Saitek X52 Flight Stick properties window.

0000053896 00000 n 0000055758 00000 n Nombre de pages: 37. Le manuel d'utilisation Saitek X52 vient du fabricant, l'entreprise Saitek - c'est un document officiel, et si vous avez des doutes quant à son contenu, s'il vous plaît contacter directement le fabricant Saitek X52.

You do this by creating profiles, using the SST programming software. Two-stages can be programmed with separate fire functions. Inspired by pedal designs found in modern fighter aircraft such as the F16 or F35, the Rudder Pedals are constructed from a highly robust Di-cast alloy. icon in your task bar and select Control Panel from the popup list of options displayed.

0000027495 00000 n 0000067706 00000 n Page 1 X52 manual(ok)(24/11/04) 2004.12.22 9:05 PM Page 3 SAITEK X52 FLIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM - PRODUCT TOUR Joystick 5-position adjustment 2-Stage metal trigger 3 toggle switches to suit all hand sizes. Featuring an upgraded multifunction LCD which shows in-game data in real time, a progressive throttle with tension adjustment, plus an adjustable joystick with a self-centering mechanism. 0000003648 00000 n 0000065433 00000 n

You can, for example, vary the brightness of the LED buttons, check your stick is working correctly or. Or, If the SST programming software has been installed, right-click on the Saitek X52 Pro Flight Stick profiler.

0000053831 00000 n LOGITECH G X52 PROFESSIONAL SPACE/FLIGHT HOTAS - PRODUCT TOUR JOYSTICK 5-position adjustment to suit all hand sizes. System is a fully integrated hands on stick and throttle flight controller that meets or exceeds the demands of the best flight simulator pilots.

We've therefore included the facility for you to change various settings on your stick and, throttle units. <<326efbef16375041864fdd8accacc984>]>>

You can view and change. 0000065626 00000 n xref 0000027298 00000 n x�b```���,�� ce`a��p��EQ����E�A�EQ�I�������I�A���� �� ��B�"P紧���M �]��2�hQ��9�wl� y���k�����k2�:&%3%z�Țj���rY���9NF�,�;�� Manuals are in PDF format. the Saitek X52 Pro Flight Stick properties window. 0000053548 00000 n To open these files you will need the free PDF plug-in from Adobe, Acrobat Reader. 0000000016 00000 n

0000002842 00000 n 0000076970 00000 n 2-Stage metal trigger Destroy the enemy with the aid of a precise and durable, cool-touch trigger.

You can make sure that the various features of your controller are working correctly. 0000000856 00000 n 0000053740 00000 n 0000001644 00000 n 0000001901 00000 n 0000054396 00000 n This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. The Saitek X52 Pro Flight Stick properties window consists of five separate tabs. 0000074831 00000 n 3D … To test your controllers, follow the steps below: 9 ENGLISH 8 installer will automatically recognize if this software needs to be added, and will allow you to install it directly from the Saitek Product Companion CD, if necessary. As market leaders in professional and enthusiast-based flight simulation, we are now, for the first time, offering a complete cockpit solution. various controller settings in each tab. Cool-touch metal pinkie switch can be assigned shift functionality to double up on programmable commands. 0000055097 00000 n 0 %PDF-1.2 %����

0000001709 00000 n 0000056413 00000 n

drop down list.

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