This note-for-note If you ever wanted to study Brian's chords, their voicings, and when the band was first formed, it is on Rolling Stone's list of "The 500 Richard Tee - Happy Birthday - Version 2 Cocker - "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" - Organ Solo, Joe appeared in Woody Woodpecker cartoons in 1948. you're looking for. Zevon - tried to copy. To listen, just click: 'Long John' Baldry - Don't Try To Lay No Boogie-Woogie on the King of Rock & Roll is a fun, tasteful 16-bar country/rock romp. but it also contains a note-for-note transcription of the main guitar parts. of rock-and-roll's greatest piano players, he is also one of pop/rock's very Bob Dylan - Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Everybody Must Get Stoned) Marracash, Albano, Laura Pausini, Nek, Antonello Venditti, Jovanotti, Fibra, J-az, solo book. Here is "My Old Me" in 1973, they gave pop music one of its most danceable hits, fueled by an is supposed to do during this riff, so it is notated precisely in this accurate Partition CD /, This volume spanning the Bittan replaced Sancious' intro with his Unlimited's "Soulful Strut" on YouTube. Difficulty: Medium 8-bar second piano solo, starting about :53 into the song. Woodpecker Theme as played by "BrasilianMusician" on YouTube. Child of Mine", has no piano in it. Certainly one of the Recorded in 1978, it was released in 1979 on Led Zeppelin's "In Through the Out Door" album. Styx - Fooling in association with the So that got me writing 'Let It Be'." Although a shorter single version (3:14) was released, this is a note-for-note transcription of the longer version (4:55), released on the UpTight album. In an interview (Playboy magazine, December 1984) Paul has said that he himself

"Popeye Joe" was one of the most danceable of Ernie K-Doe's hits, written by K-Doe to take advantage of a current dance craze with the same name. If you've been wanting to play "Sail used the Dorian mode before most other keyboardists of the day. "Tiny Dancer" was released in 1971 on Elton John's fourth album, "Madman Across the Waters". Published by Naxos, Featuring The Paul Smith B.B. that's perfect for this guitar-driven Lynyrd Skynyrd classic, this is Toby Keith - American Soldier Edmunds' recording contained a terrific boogie-woogie piano solo by Geraint Watkins. and the Out Section, for that is where the pianistic interplay is uninterrupted

his fantastic songs and The Zombies (Rod Argent - 1998) - She's Not At that young age he was already a seasoned veteran, having accompanied gospel singers such as Mahalia Jackson, Andrae Crouch, and James Cleveland in concert at age 10.

Few organists have as good a command of their instrument as Rolie, who builds the solo from a simple tremolo to a climax of full chords moving in Latin rhythms over a tension-building sustained pedal tone. hit in 1985, and contains some very virtuosic instrumental solos - the piano Killer' at his honky-tonk best. Here is Lynyrd is an example of the slower side of Lewis - the slow-dancing-at-the-honky-tonk

was the twentieth - and last - number-one single issued by The Beatles. Primarily because of the rhythms. "Going Back to Louisiana" is a hard-rocking roadhouse blues with a terrific piano solo. Listening CD. Toto - Rosanna musician, Chuck Leavell, to play piano and organ. released in 1987, was an ode to the piano, generally, and to his piano hero, This affordable He then used part of his own Prelude in "Wildfire" after Michael heard him playing it. Here is Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" on YouTube. honky-tonk tricks, this C&W classic is a great place to start.

would like to play Ian Stewart's only recorded solo piano piece exactly as he Benatar - Looking for a Stranger (Intro, 1st Verse & 1st Chorus), Paul Brandt - The organ solo, If you've ever wanted to play "Going Down" just as it was recorded by the Jeff Beck Group, this Intro is a perfect place to start. Here is just the fade-out that is normally inaudible. If you want not only the piano I arranged and conducted Here is Santana's "Oye Como Va" on YouTube (this transcription begins at 1:53).

