The clip-ins that I bought from Amazon were like $10 but the other pony I have is $50. I like them just fine and for the price (also, I won a giftcard for Amazon), I’m not mad that I have it and I do use it. Or I’ll just do what I did when I actually had bangs and blow them out my eyes all the time like the “Whaaaat a dog!” dog in Lady in the Tramp.***.

But as it does every year, the urge to have bangs hit me again, and I started talking about getting clip-in bangs. HOWEVER, a couple of years ago I made my friend and stylist Sarah Garner* promise to never cut my bangs again. Watch my full try on and review here: Use promo coupon code: LISA10 for a discount from If you need help color matching, INH has amazing customer service! And I have a lot of thoughts and feelings and opinions so I am here for it. Buying hair extensions online is much like buying clothing online, it can be a gamble. It’s very subtle, so it’s not the end of the world, but I do wish she was straight or curly. Y’all. When I first received the ponies for reviewing, INH had sent me dark brown by mistake and Brittney quickly reached out and let me know she would be sending me black-brown. Hi dolls! Would you try some crazy colored hair extensions? That being said, since this…presumably…does not match your actual hair, putting it in a bun lets you cover up your ponytail. Unlike Miya, Molly can be applied in two ways, depending on your hair thickness and length. When I wear her, I feel more confident. When I was in the eighth grade circa 2007-2008, my mom bought me a one-piece clip-in extension from Jessica Simpson’s HairDo line, and boy that gave me major volume, but you could tell it was fake hair because the quality wasn’t amazing. eek! Anyways, I like bangs, I just love the way they make my face look. Just DM them and they will match you. And figuring that out by staring at a picture is hard. ( Log Out /  The only downside is, I need to learn how to do the bun so that the wrap can get all the way around and the bobby pins don’t stab me in the skull. However, the fine people at the company told me to pick the shade darker. Insert Name Here Hair Extensions Review. But if you DM @insertnamehere on IG, they will literally look at your pictures and tell you which colors would work best. The Price: Hairpieces are generally in the $50 range. The Molly ponytail is AKA the Cheer Pony. And because my IG ads come directly from brainwaves, I started seeing ads for the brand Insert Name Here. : Yup. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. My hair is so thick and I don’t have salon-quality hair bands, so it’s hard for me to form a high and tight pony. This has turned into a review website. The Miya ponytail is touted as the 30-second dream pony. Molly made me feel so glamorous and … Libby Audrey — beauty reviews, financial advice and more. View fullsize. She’s available in 11 shades and comes crimped. We're A Premium Hair Extension Brand Based Out Of Los Angeles With Beautiful Ponytails, Wigs, Buns, And Remy Hair Extensions. There are usually coupons either from partners or via INH social media/emails, so definitely subscribe and save some money. What was frustrating what how the ponytail extension hair would get caught in the velcro and be difficult to remove. Hmm. Working to make my goals a reality. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Again, ponytails are super simple - the real trick is getting them not slip. I will wear Molly again because I like how easy she is to apply and the curls give me so much attitude. And I have a lot of thoughts and feelings and opinions so I am here for it. However, I can buy myself weekend hair and I am…hair for it. The real key here is placement of the bangs, otherwise, there’s literally one clip and it takes one second. absolutely. The thing to keep in mind is the ponytail extensions are heavy after wearing them for a while, so I’d say these are great for special occasions where you’re only wearing them for a few hours at most. It’s called compromise, friends. ** So, here we are. Insert Name Here Hair is worth the hype. It’s free and the team is there to help you. Presenting my first #letsjump, It’s in the 40s this morning , and I’m not, I tried really hard to hide my AirPods in this pho, #DealAlert this $4 3-wick candle from #Aldi smells, Took another version of the Meyers-Briggs personal, I’ve voted in every presidential election since, Attended a virtual job fair this morning. Watch my full try on and review here: Use promo coupon code: LISA10 for a discount from And the grow out - because having bangs during a Texas summer is a hard “nah, dawg” for me, is the everloving worst for me and my genetically-derived widow’s peak. Miss Tennesee USA Justice Hope Enlow is Using Her Sash to Fight Endometriosis. Purchase Again? