Daily tasks also include leading on the planning of events/activities, supporting the Enrichment Team to improve engagement with other departments at the College and producing reports and feedback for the Senior Leadership Team. Waterside. I believe it was that following week that I met up with Bruce and things took off from there. Furthermore, if your application is successful you are issued with one, combined CAS, with one visa covering you for the duration of your UNIC and UON study. I would definitely recommended that you start looking at recipes even before you’ve left your home, who knows – this could be a way to have some great moments with your family and be at the envy of all your new flatmates when you arrive! As well saving you a lot of money it will improve your physical well-being. To prepare for any new opportunity and job in the future, I will be able to revisit all the experiences of this placement year which can be used to give examples during any interviews in the near future and hopefully help me to secure full-time jobs. The Cordwainer Footwear Student of the Year awards take place in London on Thursday 6 June. On a personal level, I lost someone very close to me due to a mental health illness and so I wanted to make it my life goal to ensure others do not have to experience this too. do at an earlier stage the better!

The objective of the grant is to attract and support outstanding students who wish to pursue postgraduate degree program at the university for the session 2020/21. I find that my culture can be quite direct but being too direct working in the UK is not often welcomed so that has been a learning curve. Can you send me more information about this program? support – don’t be afraid to ask for help because it is available. To celebrate International Nurses Day (12 May) we caught up with current international student, Glister, who is studying the BSc (hons) Mental Health Nursing at UON and is currently in her second year. In 1924, Northampton Technical College was established and with constant evolution, the University of Northampton was founded in 2005 after the amalgamation of a host of training colleges.In the same year, it gained research degree awarding powers as well as full university status. accountable and responsible for someone else’s care. A valuable option to get an education fund to study in the UK. The lectures are therefore able to pay more attention on the They are focused As a UNIC student, you also have full access to all the University of Northampton events and facilities.

University of Miami Fully-Funded Stamps funding for International Students, Concordia University International Excellence Tuition Award, Royal Holloway Principal's Masters funding for Home and International Students, Sato Yo International Scholarship at Nagasaki University, Japan, Brescia University International Baccalaureate Scholarships, Langer & Langer’s Annual Academic Scholarship in USA, 2020, UCD Regional Merit Based MBA Scholarship in Ireland, Swansea University EPSRC Fully-Funded PhD international awards in Holographic Composite Higgs, UK, ANU Digital Agriculture PhD Supplementary international awards in Australia, 2020, International Postgraduate Research Scholarships in Energy Efficiency Comminution Machinery, Australia, Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) Scholarships for International Students at University of Cyberjaya in Malaysia, 2021, University of Ottawa International Admission Doctorate Scholarships in Canada, 300 Russian Government funding for International Students, 2020, UST South Korea funding for International Students, 2020, Cyprus West University Tomorrow’s Leaders Fully-Funded International Scholarship in Turkey, 200 ANU Chancellor’s international awards in Australia, University of Miami Fully-Funded Stamps funding for International Students in USA, 300 Full tuition fee programme for International Students at Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam, Concordia University International Excellence Tuition Award in Canada, Royal Holloway Principal’s Masters funding for International Students in UK, Brescia University International Baccalaureate Scholarships in Canada. For you can only grow from the failures you are lucky enough to experience. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in diverse streams and has a good reputation for education facility and exceptional student service. It was also been very helpful in allowing me to gain a As an international student herself, who joined the university from Romania, Nina not only knows what information is vital to provide international students with but she gets how they might be feeling on an emotional level about being in a completely new country. train, such as Milton Keynes, or Birmingham should you need to. Again, as Northampton is a town There is always someone who knows what you are going through. Can I pay for this program in installments?

5. Our former UNIC students are Yi (Studied Pre-master’s) and LLnnall (Studied Foundation Law and former president).

The University of Northampton has 15,000 students, with 1,000 international students from more than 100 countries.

We’ll be posting testimonials, articles and news stories from the University of Northampton International Office. there is lots of choice near the new campus which is not too expensive. I knew I had some transferable skills from my role as Graduate Tutor so I did not hesitate to apply. “l chose to study Mental Health Nursing because it is a part of nursing that I am very passionate about.

Within its first year of activity the society was awarded “Best New Society 2016”. I have always valued academia.

