To comply with the requirements set out above, a national Database has been developed that will enable funds to check if their members have LGPS pensions records in other pension funds. You can use the Pension Plan Actuarial Information Search to find a Schedule SB or Schedule MB filed as part of a pension plan’s annual Form 5500 Series return/report. to update your bookmarks. The survey frame is drawn from information on plans registered with federal and provincial government pension authorities and, for plans not subject to their legislation, from the Canada Revenue Agency. To enhance access to information, FSCO has introduced the Pension Plan Information Access (formerly the Pension Web Link). The available information includes the plan registration number; the plan name; the corporate name and address of the plan sponsor, administrator and custodian; the effective date, fiscal year end, plan type, benefit type, total active membership in the plan; the FSCO staff member assigned to the plan; and selected transactions and filing-related information.If you have any questions, plea​se contact FSCO at (416) 250-7250 or toll free at 1-800-668-0128. Ministry of Finance Is there information outdated? If necessary, data are suppressed to prevent direct or residual disclosure of identifiable data.The information presented in the tables has been reviewed to ensure that the confidentiality of data on individual pension plans is respected. Data are collected for all units of the target population, therefore no sampling is done. Help | New Public Plans Data. 1. Employers generally set up pension plans voluntarily; however, once a pension plan is established, it must be funded and administered in compliance with applicable tax and pension … Skip To Content Your contributions to the CPP are based on your earnings. Contact Us | 239/09, FAQs on Rules for Ontario Locked-In Accounts, Superintendent Notices of Intended Decision, Multi-jurisdictional Pension Plan Agreement, Information for Pension Plan Administrators, Archived content - for historical reference only, The Determination of Whether a Plan is a "Closed Plan". The Pension Plans in Canada Survey is an annual census of all registered pension plans (RPPs) in Canada.Its purpose is to provide information on the terms and conditions of RPPs, membership in them and contributions made by and on behalf of the members.. This survey is a census with a cross-sectional design. Pension plan members and the general public may access information using the plan registration number, plan name or plan sponsor name. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. A four digit number confirming the LGPS pension fund where that member’s record is held. The target population is all Registered Pension Plans in Canada. By Sankaran, Siva; Wedel, Thomas L. Read preview. 0000002761 00000 n These are all public bodies named in legislation as administering authorities of the LGPS. Updated 2019 data on the Public Plans Data website gives users access to over 100 variables on 200 state and local pension plans. No. 637 15 xref

0000000596 00000 n Pension Plans in Canada is a census that uses mainly administrative data and the information is considered very reliable.

Data are collected directly from survey respondents and extracted from administrative files. These cookies do not store any personal information. trailer outage schedule for more details. Understand the mandates your competitors are currently working on, Dig deep into the pension and foundation & endowment markets with granular analytics.

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