Their oars made them very quick, enabling them to maneuver quite easily and to come alongside an intended victim. You should check them out. All written content, illustrations, and photography are unique to this website (unless where indicated) and not for reuse/reproduction in any form. The shipbuilding process began with the frame and then heating the hull of the ship. [9] This meant more stringent lending practices to trustworthy tradesmen and a stronger, more transparent industry that continued to dominate the Atlantic economy. XEBEC They were costly to maintain and fell into disuse. BARQUE Since piracy was a significant threat in Caribbean waters, merchants sought ships that could outrun pursuers. They carried four to eight small guns on a single deck. She was generally rigged with a large mainsail which was attached to a spar above the mast on its foremost edge, and to a long boom below. [13], In addition, availability alone fails to explain the general popularity of New England-built tonnage in other colonies. [8] The shipbuilding industry needed plenty of skilled labor to support it and with America's large forest industry many craftsmen already had skills working with wood. LONGBOAT The copper was fastened to the ship with bronze nails. modified over the course of time with lessons gained from use. Its name is derived from the Italian word brigantino, meaning brigand. They had nearly flat bottoms to sail in shallow waters. These skills transitioned to the shipbuilding industry. The Spanish treasure fleets were made of these ships. To improve maneuverability, the aft mast carries a small gaff rigged fore-and-aft sail.

Nevertheless, New England did have prime access to the Atlantic Ocean. Very popular in the 18th and early 19th centuries. The xebec had a pronounced overhanging bow and stern, and three masts which were generally lateen-rigged. Ships from Africa would go to the American Colonies via the route known as the 'Middle Passage'. Around 1700, the English limited the word to mean a class of warship which was only second in size to the Ship-of-the-Line (Man-O-War). At first they resembled galleons in design, but carried awesome firepower with an average of 60 guns. In the 17th thru 19th century, a galiot was a type of Dutch or German trade ship, similar to a ketch, with a rounded fore and aft like a fluyt. (1) Rutkow, E. (2012). The ships traded these goods for slaves, gold and spices (pepper). Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). This relatively small vessel could carry around 75 pirates and around ten cannons. The galleys were armed with one or more big guns at the bow, and several swivel guns were also mounted along the side rails. [4] In the late 1680s “there were more than 2 dozen sawmills around the Maine and Massachusetts areas. Pine pitch was often mixed with fibers like hemp to caulk spaces which might otherwise leak. In 1794, Tenche Coxe described America's shipbuilding experiences as an art for which the United States is peculiarly qualified by their skill in construction and vast natural resources. Local labor and exchanges of goods could be sustained across scores of people linked with myriad small amounts of credit and debit without cash. Besides being greatly feared and comparable to a Navy Frigate, she had a reputation for seaworthiness on long voyages and a cargo space about twice as large as that of the brigantine. She is generally rigged with two large sails suspended from spars reaching from the top of the mast toward the stern. The abundance of timber and lumber made shipbuilding cheap in the colonies.

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