I haven’t even met anyone remotely like her in real life. Yeah, that's true. Real emotions. I felt embarrassed just watching that scene. She was just a mess overall and it didn’t look great. Especially Yoshimi Tokui, whose speculative digressions made me laugh hardest. I agree with ALMOST all of your rankings, except for just a few! Actually that’s how I discovered Terrace House – through his song haha. I’m done. Straight evil. It was a little frustrating to see her on screen and tbh since she was able to make me feel so STRONGLY about her, I'm giving her a safe 13. Taishi had done all those ‘no, he didn’t!’ moments to keep the show going. AMAZING). I might've rated her higher if I watched the show for drama but unfortunately, I watch the show for lighthearted fluffiness and food, lol. Can’t blame him for that, all respect. 11th place is all cuteness, and disappointment that she left the show so early and so abruptly which was for sure largely a part of editing and producers’ discretions. (Plus, the panel taking the piss out of him was HILARIOUS. Also was disappointed that Wez and Mariko failed to stand up to her or even had remotely any logic to be slightly annoyed by her vileness and immaturity. I’ve never seen such vile attitude in all of my reality show watching (in my defense, I don’t watch a lot). Worst character on all the Terrace House seasons. She was a complete bitch and I see nothing redeemable about her, but she brought a whole lot of drama. I love this show. Just like what I did with the Boys & Girls in the City, here’s a completely subjective ranking on the Aloha State members. The chubby boy thing matters tho; Terrace House is a show where I want to see romantic sparks fly, not shy squishy virgins eating fish alone. Don’t even get me started on his eyes, his gorgeous eyes, and his beautiful raspy voice that just melts me. Terrace House: Aloha State – A Subjective Ranking. I’d also probably put Guy in at the top of my ranking. Taishi and Chika were the only two who weren’t afraid of her. I hope this love is worth dying for her as well. Such an amazing member. I agree on most but Wez was super cool. God it makes me sad. My heart went out to them both since they were basically good-hearted guys despite being socially inept. I never once thought that he was acting. He was just such a pure soul and his surfing was amazing to watch. I liked her more when she came back a few times after having officially left the house but man, Wez really burned her. I’m surprised by how much I agree with this ranking, and how swayed I am by the descriptions for the placements that I (mildly) disagreed with! Most of the drama and interesting interactions come from him. Wezu, wezu, wezu. He’s not in last place because I had high hopes for him. Also, I don’t know if that’s just him or if he suffers from major RBF or RLF (Resting Lazy Face) and he contributed NOTHING to the Terrace House circle. Posted by 1 year ago. I agree with most of what you said about Wez, although I wouldn’t call him lazy or even self-centered. I think this is self explanatory. Chikako Fukuyama / 1988 / Spa Receptionist. You either love Taishi or hate him, and if you love him, I believe you're a completely incompatible person with people who hate him. It's also really sad how he treated Anna near the end. 10. He might've not been there for that long but I feel like he contributed quite a bit, especially with the Chikako x Taishi situation. Aloha State. During her stay I felt like she let the girls overpower her but in her defense, she sees herself as totally Japanese with very minimal Western upbringing except her bloodline so she had a bit of a hard time mixing in the Westernized Lauren and Avian. His preference to date the girls one after the other in the house weren’t all to play them like he was Mr. Lothario but definitely his means of finding that one true love and I can’t blame him for that. I feel like she could've had potential.

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