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. What I liked about their website versus the tons of other ones, is that they don’t just have clip-in extensions where as of right this second aren’t my thing. Your email address will not be published. Be sure to take advantage of color-matching via DM on their Instagram. At INH Hair, You Are Free To Be Whoever You Want To Be And Easily Transform Your Look. I’ve dyed my hair purple for every long trip I’ve had since I went to France in 2016 and have scheduled it around when actual customers would see me in person. So my roots are darker than the bangs but my hair, in general matches which works out just fine when I wear these in a bun so, phew. My current job though, is far more customer and executive facing and so, the days of being able to literally dye my hair purple are gone. This has turned into a review website. The Process: I am not a novice to clip-in hair - I have one curly pony and one clip in extension piece that I got off of Amazon because it’s constantly recommended on buzzfeed. I’ll keep playing around with them to see if having my fiancé help me apply them will make it easier. Change ). Why? Molly made me feel so glamorous and I couldn’t believe how much I fell in love with her. Chaired by Sue Perkins, two teams answer obscure questions about historical figures who all share the same name. Miya is applied with a clip and velcro. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Y’all. I’ve also been following Sharon for a while now and she’s really generous when it comes to makeup tips and hair tricks. I was color matched to black-brown and it’s a near-perfect shade for me, though I probably could’ve gotten away with jet black. The thing to keep in mind is the ponytail extensions are heavy after wearing them for a while, so I’d say these are great for special occasions where you’re only wearing them for a few hours at most. How about you? INH Hair has a variety of wigs, extensions, and accessories for all hair enthusiasts. INH Hair, I’m even more excited to buy a wig from them because I’ve dreamed of having pastel hair, but wouldn’t take the leap to dye it. The instructions suggest putting your hair in a bun if you have fine hair. For ~$50, I think ponytail extensions are awesome, but there is a learning curve if you’re not great at doing your own hair like me. Studying software development and finding my way along the journey. I worked with Brittney who color matched my hair, she was also very accommodating. But as it does every year, the urge to have bangs hit me again, and I started talking about getting clip-in bangs. You can heat-style Miya and Molly because they’re made of Japanese synthetic fibers, but I won’t be heat styling my Miya. Because I like a 30-second payoff and clip-ins require you to curl and blend. Thankfully, INH Hair has a great customer service team to help you with color matching their products. I don’t know…if I”m going to talk SG into helping me dye my fake bangs so I’ll probably wear them as is. Feeling. Customer service is such a big part of a brand, and I think having the right team managing social media and community is what sets a brand apart these days. Immediately I was in love with Molly. Hmm. The jaw clip is best for those with thinner/shorter hair, while the hairpiece and clips are best for those with thicker/longer hair. For real, I did it and they told me…and the I ignored them because…Selfie. Then deeper into the rabbit hole, I found colored ponytails. She’s available in seven shades and comes pre-curled or spiraled. And I don’t know if you know this, but I love, LOVE having my hair dyed. I tried to use the jaw clip with my hair in a single pony, but because my hair is too thick, I ended up making a smaller, high pony and then a second lower pony. Park now works at INH Hair and Il Makiage while Wyn works at INH Hair and continues to work at Colourpop. I probably won’t wear Miya again unless I’m attending a Halloween party or concert where I want to express my inner Ariana Grande. Have you tried INH Hair products before or will you in the future?
Would you try some crazy colored hair extensions? The ponytail attaches with a clip, and then a tail to wrap around the base of your ponytail to hide the clip and wrap. Miya gives me major length and I love that, but I don’t understand why she’s crimped. But I’m going to give it a solid six months before I buy fake hair again, so Mr. Selfie doesn’t murder me. *Excited clapping * EEEEEEEE!!! I don’t care what Rachel^ says, this damn ponytail brings so much joy. Insert Name Here (BBC2) is a new panel show with Sue Perkins in the host’s chair and a premise that doesn’t really sink in on first hearing.

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