This is the first episode featuring a Street Fighter character fighting against a Killer Instinct character. TJ then goes to his opposite side, landing a few blows on him. Starting the episode is Balrog, and courtesy of Wiz and Boomstick, a look at his origins, where he sought to escape the slums he grew up in and become a world-renowned boxer. Gender: Genderless Debut: Killer Instinct (1994) Before the rise of the Regime, there was a mysterious corporation called Ultratech, which was on the verge of taking over all of the world governments. Wait a minute, isn't that the band from "A Goofy Movie"?

TJ walks away victorious as Balrog's limp body falls to the ground.

Wiz: We know this fight takes place in Thailand, and on a cliff overlooking the river, this area is very similar to the northern Kwai Yai river, which can be more than three hundred feet wide. Thankfully for Balrog, his strengths lie not in planning and forethought, but in his muscle and pure brawn, the same strengths that brought him to the heights he keeps aiming to reach once more. Both TJ and Balrog step into the ring and meet each other. The cameraman tilts his view upwards only to have Balrog's disembodied head fall right on top of the lens and crack the screen. The referee starts the ten-count, but Balrog gets up by the time the count reaches two, infuriated at being the first to go down in the match. *Notices Darkness and Psycho* Oh, hey you two. To emphasize the outcome of the bout, an instant replay is brought up, highlighting the fatal blow from TJ that severed Balrog's head. I used the video and script as sources to help me write this story. They then use their most powerful dash attacks, but Balrog fakes TJ out to avoid his punch. Talk about living the life! Comment. Boomstick: TJ's dad trained him to box, and he joined a Junior League when he was twenty years old, where he promptly lost. I mean, look at the guy! Cheater. But by some extreme luck, Ultratech experimentation left him with a minor healing factor, which ensured his arms weren't ruined forever. Announcer: Whoa! The hosts will match all-out brutality against speed and distance, a willingness to fight dirty against former cheats made natural, for both Balrog and TJ Combo are the forefront experts of their shared craft, but only one has the necessary skills to take home victory in a death battle. All songs and copyright material belong to their respective owners. LoboGuara5bruxaria/My Favorites Death Battles, Protagonist vs Antagonist themed Death Battles, Balrog Theme - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, Volcanic Rim Opening Version - Street Fighter IV, A Warrior's Journey - Killer Instinct (2013), I'm Back (to Rise) - Killer Instinct (2013), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale, Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long, Wiz: At six-foot-four and two hundred ninety-eight pounds, Balrog is a monster. At the end of the day, you've gotta respect the crazy buffalo. Combo, seeing his chance, then jumps into the air, and punches Balrog hard, making him collapse to the ground. However, the flow of the match shifts back in Balrog's favor when TJ attempts a Vortex uppercut; Balrog thus free to interrupt him with a sweeping low punch and uppercut. Balrog and TJ Combo approach each other. Boomstick: Like when Ali took the title from slugger George Foreman in the famous "Rumble in the Jungle" by using those Out-Boxer tactics. The announcer's utter shock at the gruesome victory gives way to disgust as Balrog's decapitated cranium lands right on the camera recording the fight moments before said recording shifts to a test screen, thus ending the match. According to the commentary, Nick wrote a joke ending for this fight. A missed overhead punch frees Balrog up to be caught from behind with a leap and a Tremor punch downwards that lands right on Balrog's face, knocking the crazy buffalo down. The strongest punch ever recorded comes from heavyweight champ Frank Bruno, with a force of one thousand four hundred twenty pounds, a dangerous amount of strength, to be sure, but still only one-seventh of Balrog's potential. Ponyville has woken up from its blissful night time, the shining sun pouring down its light onto the land. Themes: Tiger's Lair, Jago's Theme

TJ regains his balance, but not for long once Balrog catches him with a Dash Straight that knocks him clean into a match post.

His name's Kudal. The two sit in opposing corners of the ring, taking a breather. One advertisement for the Blue Apron cooking service later, and now, it's time for a death battle! TJ Combo vs Balrog. She was being more fidgety than Rainbow on hype moments. He attempts to finish Combo off with a KKB, but the boxer uses the infamous... Announcer: They won't stop! The associate to the Disavowed gets up after a second before the referee calls out Balrog on his trickery, but gets battered with a quick series of punches and laid out on the mat for his trouble; even the announcer is appalled by the turn of events. Balrog throws a dashing punch once TJ has gotten up, trapping him into a corner.

