Singletracks Merch | It's a good ride not to technical but can be hard on the lungs, Company   Our suspicions were correct, and we hit the right entrance...but someone vandalized all of the signs along the way. Each intersection has "You Are Here" maps so you always know where you are. Blast down a great finishing stretch that drops you in and out of creek beds until you finally reach the bottom and the Big Canyon trail head.

Intermediate difficulty. This was a fun and great trail. Sign Up or Log In.

Great trail, fairly high grunt factor climb to the top but the views are worth it. Technical in its own right, but best used to access the real goods on Raider Ridge.

Nothing extraordinary, but pretty fun. Terms | Privacy. Needs Summary Near Durango, Colorado. Telegraph is one of the most popular routes in the Horse Gulch Trail System. Rode quite a bit of this in less-than-ideal conditions and it was still pretty darn fun.

You can start this trail any time of day. Technical single track grunt climbing and downhill, soft flowing fast trails,jumps, etc. I was on a rental and had so much fun I bought a new mountain bike when I returned home. I really wasn't a big fan of the Telegraph Trail. In and out of canyons and meadows with Scrub Oak, Juniper and Pine on great single track. The Telegraph Trails are laid out in multiple loops with multiple trail heads that allow you to combine trails and mileage to match your desires.

This was my first trail ever.

Mountain Bike Deals, Copyright 2020 Blue Spruce Ventures LLC | In the early 1990s, he approached Noel Pautsky, the owner of the vast area east of Durango, about preserving its many trails with permanent easements. This trail is relatively non technical, but does feature some big climbs… at least, for this trail network. MTB Podcast | Simply a blast. The Rocky Road trail is a lungbuster..and Snakecharmer was a blast coming down...although a lot different than I expected: less flowy, a lot more rock garden-y.

Be sure to watch for hikers, horses and other bikers. No upcoming trailwork events are currently scheduled. I've fallen in love with Snake Charmer's charms!

Doing a route such as this one will allow you to cover some serious ground and get a great feel for what Telegraph has to offer. About Us | The trails you’re about to enjoy wouldn’t exist without our year-round work to plan, build, and maintain them. Stay right at the first two intersections, then left at a cabled gate. It's like a treasure hunt! Widgets, Explore   Password help. Like any good trail, front-loaded climbing makes the return-trip payoff that much sweeter. There is no specific direction or route you must take (go ahead and create your own) but a favorite 10-mile combination loop we enjoy starts at the Sale Barn trail head and ends at the Big Canyon trail head with a short frontage road ride back to the car. To access, head up Horse Gulch Road for 0.7 miles, then turn right at the large, signed intersection at Meadows Loop Trail. In addition, Durango Trails facilitated an easement opening legal access to Raider Ridge in 2009. Please consider financially contributing to help us continue to build and maintain great trails.

Pautsky agreed, and Crites went to work surveying all of the trails, including Crites Connect, Telegraph and Anasazi Descent. Follow this trail up to intersection 2 and turn right again, staying on the Cowboy trail. Anasazi Desent is a double black diamond desecent with big drops, lots of rocks and sharp turns. About Us | Telegraph Trail Courses. Another absolutely fabulous technical trail in the Telegraph Trail System. Telegraph Trail System is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Durango, Colorado. This trail system is massive in scope, but the poor trail markings in places and some of the rather bland trails keep it from being 5 stars.

I really wasn't a big fan of the Telegraph Trail. I've fallen in love with the gnar on Raider Ridge, and I can't wait to get back to ride it again. Nothing extraordinary, but still pretty fun. IMBA Epics | A Mini-Guide to Fat Biking Durango, Colorado, Race Report: The Meaning of Gnar, and Brutal Southwest Sun During BME Durango, Day 2. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Telegraph Trail System bike trail in Durango. Pull into the gravel parking lot up the hill on the right. Virtual Tour of Telegraph Trail. Best Bike Trails | OR.

Company   It's decent, but I really only see it as useful for moving from one side of the trail system to the other. Intermediate difficulty. That initial partnership laid the groundwork for a series of recent open space purchases in Horse Gulch by the City of Durango.

There are so many different link-ups possible.

The switchbacks in and out of the canyons get the legs to burning but are short and manageable. It also spoiled me on how well it's marked: you really don't need a map with you, as every intersection has one.

Linking both the south and the north makes for a truly great ride here at Telegraph. The acquisitions have promised that the trail network and the pristine high desert surrounding it will be preserved for perpetuity and enjoyed by Durangoans and visitors for generations to come. OR.

Support Us | Climb through the beautiful meadow, then stay right at a signed intersection to begin climbing moderately up the side of the mesa.

Bring all of your suspension, armor, and plenty of courage! Your FREE account works with all Adventure Projects sites . From the Sale Barn trail head follow the Sale Barn trail through a couple of canyons and meadows and turn right at the first intersection onto the Cowboy trail.

Part of the Horse Gulch Trails system. Continue around and down on the South Rim trail until intersection 7 and turn right onto the Big Canyon trail. I had a great time navigating the loose shale and terrain. Singletracks Merch | Great trails. Telegraph is one of the most popular routes in the Horse Gulch Trail System.

Pautsky eventually gifted the easements to La Plata County. The "Trails 2000" organization has done a great job building and maintaining these trails. Sorry. Take a right on East 3rd Avenue, and a left onto College Drive (6th Street). Rode early July and the trails were a little loose. You must have JavaScript enabled to fill out this form. Great trail system. And those make up for most any lake the other trails have! This trail is relatively non technical, but does feature some big climbs... at least, for this trail network. Log In. From 9th Street and Main Avenue in Durango, head east on 9th Street toward Fort Lewis College Mesa.

Take a right on East 8th Avenue and a left on East 3rd Street. Cowboy had some technical downhill with rocks and short drops (foot or less) and Telegraph had some serious incline. Share on Hiking Project. Best MTB Gear |

Amazing network of trails with some of the best riding you will ever do. At the top of the Telegraph Hill, choose your own adventure back down; either Anasazi, a steep, technical descent that puts you back on the Telegraph Trail or explore the other side of the pass on trails like Sidewinder, Crites Connect and others.The Horse Gulch Trail System is the perfect trail system for all levels and user types. Mary's Loop and Meadows Downhill make the climb worth it. Mountain Bike Deals, Copyright 2020 Blue Spruce Ventures LLC | OR. There is a sign at the turnoff from the highway onto a frontage road. Behind the Mercy Medicine parking lot is a trailhead and parking area for Horse Gulch Trail System.

Best Bike Trails | In summer, these trails are mighty hot so bring plenty of water. The namesake for this trail system, the Telegraph Trail links up the northern and southern halves, serving as a primary backbone and conduit between them. We don't have a location for this trailhead yet. Only problem was that some d-bag tore down all of the signs to Snakecharmer.

Paved or very smooth surface Harricana Ultra-Trail of Canada (UTHC) Sep 12, 2020 You name it, you can find it here. To access, head up Horse Gulch Road for 0.7 miles, then turn right at the large, signed intersection at Meadows Loop Trail.

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