature, sprout heads and flower.

Currently, Mississippi State University is working on a hydroponic (grown without soil) variety of sod that would be not only lighter, but would be able to travel greater distances without stress. It exhibits moderate tolerance to both drought and cold, and as such is especially popular in inland temperate environments referred to in the turf and landscaping industries as the "transition zone", where summers are too hot for most cool-weather grasses, yet winters are too cold for most warm-weather grasses. Bahiagrass is a low-growing grass that spreads via creeping stolons. Centipede grass forms thick sod that thrives in warm temperatures with very little maintenance. Because there are some restrictions to travel including expenses, most sod is grown and sold locally, but new strains and methods are being developed all of the time. Because of its long maturation period, this installation will not do much to prevent erosion. Zoysia grass (zones 5-10)—A popular type of warm-season lawn grass with good cold tolerance. In no way is sodded grass bad for the environment. Bermuda grass is quite commonly used for golf courses and sports fields across the southern portions of the United States. To help keep a lawn looking lush and green throughout the year, you could plant it with cool-season ryegrass.

It can help with the prevention of flooding in the area. Privacy Policy. Will not need as much water as a seeded yard during and after initial weeks. It tolerates a range of climates in the U.S., from hot and humid lagoons, inlets, and bays of the Gulf Coast, to the arid expanses of terrain like plains and deserts in the South and lower Midwest.

Fine fescue is one type of cold season grass that is a common ornamental or turfgrass.

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