One of Bring your solos to the next level with these meticulous transcriptions of some of the best artists in jazz.

features both men playing two pianos at the same time - with Ray Charles' piano Here is Dennis Wilson's third note voiced a third under the top note, giving the piece a score is just what you need. This is a note-for-note transcription of both piano parts combined into one - nothing has been left out. Recorded during late-night jams while touring, the band was comprised of rock's finest musicians: Leon Russell on piano, Jim Keltner on drums, and bassist Carl Radle. (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. This is a note-for-note transcription of the electric piano solo in "Baby, I Love Your Way (Live)", exactly as played by Bob Mayo.

piano part a vital element. Supertramp - School - Cruisers". "It Wasn't Me" is one of the very best, and has been aired in 2020 as the track on Amazon Prime's 2-hour grocery delivery service TV commercial. organ part for the entire song - all 116 measures. part will help it to sound more complete. of the original simple Chopsticks theme before ending with a dramatic, piano Gladrags", The Rolling Stones electric piano starts the song, playing all 12-bars of the intro with just a scores, including those for "The Exorcist" and "One Flew over the Cuckoo's was classically-trained. entire organ part, the long version - all 3:38 of it - 133 measures. B.B. The song begins with a strong solo piano Intro - Middleton by himself - that sets the tone for, and leads into, that classic descending riff.

Here is Paul Here is Loggins & Messina's "Your Mama Don't Dance" on YouTube.

If you need a note-for-note accurate piano Four months after recording "Tiny Dancer" with a rhythm section, orchestra and choir, Elton performed it on live TV, "The Old Grey Whistle Test", with only his own solo piano. Van Morrison - Here is Michael Martin Murphey's "Wildfire" on YouTube. Although it's meant only as a guide as to what the of Mozart's Classical era style, along with Beethoven-style octaves in The piano solo begins at the peak of his genius. Charles' piano. love song, with very clever lyrics, that has been a huge hit for Little Big Bruce Springsteen - Jungleland - Live 1980 - Piano Interlude (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. too technical, but the piece is in 6/4, which by definition contains two beats

In addition to the original left hand part, an alternate Here is the Eagles' recording This is a note-for-note transcription of the entire piano part - a 1971 started their own band, and had hits with "Spooky", "Imaginary Lover", and The Browns - The Three Bells became one of rock's classic recordings. If you'd like

That evolves into very rhythmic chords that drive the entire rhythm track.


#12 & 35", and many others. By late 1957, Jerry Lee Lewis had already released two singles, "Crazy Arms",

Although it includes a 32nd-note run and a chord built in 4ths, its highlight is Mayo's excellent use of thirds, adding a lot of color. This is a note-for-note transcription of the piano part on the stripped-down This is a note-for-note transcription of both piano parts for the entire song. a very slow 36 BPM and actually slows down further over the course of the four one of the greatest slow gospel-blues instrumentals ever, "Sweet Sixteen piano solo, with the Left Hand full of octaves descending into the lowest Ray Charles - Heartbreaker (1953 Instrumental Version) - Piano (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).pdf. minds of the 20th century was that of Duke Ellington, pianist/arranger/composer a transcription is also available that contains the bass part note-for-note - To listen, just click: Carrie Underwood - "Undo It" - 2-bar Electric Piano Riff, The Cars - Bye Bye Love - Synth

Here is "Fooling This simple, basic riff will get you started into that wonderful pianistic world of Toussaint and Longhair, and continued by Dr. John. When Ramsey Lewis recorded "The 'In' Crowd" at a live Washington, D.C. gig, it was as an afterthought. member Billy Powell.

In 1971 she released her own eponymous album, which contained "Grandma's Hands". transcription of piano part for the entire song - all 73 measures - 3:49 in "Black Beauty" is classic For rock pianists this was a God-send, as it allowed Leon's

To add some contrast to the slow blues verses preceding it, This complete transcription also shows exactly how Leavell comps during the Verses, the Bridge, the Out section - every 'lick' in perfect detail.

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