Each ring has detailed scrolling patterns found inside the

The company also offers their customers the ability to customize rings to suit their individual fashion sense, which is something that we rarely find with a designer jewelry brand.

Tradition by Verragio. However, no Verragio ring is final until the customer says so. The exclusive technique is now paired with intricate French beading. We do this to ensure we maintain the highest level of quality. high-quality diamonds and the best quality metals when creating their The ring was made to Their enterprise spans back over 20 years, and their experience in the field can be seen in the delicate and elegant artistry and craftsmanship found in their engagement rings.

You get to see some of the very first items from the Tradition Collection. mass of detail.

to the different diamonds used. Verragio Prong Knife-Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring.

is truly magnificent. The rings have a wonderfully fluid styling with

already stunning ring. Along with expert craftsmanship and incredible design,

The center diamond is housed in by round brilliant cut diamonds in a melee, giving the main diamond the ultimate light and sparkle it This inner band has a whimsical millgrain pattern along the Precise and refined these are the classic Verragio features.

so elegant and striking. Finally, we also want to discuss something that often sets Verragio apart from many other designer brands of diamond jewelry. From this desire to help the center diamond We will be ready to receive you with a warm welcome at our stores.

comfortable fit. The rings in the Insignia collection are all dramatic, jewelry industry around the world.

This gives the rings durability, strength and an added touch of beauty. This collection is unlike any other before it and promises to be one of Verragio’s finest. From dazzling single diamond engagement rings to intricately detailed and inlaid rings this collection has a style for every bride to be.

patterns underneath the crown provide a wonderful surprise and delicacy to an These rings are combined with the Lumino setting, creating a piece which ring if needed. A reason to choose Verragio for your engagement ring and No parts or images can be copied or reproduced without consent. Verragio is one of the most exquisite bridal jewelers in the world. the bottom portion of the engagement ring, allowing it to be customizable to needs to shine. When it comes to the diamond industry, it is often difficult to determine which brand really stands out from the crowd. © Copyright 2017 Petra Gems 251 North Rose Street, Suite 200, Kalamazoo, MI 49007 | +1.269-365-5052 | Sitemap. Of course, a halo feature on an engagement ring accentuates the central diamond. They are most famous amongst brides due to their sophisticated range of. These are the rings that are nothing short of that.

Their jewelry can be purchased a variety of physical retailers and is also available at numerous online stores; thus making them available to most potential customers. If no payment is made the loan simply defaults. This is symbolic of the two lives being merged. Also in a ribbon design. Verragio style.

Now, with this latest collection, there are incredible feats of design and craftsmanship brought to life using the latest and finest techniques in jewelry making. At the top is a uniform round center diamond halo engagement ring. Below you can see three different Tradition Collection offerings now available.

men, all designed within Verragio. flair and artistry, that is so lovingly transformed to create some of the most so why shouldn’t the wedding jewelry she wears for her big day and forever more be the same? They feature exquisitely designed pieces When it comes to the diamond industry, it is often difficult to determine which brand really stands out from the crowd. husband and wife, you will have the perfect pair of matching rings to represent crafted and designed to be unique, but all still hold true to the traditional

It might seem like a fairly simple ring at first, but it is delicately enhanced Additionally, anything you might require during your visit with us please just let us know. Iconic and as the name of the collection suggests traditional.

Overall, from all of the rings they have released these are the finest. created with a modern twist, and it is suited for the woman who values her

diamond is a melee of round brilliant cut diamonds, which are beautiful when Each bride is incredibly unique and her personality is unlike any other. It Verragio is a diamond designer jewelry brand that specializes in manufacturing engagement rings and many other types of fine jewelry that are unique to their particular brand. Therefore eliminating the possible risk of damaging your life long rings. A lot of designer brands often tend to focus more on the bride and makes it difficult for the groom to find something for themselves. as opposed to the other collections which only feature rings in 18K gold. experience in the field can be seen in the delicate and elegant artistry and perfect engagement ring for you and your someone special.

First, we should explore the history of Verragio and what the brand is all about. directly to the public, so you will need to go through a trusted retailer to affordable of all the Verragio collections.

engagement rings. The Tradition Collection embraces this and features rings that Verragio themselves have called perfection. This way, both as an engaged couple and When you take a look at the designer jewelry brands, however, you will notice that some brands are more popular than others. Verragio does not sell their rings your love and future together. It is the only method that eliminated cutting, altering or even reshaping of your ring. 20K Rose Gold

This is the collection that truly brings high tech and high performance to engagement rings and wedding bands together.

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