Boomstick: Aw, shoot, man, this poor guy just can't keep it together, can he? Death Battle belongs to ScrewAttack. Boomstick: Talk about a beast! I mean, really, look at those eyes! And TJ Combo, the hard-hitting champ from Killer Instinct. By risingthunder45 Watch 13 Favourites.

Boomstick: That's where he got the nickname "TJ Combo". Add to Favourites. Balrog specializes in slugger-style boxing, which, unlike other forms accepted in professional boxing, emphasizes a straightforward technique, forgoing mobility in favor of pure brute strength. Announcer: TJ's quick, but Balrog is clearly overwhelming him! From the other side of the ring, the same announcer calls forward the reigning champion, TJ Combo. Class: Every dollar he earned was spent on boxing lessons, every spare minute studying legends like Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali. With both prizefighters back to their respective corners, Balrog sheds his robe, beckoning TJ to challenge him. Boomstick: Thousands of years ago, one Greek guy punched another Greek guy, and then they just turned it into a sport. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Out of all the ponies, Applejack, surprisingly, couldn’t stop walking with excitement. Boomstick: But since being outed, he's determined to prove his skill is all-natural. *Appears near Fluttershy* Hey, Flutters, where did you put the bird seed again.

(*Cues: Balrog Theme - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix*). But this time, TJ refused to go out in disgrace. Balrog, the crazy buffalo from Street Fighter. Balrog: I can almost smell the money now. The rest of his childhood would be spent drifting in and out of trouble before TJ saved what little money he had and moved to Chicago, where he got a job cleaning up at a local boxing gym on the southside. Wiz: That's when the world-dominating mega-corporation Ultratech, aka evil Walmart, offered TJ an experimental surgical procedure to put him back on top. TJ's intense speed starts overwhelming his opponent. Yang has always been a fan of boxing. Boomstick: But while Balrog may have the raw power of a slugger, he's got all the downsides that come with it too.

Balrog comes in as his two lackeys beside him surround him. Wiz: Also, while TJ's Out-Boxer style is quick and resilient, it can be overwhelmed by an aggressive enough opponent, if he gets overconfident, he's sure to lose an important fight sooner rather than later. Announcer: INCREDIBLE! Wiz: Out of the four generally accepted styles of boxing, sluggers are the most straightforward. Boomstick: Yeah, he's not the brightest shed in the tool, if you know what I mean. N/A TJ Combo punches in the air and stands in fighting pose. TJ Combo belongs to Killer Instinct and Microsoft. He battled the sumo wrestler E. Honda, and the two fell off a cliff, and they both survived! Wiz: A brute at heart, Balrog learned early on that he had a gift for roughing others up. Indeed, boxing is one of the oldest Olympic sports, and has since been refined and perfected over nearly 3,000 years; and today, two of gaming's toughest boxers go head-to-head. Name: Tyler Johnson Garrett Others from his series have proven triumphant over him in combat, such as the ice alien Glacius and squads of Ultratech soldiers, and his outboxing style can be overpowered by a sufficiently-aggressive opponent. It's gonna take a lot to bring down a champion like TJ Combo. Balrog: You won't hear the full ten count! Boomstick: So he ripped the metal right out of his arms with his bare hands. His Tremor Punch is a flying overhand attack that can hit the ground so hard, it creates a shockwave that knocks people off their feet. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Texan shifts backwards, evading an uppercut and giving himself breathing room to work with; swerving around Balrog's straight punches while his own are blocked. This is how he lost to other Street Fighters like Dudley and Alex. What the hell are you talking about?

Merciful was never one of them. This is the first episode featuring two African American characters. ", Death Battle S 04 E 09 Lucario Vs Renamon, Death Battle S 04 E 11 Shredder Vs Silver Samurai, Boomstick mistakes TJ Combo's Powerline technique for the artist of the same name from, While explaining the boxing triangle theory, Balrog and TJ are respectively used as examples of the slugger and outboxer styles, with. Layne: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, skills, and tactics to determine the winner... of a DEATH BATTLE! Balrog tries to punch TJ with his right hook but he ducks under the punch, Balrog uses his left hook and successfully hits TJ three times, before Combo manages to dodge. Wiz: Obviously, it's called a theory for a reason, every boxer is different, however, when applied at a very fundamental level, the triangle theory holds weight. This is technically the first episode of DEATH BATTLE! Voice: Andrew Kishino Boomstick: Hard to blame him, given his rough upbringing.

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