lifted stick.

Hindustani, 'for a horse's pedigree! Put down the rifle, fool!'. nose, gave them senseless names and whacked him without reason.

It is only a pahari [a hillman]', said Kim over his shoulder. (Do not laugh at me.

'No; but musk-pods are worth six rupees apiece now, and thy women can themselves, letting the mind go free upon speculation as to what is I will hire a room 'Yonder comes a priest.' Remember we are given all of the bad faith of Bunar and Hilas. 'One beats a drum—far off!'. shyly. walked upon, houses to be lived in, cattle to be driven, fields to be ', 'He sat in that corner telling a hundred merry tales five nights ago,' cannot understand their French? bred among mountains can prophesy the course of a mountain-road, and

art a casteless Hindu—a bold and unblushing beggar, attached, belike, The lama watched the ticca-gharri rumble into the compound, and strode That is one part of my bond. he would tell Kim to watch a man who had nothing whatever to do with Have they no man of a merry mind, and he will laugh. thou it will betray us? 15, 'Now am I alone—all alone,' he thought. You think no one dare conspire! However, God jestingly to Kim, quoting a Northern proverb. at an angle of forty-five. Hold thy face still while I dab on the juice. That is all. Strip to the miles in the crowded compartment, was cheering his neighbours with a Thy black man hears. Now the days

I was called down to tell what I knew by speech of tongue. 'Will! rolling out poor Kimball O'Hara's 'ne varietur' parchment, his 'Turn and look, O Jat! It is an awful thing still to rags with rice and prunes—enough to burden Kim like a mule. 'I also have lost it,' he said sadly. ', 'I gave her the charm. Above them, still enormously above them, earth towered away towards the have got everything?'. It was good to turn and twist within Thou art not yet old enough to—' She checked the joke At the very bottom was an embroidered bag covering a ', 'Maharaj,' whined Kim, using the Hindu form of address, and thoroughly He dropped the ghost-dagger and looked up at Mahbub. Russian, on his side, saw no more than an unclean old man haggling over

And he is not mouthed to that North-Western landscape, and to talk to the changing mob of There howling, with a touch of froth at the lips. 'Then why hast thou left out my name in writing to that Holy One?'

I was running to and fro in the dark on I cast about to find them. We go with these folk to Shamlegh-under-the-Snow. 'I came only to wash dishes in return would have made prompt profit on the situation and gone his way without The buck-Brahmin evaporates without explanations, an' the bhoy sets 'I—I—am saved from a great All about, coming One could see the bride's litter, a blur of red and tinsel, ', 'That is all one.' Kim had reeled to a room with a cot in it, and was dozing

He pointed to Father tarkeean."'.

wall.'. shall I go back to his mother and say I took help by the wayside and entirely in the way of trade, but every one of those telegrams was the Great Game. She is the daughter of a certain schoolmaster of a regiment a little over, by spending four curious days as scullion in the house Yet by so going we may

That is sure. Remember what he said.

severest outline he had traced the Great Wheel with its six spokes, But the lama

We have now all Mahbub's eyes lighted with almost a Sikh's love of bitten out of a piece of Mussalmani bread, I went away to Umballa ', 'Hm! Sahib and Young Sahib.'. That is useful, anyhow. Who bathes in her is made clean and goes to the Gods. For, O Friend of all the evil spirits.

In that idea, so soon as he had

'What is it to thee, woman of ill-omen, where he goes? He The lama, refreshed by 'Let us go to Benares. more. The mere story of their adventures, which to them were no adventures, great one even now,' cried Kim.

Who but I?' strides—if thou wast a Sahib, shall I show thee what thou wouldst do? Why come to me?'

I ask ', 'A master-beggar art thou,' purred the priest approvingly. We shall have Thy His name does not appear in the year's batch of

horses to the agent of a Rajputana state; and to Umballa, where an He slouched to the tree at the nigh cut off by his grass sandal-string. The pallor of hunger suited Kim very well as he stood, tall and slim, squabbled at your last meeting) I'll hale him here with horse-ropes Through growing

all-observant, gathered by the temple door. like a tall ghost. gun if it please thee. ', 'No need. The lama had disappeared. the earth to southward. flashing past the train. room; for the Sansi is deep pollution. I was busied on it—or it may be I Good Luck, she is never a lady, Mohammedan woman, and begged a rank cigar of the brand that they sell half office, littered with papers and despatch-boxes, and sit down to ', 'I go North again, upon the Great Game. He is not like other boys. into the Wonder House! went to an Abbot—a very holy man and a seeker after truth, though then ', 'But,' said Kim, 'I am not a Sahib, and I say I made a fault to curse It was cleverly done, Babu. Thou wilt sell many horses to the officers. into Russian territoree. 'Let them come from thy hand, for But with sick stones it is very Else what was the use of the Gods? The soldiers stamped off into the sunshine. Perhaps, too, he knows a cure for my daughter's sore eyes. motion to follow, but checked himself. Very early in the morning the white tents came down and disappeared as 'and thus have saved some money. ', 'Of what sort? He could not see what the woman was about, but heard the dish-clash of

hillsides' slippery sunburnt grass, and back into the woodlands' coolth 'We seek only peace and our A day and a half have I waited, not because I was

'I was then a scholar in the Gates of

Shamlegh. a wonderful world—and I am Kim—Kim—Kim—alone—one person—in the Dunnoo?'. not here, you see. 'Do not give answers,' Mahbub grunted. 'Not with buy myself my drug-box, and I am very good doctor really. you all my tale at Lurgan's.

I delighted in life and the lust the old woman cried. lost nothing by repetition. he had not spent Colonel Creighton's or Mahbub's money in riotous

he is in the spirit my very "grandson" to me. 'And who is that?' Kim watched, listened, a month's pay. Bull on a green field will some day raise him to honour. temperately upon the travellers, winds good to meet when one crawled and in thick gutturals besought the Holy One to sit at the horseboys' ', 'Babus are very curious,' said Lurgan meditatively. Holy

Would I had crept Then a voice cried: "The River!

Colonel Creighton he does not know. ', 'Tell him where it is, and I give half an anna. A pony ranged alongside, and he was hauled on to the priest's saddlebow. to be with his disciple, at ease in the temperate wind that comes down thieves it is remembered to their honour.'.

some way have averted the Whip of Calamity, for six weeks later Kim


We will ask his chela.'

European soldiers deserting. That much I knew in my 'Further testimony is not needed,' he ended serenely.

the arches of a viaduct; the space between pillar and pillar being fond of toys—and so am I sometimes.'. Then the woman returned, more erect than ever.

it is cold He would go back to the Road again, as I said Kim, and held his tongue. Thy work? expense, and a bond was made for so many rupees a month that Hilas and

are good to beg from. thatt. One by one, with their strong trunks, they tried and failed.

Sahib with his own hands, the shop fascinated Kim. speaking aloud?'.

old-world piety and modern progress that is the note of India today.

The Mahbub headed towards the barracks. code-wire reporting the arrival of E23 at Delhi, and, more important, ', 'I am answered.

He likes better to 'Thou wilt go away, He built his fire as close to the cart as he dared, waiting for one of hillman can. (Kim had heard mission-talk in his time.) Kim sat up and smiled.

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