The Commutation Factors can be reviewed at anytime, on the advice of The Government Actuary's Department. If you have not registered and wish to do so, please click here and follow the registration guide to signup. Due to Covid-19 we are only accessing our office a few days per week to deal with post. Greater Manchester Police Federation pension provider - Kier. XPS Administration is committed to providing a quality service to all our clients and their members. This site is a hub of pension information which will hopefully serve you well during your career and in your retirement. View the short Video from the Pensions Regulator. Until this time the position remains that all entitlements should proceed under the 2015 scheme rules for the time being. In the main, these payments are due to the estate of Officers who have passed away. Important - Police Pension Scheme. Fire or Police Pension queries please use. . Due to working from home can we please ask that, where possible, correspondence is via email. PPS 2006 Fully Protected Member These cases were brought due to changes to public sector pensions in 2015, which also affected other public sector schemes including the police pension scheme. It has become very apparent where transfers are concerned, that some companies are taking advantage of individuals, particularly those who are keen to access their accrued pension benefits sooner than their scheme allows. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. The Police Pension Scheme is extremely comprehensive, insofar as it provides lifelong benefits for you and for your family. The following notes accompany your statement; merely select the document that matches your scheme and protection status. To access the site utilising your work email address, all you need to do is visit:

If you joined your current employer on or after 01/04/2015 or have opted back into the police pension scheme following a break in pension membership (i.e you had previously opted out of the pension scheme or had left your employment with an entitlement to a deferred pension benefit) then you will not be able to access your pension details online. If you would like to view the regulations, these can be found at the site here: Thinking of transferring out of the Police Pension Scheme? You should forward your complaint to the Pensions Unit in the first instance; postal address and other details can be found above. PPS 2015 Only Members. (NPPS) 3.

(NPPS), 3.

PPS 1987 Fully Protected Member However, implementation is every complex given that some members will be better off in the new scheme and there are a number of issues that need central government direction which are being considered by HMT with the input of other Government Departments.

Greater Manchester Police Federation pension provider - Kier. Upon receipt, your complaint is entered into our complaints matrix and assigned to a member of our Governance Team for investigation; this person will send you written acknowledgement on receipt of your complaint within 5 working days. If you believe that you are entitled to a payment under this review and have not received this yet, get in touch with us by calling 01642 727040 or send an e-mail to us using . (CARE) Each of the above Police Pension Schemes provide their own specific key features and Pension benefits. By transferring to another company, you do not have this peace of mind. 7. (PPS) 2.

We will update you with further news on each stage of the challenge as and when it becomes available. The Guide can be found under the Documents section of the 2015 Scheme tab. If you have not registered and wish to do so, please click here and follow the registration guide to signup. To get directions to our office, please click on the link which says 'View Larger Map'. It is index linked so maintains its purchasing power over the years and is absolutely guaranteed to continue to be paid regardless of the performance of the marketplace, the solvency of your former employer or any other inherent risks associated with the payment of pensions.

There are more changes planned to the site to bring additional functionality and we will add updates to the site as and when these further developments are complete. • Important Notice - due to COVID-19 - 1st May 2020. We are therefore unable to provide you with any information on might happen next. 5. This position may be subject to change, any further information will be communicated here. 90 days from today is Thu, 04 February 2021.

So, if you were a PPS 1987 or PPS 2006 member who transitioned into PPS 2015 (at any point from 1 April 2015), please refer to the ‘Deferred Benefits’ page within PPS 2015. Menu. The full judgement and a summary is available at, Annual Benefit Statements – Deferred members.

Here you will see some real life examples of the working of these unscrupulous companies, and may make you think twice about transferring your guaranteed retirement income to a potential scammer. Statements for active members will be issued from August 2020 (apart from officers currently absent from work due to being on a career break: they will not receive a statement). If you are unable to use email we are still accepting and dealing with post but not on a daily basis. The Pensions Regulator and XPS Administration are extremely keen to avoid members being duped into making decisions about transferring their benefits which can ultimately cost tens of thousands of pounds and cause huge financial problems for scheme members, some of who, have spent the majority of their lives building up these benefits. The Police Pension Scheme 1987.

The court of appeal has ruled that the Government's changes to pensions with regard to judges and firefighters were discriminatory on the grounds of age. The decision has been made earlier than expected and on 27th June 2019 the Supreme Court has denied the Governments request for an appeal in the transitional protections case in respect of age discrimination and pension protection. Cookies on the Police Mutual website. The investigation will be reviewed by the Head of Pensions, who will respond directly with his findings and conclusion. The vast majority of XPS is now working from home. The website provides information on the above three Police Pension Schemes, including both Members' Guides and the legislation for each scheme. The notes can be found on the ‘Deferred Benefits’ page once the applicable scheme has been selected (from the tabs above). If you already have an account, your username and password will remain unchanged and you will be able to login as normal using the LOGIN button. If you would like to view your benefits on-line, please click on this link below, if you have not completed a registration form you can below. Due to Covid-19 we are only accessing our office a few days per week to deal with post. Those that are due to taper still do and those due to retire normally at a later date should continue in the 2015 scheme.

Please see the factsheet produced by the Home Office for further information. To access Member Self Service Click Here to Login, If you have not registered.Please use this Form for Member Self Service. There are more changes planned to the site to bring additional functionality and we will add updates to the site as and when these further developments are complete.

The assigned member of the Governance Team will then investigate your complaint. However, if you encounter any problems please email or telephone 01642 030695. From 30 June 2017, former scheme members of each of the Police Pension Schemes will receive their 2017 Annual Benefit Statement. The Police Pension Scheme Regulations 2015 have been laid before parliament, coming into effect from 1st April 2015.

Read on and consider very carefully .

It can be accessed via the below link : -.

(CARE), Each of the above Police Pension Schemes provide their own specific key features and Pension benefits. The below address provides details on the Government Actuary's Department (GAD) publication on the Police Pension Scheme 1987 Commutation Guidance and Factors : -, We use cookies to help your user experience, understand how our website is used, and target promotional activity. Due to emails being dealt with on a daily basis we would like to suggest that you use this medium to contact the office. Email or by phone 01642 030693. Email or by phone 01642 030692. We do appreciate that there can be a need for instant access to cash. • Commutation News - Last Updated 21st Febraury 2017. 2. As part of a wider development of the Member Self Service website, it has undergone an upgrade to the 'look and feel' of the site.

This policy is to deal with all grievances pertaining to the actions or otherwise of the Pensions Unit which fall outside of the scope of the Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure relevant to the pension scheme to which your membership relates.

Our police family law representatives offer a bespoke, personalised service.

The commutation exercise has been completed, but for a handful of payments which we are working on., Link to the Police Pensions Reform calculator,, Please select the scheme that you were a member of at the time you left pensionable service. Police Pensions Calculator The Pensions Calculator went live on 9 March 2018. 6. The website can be accessed at:, • Update of transitional protections remedy (Sargeant) - updated 29th April 2020. These companies will take a cut (often a very large cut) of your transfer value for their efforts, If HMRC find that you have been paid this cash early, they will tax any income (including lump sums), up to 55%, You will not have any form of income guarantee (no definitive period over which a pension will be paid), You will have no statutory indexation (generally, your pension will not increase), Your family will almost certainly not receive benefits if you die, You will lose your employer's contribution towards your pension.

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