It’s actually the opposite ! unfortunately, for me, due to lack of planning, I’ve had meat in between which brings me back to square one. You guys are so wrong about people torturing animals when they kill them on farms and slaughter houses. AWESOMENESS!!!!!! Malkmus, typically includes a huge salad at lunch and dinner.

Recently after three days of not being able to get out of bed and not knowing why I realized that I hadn’t eaten meat in a couple of weeks.

The Bible states 2 of some animals were brought aboard with Noah, but 7 of others. Just as a side note here, I don’t know anything about this diet, but even fresh vegetables and fruits in the grocery store can / have been exposed to chemicals as well. If you have chronic upset stomach, you may want to stop eating meat (or at least think about it). It’s truly incredible what fueling the body with the raw sustenance of the earth can do for overall health and well-being.

Yea. After that weekend, I didn’t feel like my body was missing something and my energy level improved greatly, so I’m glad I backed way off of meat. Additionally, there are certain vitamins we can only redeem from eating meats.

Good article and I really hope someone will address the comments too. Make sure that you consider which nutritional elements you'll lose from excluding meat and adjust your food intake accordingly — this is the best way to ensure that your body reaps all the potential rewards from increasing your intake of plant-based goods. One person esteems one day as better than another, while another esteems all days alike. I try to eat more organic meats / less farmed meats and more of things such as goat, elk, bison, rabbit, duck, goose. Just Google scriptures about eating meat… starting with: However, sticking to plant-based eating comes with an abundance of health benefits. We all must make educated decisions on what our bodies need, and it is good to hear other people’s experiences and the sources that have helped them.

So, listen to your body and just eat everything in moderation, by serving size. Statin drugs may help lower blood cholesterol or your risk of heart disease, but these medications come with unpleasant—even dangerous—side, Two Types of Vitamin D That You Need to Know About, You’ve heard of vitamin D being called the sunshine vitamin, and this is with good reason. And not just because you’re eating all of your sandwiches as lettuce wraps.

I personally need meat I have discovered, but have to keep reproving to myself.

The only exceptions seem to be eggs and fruit (I do not eat meat). C. Certain animals are considered clean and unclean, meaning some are meant to be eaten and others are not. Christian it’s not loving or kind. For a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet, make sure you avoid these 12 pitfalls. On a primarily raw, plant-based diet, including lots of freshly-extracted vegetable juices, every cell in the body has been replaced with a new and healthier cell within a year.

Small amounts of quality meat and animal product are needed for a 100% healthy, supplement-free lifestyle.

Then when sin came into the world God said that since humans have fallen from God and now have sin that he would give us certain animals to eat because most people would eat them anyway. It won’t ever be a perfect world again unless it’s all wiped away. Theyre killed for human satisfaction. I then talked with a man who introduced me to muscle testing. This reaction can cause a lot of other problems, with cancer being the most serious. I have. It is likely you have low iron levels.

: “The Utlimate Healing System – the illustrated guide to muscle testing and nutrition” by Donald Lepore.


This information is part of our 7-Day Winter Detox program found at,, Saved&Redeemed What can bring it down.

God gave fruits and vegetables for Adam and Eve and all other living creatures.

If I am not eating any meats and I am going through the detox withdrawal symptoms, is there anything that I can do to help me get through the ill affects of the detox?

Since then, it’s like my entire food palate has transformed along with my taste buds. I have developed a panic disorder and dissociative symptoms as a result of not having the right types of fats in my diet (omega 3’s, 6’s)… yes, you can get these in other forms, walnuts, etc. Thankfully, there’s good news: Your body will eventually get used to replacing unhealthy eating habits with a primarily raw, plant-based eating regimen. May people make the mistake of assuming that their body needs meat because of the negative things they experience when they stop eating me. For me, my body needs a little meat and I am feeling so much better. Many have reported that when their doctor sees their physical problems disappearing, rather than being interested in what caused their health to improve, they will simply say, “Whatever you are doing, just keep on doing it!”.

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