Beyond religious strictures, you might be interested in saints as inspirational namesakes or as a source of unusual ancient names.

Sylvia means “to be of the forest”.

There is also Elizabeth of Hungary, who is known for the "Miracle of Roses" and is the patron saint of people who have difficulty dealing with an illness.

Saint Adele served God and took care of her family. It is of Hebrew origin and is given to girls of high stature.

This list includes a range of saints' names for girls, from the classic to the cool to the rarely-heard. "Doctor of the Church" is a title bestowed on saints who have helped to further Catholic doctrine through study and writing.

Her name is from Hebrew and means "God will add.

The name of many saints, the name Charitina means “love” and grace. ", Thaïs - An Egyptian saint who was once a famous courtesan who repented and converted to Christianity, her story is the subject of books, movies and plays. Catherine of Alexandria - Also known as "Saint Catherine of the Wheel." Philosophers, single women, and crafters who work with wheels such as spinners and potters. Audrey was a female saint who was once known for showing off her wealth before she converted and became a saint. Gobnait - A medieval Irish saint who is the patron saint of bees. Saint Germaine was mistreated as a child. Her name is a French variation on Teresa or Therese.

Brigid of Kildare - Also known as "the Mary of the Gael," she is the patron saint of the harvest, the hearth, babies, fertility, blacksmiths, boatmen, and children with unwed parents and children with abusive parents. Saint Beatrice da Silva Meneses was known for founding the Congregation of Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. ", Katherine Drexel - She established around 50 missions in the U.S. to help Native Americans. The name traces back to Saint Jacqueline of Rome whose feast day is celebrated on April 1st. Her name is German and means "comrade in arms. Her name means "dark-skinned" in Greek. Zita means ‘little hope’ and Saint Zita was a saint who would frequently give away her food to the needy.

Saint Catherine was a female saint who was commissioned by Jesus to spread his devotion and prayers, serving as a spiritual guide to the masses. And in Dante's epic poem The Divine Comedy,... Read More, Beatrix, has a solid history of its own apart from Beatrice, with that final x adding a playful, animated note to the name's imposing history.

Her name comes from Italian and means "female child or maiden. Saint Charitna was known for her piety and strict chastity. The meaning of the name Alma is “loving”.

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