[Jarrod] I first heard it in our school RE lesson!

Although seem to remember Bullet the Blue Sky being incredible. [Ralphy] I still like it. Brilliant. [Ralphy] I don’t remember a lot about Live Aid. I remember being a bit confused about what the hell was going on when Bono went on walkabout in Bad to get those girls out of the crowd. Bono seemed in his element. Live at Red Rocks being played in the Wembley Bar too.

What a night - I remember the trip down from Chorley, Lancs on the bus. I think that was good too.

The new level of fame, exposure and the frantic nature of the tour put the U2 organisation under a large amount of stress. I’d already taped Rum Sodomy and the Lash off Neil. Get the U2 Setlist of the concert at Wembley Stadium, London, England on June 12, 1987 from the The Joshua Tree Tour and other U2 Setlists for free on setlist.fm!

Deslocou o braço durante a chuva, completando a performance, depois de colocarem seu braço de volta no lugar. Amigo Awards - Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I, Madrid, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Other than that can’t remember much else. Beer was relatively easy to access, the toilets were miles away! But then after that gig, we all simultaneously came to the same conclusion, that they were shit. « 1987-06-06 - Gothenburg| 1987-06-13 - London ». Fez 12 shows com seu braço em uma tipóia entre 22 de setembro e 20 de outubro de 1987. [2] The final show of the European leg is at Páirc Uí Chaoimh in Cork on 8 August.[3]. Especially the last 2 tracks on Pop.

u are a big pat f my life and make me want to be a btter person. He fell off the rain-slicked stage and dislocated his arm. U2 covered Ben E. King's "Stand By Me" at their 25 September, '87 show at Philadelphia's old JFK Stadium, accompanied by a guest performance from Bruce Springsteen. [Neil] I still remember it fondly. What a gig, hairs standing on end when the back drop went red for "Where the Streets have no name" I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have lived at a time when such a band exists. [Richard] Knew about 3 of them very well, the ones everyone knows. List all details for U2 1987-06-02 - London, England, Wembley Arena - Joshua Tree Tour.

The vinyl is in my dad’s attic where it’s been awaiting transportation to New Zealand for the last fourteen years.

The stage had those odd Trabant cars hanging down. This may have had something to do with wearing the boots with a red white and blue ski-jacket. "[13], Bono sustained a second injury on 20 September 1987 during a concert at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. on the third leg of the tour. “Where the Streets Have No Name” was the highlight for me. I liked War, The Unforgettable Fire but then it seemed U2 got too big, maybe too commercial and I lost interest a little. On 13 th June 1987, U2 played Wembley Stadium on The Joshua Tree tour. [Chorizo: he’s right you know, Bono sung lines from Ruby Tuesday and Sympathy for the Devil] I had a bootleg tape of the concert that I got from Camden Market. [Ralphy] I remember “Ship of Fools” by World Party and “Brass in Pocket” by The Pretenders and Chrissie Hynde shaking her arse at the crowd.

Toda a primeira etapa ocorreu somente nos Estados Unidos. I remember seeing the Pixies at Portsmouth Guildhall and everyone was leaving at the end of the gig when they came back on and played Wave of Mutilation with all the lights still on. I remember Live Aid because my dad had invited family around – the event started in the afternoon and it was a good chance for me to slope off and listen to the opening act! Doh. Support Acts: World Party, Spear Of Destiny, The Pretenders. Ricky Villa, Geoff Hurst “some people are on the pitch”, Alan Sunderland with his big afro etc. The Joshua Tree 2nd leg: Europe. At the time, it was explained by their publicists in a press release that it was due to the week of rehearsals the band held at A.S.U. Pretty sure he was there. I remember them coming on stage to Stand By Me, no screens, no gimics, just 4 guys. Which is nice. The band filmed and recorded various shows from the tour for the documentary and album Rattle and Hum. Do you have any kind of physical copy in your home right now? ( Log Out /  [6], Em 1 de abril de 1987, durante os ensaios, Bono caiu em um refletor que ele estava carregando em uma versão da canção "Bullet the Blue Sky", abrindo um corte no queixo. U2 programme/documentary circa 1987 Joshua Tree period ... Around the time of the original Joshua Tree album/tour.

What do you remember about Live aid and U2’s performance in particular? Setlist: Where the Streets Have No Name.

Fortunately I was neither the pisser nor the pissee.

And of course the mighty Wedding Present many many times. At least part of the band's second concert in Fort Worth, Texas was filmed and featured in the film, as the band performed an early version of the then-unreleased song "When Love Comes to Town" with blues performer B.B. With or without you? [Richard] If you told me I would remember but I can’t at the mo.

