Note the parallel construction of the two parts. English language reference including definitions of English grammar The greater list of example sentences with greater. At times attempts were made to suppress the sect of the Vaudois, but the nature of the country which they inhabited, their obscurity and their isolation made the difficulties of their suppression greater than the advantages to be gained from it. From Livy to Tacitus the gulf is greater than from Herodotus to Thucydides. Friesland was likewise the scene of a portion of the missionary labours of a greater than Willibrord, the famous Boniface, the Apostle of the Germans, also an Englishman.

If someone says "hitting the gym >5 times a week" does that mean they are going more or less than 5? Select the word or words that best complete the sentence. To be useful, competence inferred must be greater than performance observed. Eden told me my mother's love for me was greater than her fear of the consequences of living in the streets, Xander said. The value of boots and shoes and cut stock in 1905 was $173,612,660, being 23% greater than in 1900; the value of boots and shoes in 1905 ($144,291,426) was 45.1% of the country's output, that of New York, the second state, being only 10.7 A. Be is omitted in the reduced construction. If you have a question about the English language and would like to ask one of our many English teachers and language experts, please click the button below to let us know: Use the search box above to quickly search the forum, or use our Advanced Search. Girard is inconsistent in his notation, sometimes following Vieta, sometimes Stevin; he introduced the new symbols ff for greater than and � for less than; he follows Vieta in using the plus (+) for addition, he denotes subtraction by Recorde's symbol for equality (=), and he had no sign for equality but wrote the word out. The county courts have, besides the concurrent jurisdiction above stated, original jurisdiction in all probate matters, original jurisdiction in civil actions for sums greater than $200 and not exceeding $500, concurrent jurisdiction with the justices of the peace in misdemeanour cases, and appellate jurisdiction in all cases brought from a justice of the peace or a police court. In the American study, the risk associated with vigorous exertion was estimated to be six times greater than at all other times. The bigger the wheels are, the higher you sit. The list of adjective example sentences with greater. The condition of stiffness is that the strain or disfigurement shall not be greater than is consistent with the purposes of the structure; and the condition of strength is that the stress shall be within the limits of that which the material can bear with safety against breaking. How do you think about the answers?

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In general the toleration enjoyed under Cromwell was probably far larger than at any period since religion became the contending ground of political parties, and certainly greater than under his immediate successors. 5 years ago. Let B/C be the velocity ratio required, reduced to its least terms, and let B be greater than C. If B/C is not greater than 6, and C lies between the prescribed minimum number of teeth (which may be called t) and its double 2t, then one pair of wheels will answer the purpose, and B and C will themselves be the numbers required. These shells do not retain their individuality at depths greater than 1400 or 1500 fathoms, and in fact pteropod ooze is only found in small patches on the ridges near the Azores, Antilles, Canaries, Sokotra, Nicobar, Fiji and the Paumotu islands, and on the central rise of the South Atlantic between Ascension and Tristan d'Acunha. The fleet of steamers and barges navigating the Elbe is in point of fact greater than on any other German river. In railway mileage per io,000 inhabitants, however, Queensland, in the Australian group, reports a figure much greater than any other country; while at the other end of the list Persia holds the record for isolation. In addition to these examples, it is obvious that the rapid increase of English-speaking populations in the United States and in Australia is far greater than can be explained by immigration, and shows two conspicuous examples of acclimatization. to a greater degree in a sentence - Use "to a greater degree" in a sentence 1. authors and contributors. For fields of moderate intensity the first term of the expression is the more important, but when the value of H exceeds 12,000 or thereabouts, the second preponderates, and with the highest values that have been actually obtained, HI is several times greater than 21rI 2. Happily this situation can be helped to a great extent by the use of grids called egg crates, which prevent the light from spreading too broadly. are much greater than those assigned to the patriarchs mentioned in Gen. In this period the increase in the sterling equivalents would be proportionately greater than that of the currency values.

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