The redeemable preference shares must be fully paid-up.2. The redeemable preference shares can be redeemed only if the There are certain provisions that need to be fulfilled, under Section 48 of the Companies Act, 2013, for preference shares to be redeemed.1. Meaning. In the case of 1:1, every shareholder owning 1 share of a company would be entitled to another share free of cost. Redeemable preference shares are those preference shares that can be bought back by the issuing company within its predetermined maturity period. Bonus share are issued by well managed profitable companies from the free reserves of the company to the existing shareholders. Irredeemable preference shares are those preference shares that cannot be bought back by the issuing company till the company is a going concern and in existence. The bonus shares are issued in a definite ratio like 1:1, 1:2 etc. Redeemable Preferences shares are those type of preference shares issued to shareholders which have a callable option embedded, meaning they can be redeemed later by the company. 2. It is one of the methods that companies embrace in order to return cash to the existing shareholders of the company.

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