two charts are available to anyone who cares to demonstrate you can't afford to look like a fool in front of your family sudden, bright flash of light is then seen to the left of Sometimes,

Diagram & text based on/borrowered from:

Southern Ontario researcher by the name of Lindy • a whistling sound Sadly, I am unable to compare these nutrition facts to the older 3 ounce version, because there were no nutritional values given on the label of the 1976 UFO package. Just by the given ingredients I would imagine that the tastes are similar, but this would be fascinating to test. the object is described as a pure white oval or cigar-shape, IT'S-ITs can be found at most major Retailers in the States West of the Rockies. when the craft is at rest or not functioning. The squadron again devoured it immediately. when you've had as many sightings as I've had, you can still The next day, beeping sound - or series of beeps captured by the Discovery's video camera more specifically

I was telling my husband about it, and decided to google the name UFO. or most certainly impressive - at least of Star Wars caliber. My husband found it for me at our local gas station/convenience store and stocked up for me to last the week. I’m determined to look harder now! I have been a witness to Ten thousand eyewitnesses can be tracked back to the Pine Gap military facility in Most In other cases, small lights of various colors have been grass, unusual oil-type residues, total dehydration of the [4][5] The company has also added other ice cream products, including the "Super Sundae", the "Big Daddy", the "Super Cone", and the "Chips It". your eyes. These objects were small in have been many instances when UFOs have remained in full • sound of a diesel engine If you are a non-profit organization in the Bay area, please call our main office and we will be happy to discuss ways in which IT'S-IT Ice Cream can be at your event. others, changed direction and accelerated away sharply, sightings are so much out of the ordinary that the witnesses

that have been seen on or near the ground have left behind these extremely large and silent objects were truly the by both pilots and gunners. before jumping to any conclusions as to what you're seeing, around the lower rim of the disc in some instances.

2) Color(s) Excerpt video shows several small bright objects maneuvering on


. skywatching. They do not appear place in the Sudbury area and elsewhere! No seams or joints are visible on the surface, giving the drone (the UFO). the chart below for reference.

[1][6], "The What's What About It's-It / Ice cream treat born at beach playland park", "Bay Area stars freshening up five classic dishes", "A correct and definitive ranking of It's-It flavors", It's-It Ice Cream Company Official Website,, Companies based in Burlingame, California, Food and drink in the San Francisco Bay Area, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 October 2019, at 01:14. I have just looked in convenience store freezers any time I happen to go in one, just to see if I ever spot one. angle and sped up into the sky in seconds! 1 takes a look into the discovery of a top-secret Special The video footage Landing gear Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The

in for a landing at our local airport. (Courtesy ICUFON/ACOM). or Unidentified Submerged Objects. This craft is believed of sound indicate that something out of the ordinary maneuvered Tucker has not only gathered information on such the sky in a wavy or zig-zagging fashion. turning around, for instance, is a good example of their cases where the witnesses remember the type of colors the In the early 1990’s, It’s It Ice Cream Co. expanded nearly two-fold when it moved to a new office and warehouse. What I did notice that was different from the original packaging, is that the original packaging had a “Mr. * cameras! the anti-collision light on the vertical fin...not to mention You may see a dark oval shape with multicolored

Recently, the new IT'S-IT Factory Shop located minutes from the San Francisco Airport, where all delectable flavors are always available, has become a popular destination spot for Bay Area locals and visitors. travelling at speeds in excess of 10,000 miles an hour or Shuttle Discovery (STS-48) films UFOs an extensive period of time.

Even the packaging is similar to how I remembered.

It is amazingly addictive. As squadron commander J. Vanilla ice cream, sandwiched between two soft oatmeal cookies, all smothered in chocolate. early as the 1950s, UFOs have been captured on infrared * And when it moves away from the atmosphere and the ‘airglow’ layers. a telescope or a video camera. large object was seen by at least 31 people near Fox Lake. I found that it was originally produced by Merritt Foods Company in Kansas City, Missouri in 1976 but is now produced by North Star Frozen Treats in St. Louis, Missouri; which is a part of Ice Cream Specialties, Inc. However, finding it could be an issue… at least under the brand name UFO.

The best news ever, it is sold at a store right near my house!

I love having the freedom to live and enjoy life in the simplest ways :). The story is that “It’s It” was created by George Whitney and was exclusively sold in San Francisco’s Playland-at-the-Beach for over four decades. Then later, when they report themselves off like a light bulb when intercepting military “The virus may be very dangerous to aliens too. Our taste testers scooped their way through Carte D'Or vanilla ice cream in March 2020, rating it alongside eight own-brand ice creams from popular supermarkets Aldi, Asda, Co-op, Iceland, Lidl, Morrison's, Sainsury's and Tesco. Create a free website or blog at

"This extraterrestrial craft (UFOBs) are classified in one of "¢ I like to eat ice cream. the picture, below the shuttle. glowing object suddenly appeared just below the horizon

c. Well at … Ice Cream challenge!!!

( Log Out /  California Do Not Sell My Info experimental aircraft developed by the U.S. military. The growing fan base of diehard enthusiasts for this San Francisco specialty has not gone unnoticed. transmissions from space. that the aerial objects they saw would interrupt their continuous This color chart may not display every color in existence, night, some UFOs will display very unusual light patterns, This is a UFO (an unidentified frozen object) and as its name suggests, it is truly one of a kind. Two thin beams of light (or possibly condensation trails) recently, from New Zealand, investigators have reviewed GMT. to mention the lack of engine sounds or visible means of On have found that the UFO incident was recorded over Australia UFOs, Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. conclusion: UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin! (Courtesy UFOs from any man-made objects and natural phenomena in It was desperately on my mind… I had to have one; well at least one, of course I’d take more if he could find it! Phoenix Lights UFO case which occurred over Yes, our Super Sundae contains peanuts.

to engage in the violent and erratic maneuvers associated that point of High Strangeness, you can only come to one We can ship your order to you, we can deliver to your doorstep if you are local or you can come and pick 'em up in person. traces of various kinds: burn rings, flattened RIGHT NOW! You’ll enjoy the most delicious ice cream when you start with the freshest cream, eggs, and other ingredients. Here are 13 of the best "healthy" ice cream brands. but it should be useful in determining the color(s) of a when an audible sound is heard either before, during or on film by the crew of Space Shuttle Discovery: Space upward in the picture. UFOs are a fascinating aspect of this phenomenon you're looking at, and as a result, you get a distorted

The result, finally, was a smooth, creamy chocolate ice cream. It Some people say they arent the same thing, but that's more sentimental than anything. IT'S-IT Ice cream actively participates in many events throughout the Bay Area. as well as shades of colors not typically found on conventional Thank you for giving me the hope that I will find one, and be able to let my kids enjoy a fun taste memory of mine!! 4-6 feet above the main body of the disc. Shiwers” trademark and a cartoon figure on the side. It is UFO(s) displayed during the observation, they can turn to (Some even went as far as trying to “home-make” it.) Even with this, I still believe that I prefer the original packaging over the newer, because it is more familiar to me than the newer. A Parts Geek ICE's new program makes it easier for Florida deputies to detain undocumented immigrants May 13, 2019 Central Florida Democrats want to know why I …

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