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Make sure you do part-time jobs which will be relevant for your placement year as it will help you answer lots of questions during your interview and standout on the application. been challenging but a valuable learning curve and helped me to enhance my The UK university experience is also about The University of Northampton is in the top 11% of universities in the world, ranking 104th in the United Kingdom and 1713rd globally. on smaller class sizes and more personal attention. Discover the options our scholarship can give you, Foundation Pathway in Accounting and Finance, Foundation Pathway in Business and Entrepreneurship, Foundation Pathway in Law and International Relations, Foundation Pathway in Marketing and Advertising, Foundation Pathway in Science and Healthcare, Pre-Master's Pathway in Accounting and Finance, Pre-Master's Pathway in Business Management, Pre-Master's Pathway in Hospitality and Tourism, Pre-Master's Pathway in International Relations, Pre-Master's Pathway in Leather Technology, First Year Pathway in Accounting and Finance, First Year Pathway in Business and Entrepreneurship, First Year Pathway in Marketing and Advertising. UN education helps you to develop job skills, learn to think critically and come to better understand yourself and the world around you. Nursing as a job does differ a lot compared to my home country. Two international footwear designers from the University of Northampton are in the running for a prestigious national award. What documents are required to apply to this program? I looked at many jobs during my placement search as finding a one-year fixed term contract as per the MBA handbook can be challenging. we must keep a reflective journal. Good luck to my fellow future philanthropists. For instance, you are able to get student opportunities within 2 months of your arrival to the UK and prepare a little University of Northampton International College. UNIC is part of the global Navitas Group, an internationally recognised education provider with the knowledge and resources of staff in more than 120 colleges and campuses worldwide.

The interview lasted for around 1 hour and 30 minutes. This placement has helped me to test the waters before applying for full-time roles. Of course, when you think of England, the big cities such Welcome to the official blog for International students studying at the University of Northampton. fundraising evening in London. Believe Email [email protected] or follow them on Twitter and Facebook. create one yourself. real business experience. Let me tell you, that definitely was an eye-opening experience. Home » Blog » The University of Northampton International Graduate Scholarship in UK. Whilst in my position I developed a strong passion for helping others and doing more than the ‘average’ requirements of a Licensed Paralegal. Anna made the leather herself, which she then spray painted and engraved with her own hand-drawn motifs. If you have some advice and tips you would like to share with current applicants and international students then please get in touch. This makes me feel reassured that if I am ever feeling concerned or worried I have somewhere I can go to receive the support I need.

Joint honours allow students to pick two subjects that interest them and study Why at the University of Northampton? never get this opportunity again! I have a duty of care when on placements and working with patients but I love that responsibility and the belief I am making a positive difference to people’s lives. UNIC is the University of Northampton's Associate College, providing educational pathways to a wide range of University of Northampton degrees. In its second year it was awarded a further three awards by the Students’ Union including the “Outstanding Contribution” award. When you get here I advise going to the Unitemps office to ask for more information. points below illustrate why you might want to make the University of I am not saying you need to become a master chef but do spend some time on experimenting with different recipes, maybe even ask your mom or family members for advice before you come. I’ve been there – eating cheap rubbish for weeks but it not only made me feel guilty, it affected how I felt about myself. stay in private accommodation with friends. Nina speaks very highly of the academic support she received at UON. The world is what you make it, as great as you want it to be, you can achieve anything you want to achieve; but, it all starts with you making that first move for change.

It really helped me and My name is Cassandra and I am orginally from Malaysia and studying my undergraduate degree at the University of Northampton. save here, you can use the pennies you save to cover costs to travel and social Make use of the Changemaker Hub to It was well

Before we sign off this post we leave you Northampton could be for you too! I have been so inspired by it as a healthcare system and have loved being able to take placements under its name. While studying at this university, applicants will gain plenty of opportunities to reach their educational goal.

My proudest achievement on the placement so far has been being trusted to manage 8-10 staff and leading the events happening across the college campuses.

Based in Northampton, U.K., University of Northampton is one of the leading public universities. Get 50% discount on all tuition fees with International Graduate Scholarship. And if there isn’t a club or society you like then you can By choosing a UNIC pathway you will be ready to achieve academic success and enjoy an unforgettable learning experience. She said: “I founded the Romanian Society in October 2015 and was the President for two years. That is until Bruce Paterson of the Changemaker Hub attended one of my first classes and explained what the Changemaker can do to help. Although she officially doesn’t graduate until later this month, she is already working as a marketing intern at the University of Northampton International College (UNIC) and has a long-term goal of setting up her own business and establishing herself as a freelance marketer. In my role as Team Leader for Student Services, my main duty is to Line manage 10 members of staff including 8 Students’ Union staff members, an Enrichment Associate and a Sports Associate across all 6 Campuses. I am able to apply the modules I had taken on the MBA course previously and this has helped them to make more sense. As a result of this, I was lucky enough to be given the chance to attend the AshokaU Conference in San Diego last month – to learn more about social change and community involvement.

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