I had a t-shirt but I got pain on it art college a few years later and sadly don't know what happened to it - I treasure them all now and wished I had kept that one for ever. All of us came out of that gig feeling the same way. [Chorizo] I was properly obsessed with U2 back then so I got the train to Guildford on the day it came out to buy the album. I think at the time Mr Bono was pre-sunglasses but definitely wearing black boots. Este texto é disponibilizado nos termos da licença. Or was he a cock all along? The Joshua Tree Tour was a concert tour by the Irish rock band U2, which took place during 1987, in support of their album The Joshua Tree. The Joshua Tree Tour sold out stadiums around the world, the first time the band had consistently played venues of that size. The crowd-watching. But… but… but.. Mary J. Blige man!

[Jarrod] Still got it on vinyl. Rob. But is it because they “lose it” or we just change? The Joshua Tree

Just left school, just turned 16, I was too young to see them on Unforgettable Fire tour. [Pompey Mike] Mmmmm. Do any moments particularly stand out? It showed the band in the desert, playing little shacks & bars. The Waterboys! I think he went into some cover versions at the end of Bad, perhaps Rolling Stones. King.

But I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For and With or Without You are hard to beat.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. [Neil] I remember The Style Council seeming to be a little quiet after Status Quo, Phil Collins on Concorde,  Geldof swearing on live TV,  Bowie. Tickets for shows were often very hard to get, especially on the first American leg when they only played in arenas.

But mainly I remember all the pissy showers. “Give us your fucking money”. ", dedicating it to those in the audience who were dreading another five years of the recently re-elected Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. There were no video screens so Bono was really small. Only Freddie Mercury geeing up the crowd and Bob Geldof swearing on TV.

first u2 concert and I was hooked. streets have no name, amazing then i remember 40, oh my god, iwas singing -how long to sing this song- all thee way home. I had just bought the Joshua Tree album, the first album i had ever bought on release date. Bloody loads of us went to that and we had a right good piss up! Change ). But I just went to look for them and they’re not there which means I’ve Ebayed them. [6], The 79 North American shows on the tour sold 2,035,539 tickets and grossed US$35 million. Really must get that sorted….

While the show's reviews were positive, they said that a video screen is necessary for people at the back. 40 years on this is the concert I judge all others by, Select your preferred setlist display format, Send any additional setlist or soundcheck information, How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb Promo Tour, All That You Can't Leave Behind Promo Tour. The second leg in European arenas and outdoor stadiums ran from late May through to early August, starting at the Stadio Flaminio in Rome on 27 May. ( Log Out /  He got all preachy and sunglassey all the time. Eles escolheram a cidade depois que fizeram o sucesso de seu vídeo Under a Blood Red Sky, filmado no Red Rocks Amphitheatre, em 1983. [Jarrod] Joshua Tree was the last U2 album I ever bought.

Podcast 88: Festival special, Glastonbury 1989 | TRUST THE WIZARDS, https://archive.org/download/ttw-104-side-a/TTW%20104%20Side%20A.m4a, https://archive.org/download/ttw-104-side-b/TTW%20104%20Side%20B.m4a, https://ia801401.us.archive.org/13/items/ttw-podcast-103-side-a/TTW%20podcast%20103%20Side%20A.m4a, https://archive.org/download/ttw-podcast-103-side-b/TTW%20podcast%20103%20Side%20B.m4a, Robert Pollard’s Guide To The Late 60s podcast, Robert Pollard’s Guide To The 60s – Tape 1 Abbey Road / Revolver by The Beatles. Lou Reed was really boring. [Neil] I really like Bullet the Bullet Sky because it’s different to the others. It wasn’t a particularly good gig. Posted by chorizogarbanzo on June 13, 2017 in Blog posts, Uncategorized and tagged Billy Bragg, live aid, lone justice, Lou Reed, madonna, maria mckee, the alarm, the housemartins, the joshua tree, The Pogues, the style council, The waterboys, The Wedding Present, u2, wembley stadium. I've got a really clear memory of Spear of Destiny playing Never Take Me Alive. [Chorizo] It was quite a sunny day because I remember we moved the telly so we could sit in the garden and watch it. On 20 April, following a performance of I Shall Be Released in Los Angeles, the band surprised the audience by bringing out Dylan himself for a performance of Knockin' on Heaven's Door.

“Outside it’s America” He changed the lyrics at the end “into the arms of Margaret Thatcher”! An evening never to forget- Wembley Stadium, home of football and taken over by the power and inspiration of Bono and co......resulting in my proposing to my then girlfriend, Susie on the pitch!!

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