In case you are thinking that plastic tubas are some sort of children’s toy, they’re not. The subcontrabass is an upright tuba and stands over eight feet tall, weighs over 100 pounds, and has a bell over 40 inches in diameter. Piston valves come standard on most student tubas, while most intermediate and professional models are manufactured with rotary valves. Tubas usually have between three and six valves. The euphonium (roughly translated from the Greek as meaning ‘sweet sounding’) is usually an upward facing tuba, although a forward-facing marching version is manufactured. The slides and hand-lapped pistons of the Tempest denote placement and meticulous brace design and an outstanding bell flare. Some may prefer a brass instrument, but other than that, this tuba gets all-around high marks. Most contrabass tubas are tuned to either C or Bb (B flat) and will usually have four piston valves, although professional-quality instruments will sometimes have five or six valves to provide the tubist with a greater range of sounds. Here is another good design from Tempest—a continuation of the marching band and performance tuba that Tempest knows how to create. Inexpensive: If you'd like to purchase a tuba that is under $2,000, you are going to need a plastic model. It should be noted that some types of orchestra tubas (such as the flugelhorn) can also be used in non-stationary applications. These widely used in bands in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The size of a specific type of tuba (contrabass, bass, etc.) The Vento VTU5200 is coated in a protective clear lacquer finish, a deluxe tuba case for storage and transportation and a mouthpiece that defines its true quality. A 4/4 tuba indicates a full-sized tuba, but larger instruments can be 5/4 or 6/4, and smaller tubas can be 3/4 in size. The Vento VETU5200 is a continuation of the Vento 500 series of BBb Tuba, and this particular model comes with three front-actions, stainless steel valve design to provide excellent intonation and command of play. A student model will likely have a lacquered finish and, although you can find some unusual colors, most will either be a shade of gold or silver. There are not too many options when it comes to finish. Because brass instruments can be quite heavy, some of them – including the euphonium – are also made in small and lighter versions to make them easier to march with. These are the  two most common tubas. A plastic tuba can come in an assortment of colors, which will not affect the sound. Sometimes called just a baritone, the baritone horn is low in pitch. The body design of the Band Director Tuba is of lacquer construction, but with an adjoining nickel trim. Often considered the granddaddy of the tuba and the predecessor of the ophicleide, the aptly named serpent was invented in the late 16th or early 17th century (historians disagree) to provide a bass part for the choir music of the time. Generally speaking, a BBb tuba has a richer, broader tone that is best for playing in a band. However, the first priority is size.

BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. The pistons are positioned on the front and are played with the right hand, while the bell sits on the player's left side. It has piston valves and a mostly conical bore, similar to the alto horn and the flugelhorn. These valves are usually preferred by German players. A 3/4 size instrument is common, but there are 4/4, 5/4, and 6/4 tubas, as well.

First, the bell faced forward with a larger flare and a diameter of up to 28 inches; and second, a lead-pipe that has a “goose-neck” shape was added. Contrabass Bugle. The third valve can even lower the pitch of a BBb tuba by one-and-a-half steps, although it cannot do the same for an Ab tuba. Additionally, it has a wooden frame case with wheels, showing a classic look while offering an excellent protection for the tuba. These tubas are mostly used in marching bands, military and cavalry bands, and drum and bugle corps. We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. Mouthpiece brush: Herco Brass Mouthpiece Brush The JTU1010 tuba comes with a wheeled case for adequate storage, a mouthpiece and is available in a silver and lacquer color design. Eb Tubas generally play an octave above the contrabasses in a brass band. Student models tend to be yellow brass or the darker-sounding gold brass. Euphoniums will usually weigh somewhere between 20 and 25 pounds, although the marching variety will usually weigh somewhat less. The bass tuba is slightly smaller and higher pitched than the contrabass, and is normally tuned to Eb or F. Another upright instrument, today the bass tuba is normally found in classical and other types of orchestras (where it is often used for tuba solos), brass bands, and in some jazz ensembles. An upright tuba, it produces the lowest pitches of all commonly used tubas, and is usually the instrument of choice for professional orchestral tubists. Like a trumpet, you don't produce notes on a tuba by merely blowing into the instrument; you need to buzz your lips, as well. The Wagner tuba is rarely used today, and it has characteristics of both the trombone and the French horn. The standard and compact size JTU tubas come equipped with removable valve sections and all models are encased in complete ABS molded and sturdy cases for easy transport. Furthermore, if members do not have similarly positioned bells, it makes a less aesthetic impression as a group.

This compact, mid-range tuba designed for students features a versatility that would also be appreciated by advanced students. There are also automatic compensating valves in some tubas, which make fingering much easier and eliminates the need to continuously adjust the slide positions. There are many types of tubas that are manufactured in Europe, the United States, and Asia. If the price is something that should solely determine quality, then the B&S 4197 is the king of the Tuba’s realm of music. It works whether the performer is sitting or standing and is manufactured using a soft, non-marring plastic material so you won't damage your instrument. As matter of fact, the Glory Brass GTU3 is tested and certified by the professional quality inspector before it is introduced into the musical instrument market. The tuba also features rotary valves, an ABS, metal valve material—all of which are laid out in a unique red color that has never been seen before. It can also be played in treble clef when used as a transposing instrument. It is governed by a municipal council of 15 members and most of its working inhabitants are employed in agriculture or public services.

Is There No Relationship between Bore Size and Volume? Its mouthpiece is shaped like a cup and is wide rimmed, just like the euphonium and the trombone. The bass voice in the brass family, the tuba is both fun and challenging to learn. This is a good option for players at all levels. About Us |Contact Us | Affiliate Agreement | Earnings Disclaimer | Privacy Policy. The water key allows you to quickly open the instrument's tubing to allow the moisture to drain out so your instrument sounds good again. Remember, a euphonium is not a tuba, but it could be a smart entry-level instrument in the world of low brass. This means that the diameter of the bore isn't uniform.

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