All without sacrificing comfort and on board livability or safety. and the construction of the Outremer 55, extensive studies were carried out on the selection of materials with low environmental impact (e.g. The Main bulkheads, daggerboards, rotating mast (as an option), and tiller seats are all built with  fiber. Only the price of this beauty is not to like and they know it, since it is impossible to find it on line. DESIGN – INTERIOR & EXTERIOR As always, the focus of the Outremer 4X catamaran is seaworthiness, comfort, and safety. But unlike other high performance cats on the market, this boat is a true production cat, with factory warranty and backup via an international network of dealers, high resale value and a 35 year heritage of building boats. Sure, the interior space of this extended 45ft (2ft more on the swim platform than the 45ft), about the same as a Lagoon 42, would be too much for most couples, the problem here is that a smaller performance cruising cat, with less than 45ft, would have not the right size for offering an adequate seaworthiness offshore, so in what regards performance cats, it is this size or bigger, while condo cats, due to the much bigger weight can offer the same seaworthiness in smaller sizes. Winches at helm with main halyard, genoa sheets and reef sheets.

This massive 59 footer offers incredible facilities onboard while also strictly holding on to the functions which make it a force on the sea. No the 4X is not a high performance race boat, it’s a high performance cruising boat that just happens to impress on the race course. The Outremer 4X has a light ship displacement of 8.2 tonnes which at 48ft is considerably less than other similar sized cruising cats which commonly approach 20 tonnes. December 24, 2015. ; Sail area 1,324; SA/D 23.9; D/L 107; L/B 2.06; Auxiliary twin Volvo D1-30; Fuel 88 gal. She is built to last, enjoyable to helm and the ideal size to go long-distance cruising at pace. To achieve this end, Outremer 49 has sacrificed the space available not only on-deck but also inside the cabin in favor of high speed. The base price is quoted with 575k euro, when I choose all the options that I would like to have on the boat it adds another 140k euro, for a total of 715k euro. “I really love sailing in light winds,” explains Doug as we cast off the lines on Puffin for a sail outside of Newcastle Harbour, “It’s just easier on the crew and boat when the conditions and sea state is light”.

Outremer are leading the way in performance multihull design which is captured fully in the Outremer 4X. The cockpit is interesting in that it has the same type of elevated wheel steering position as does the Balance and maybe even more exposed. The Outremer 4X is a sportier, lighter and slightly longer version of the Outremer 45. For further information on Doug’s Outremer 4X, be sure to follow his online blog at

Who´s going to want a once-a-year bareboater blasting away on their 4X?

The hulls of the Outremer 4X have been elongated by 3 ft. to give it more structural stability. GOVERNMENT INCENTIVE: INSTANT 100% DEPRECIATION DEDUCTION AND HOW IT APPLIES TO CHARTER BOATS, BUDGET 2020: 100% deduction can apply to charter boats, 6 STEPS TO STARTING YOUR OWN CHARTER BOAT BUSINESS, SEABBATICAL SUMMIT LIVE - WEBINARS WITH EXPERTS. With its slender hulls, pulled- back foredeck, and rounded trunk cabin, Outremer 49 offers enhanced performance, faster sailing, and increased structural integrity. You will meet or exceed the polars on this unit. For reaching there is a Code D furling gennaker and downwind a 120sqm symmetrical spinnaker with a sock. There are two layouts available.

Her modern European interior design gives the boat the feel of an expensive apartment rather than a blue water sailing catamaran.

Rather, the idea behind it is that of a fast multihull boat worthy of being taken on long voyages by a small family. Outremer strives to build fast-cruising catamarans while also not compromising on safety and comfort. Interested in other fast boats along the same lines?

Compared to 20+kts which is when it gets lumpy, bumpy and uncomfortable for everyone onboard. In the salon of both, there is the galley to Starboard facing aft with a nav station forward. The Outremer 4X is the supercharged version of the Outremer 45. Production catamaran with customizable interior options should appeal to many. As we are talking Outremer’s performance boat. The 4X’s SA/D is a bit more tame than the other two multis. In the starboard side, there is one double berth aft and a decent sized head forward. People like not heeling. Why won’t my house batteries hold a charge when powering? She’s an Outremer, so she’s built to cross oceans quickly in comfort.

Not sure why you would but it can be done and from the video I watched it looked like fun. The Outremer 4X has a light ship displacement of 8.2 tonnes which at 48ft is considerably less than other similar sized cruising cats which commonly approach 20 tonnes.

Alternate the engines and you´ll have a nice quiet hull for the person who is off watch, and you´ll extend your range. This level of performance optimisation really appeals to sailors who have spent their life looking for that extra knot of boat speed and feel at ease when they can turn the motors off. For more information on pricing for new Outremer catamarans visit the Outremer website or authorized dealer. Newest in the Outremer fleet is the 4X designed by Barreau/Neuman with “consulting design” by Patrick le Quement and interior design by Darnet design. The three-cabin owner’s version where the starboard hull is dedicated to the owner. We catch up with new 4X owner, Doug Hibberd, who just took delivery of his new boat that recently arrived in Australia who intends to go cruising around Australia and the South Pacific with his family on board the Outremer 4X Puffin to ask these very questions and understand why he ended up with a 4X. What emergency notification system should I carry? DESIGN – INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR The Outremer 45 is a product of architecture by Barreau-Neuman, style by Partick Le Quement and interior design by Darnet Design. This cat is built for speed, so the hulls are slender  – there´s less space down here than many other multihulls, but that´s your compromise. What’s the hurry anyway? How to polish a hull back to a super shine. the installation of a workshop or an office. When you have a family onboard to keep happy, comfort is a very important factor to the overall enjoyment of the experience. However, it is not a racing catamaran. reusable infusion devices). She offers living spaces, circulation on board, light and ventilation that are all setting new standards. High average speeds and good course keeping allowed by the retractable daggerboards shorten passage times meaning you can get to shelter ahead of bad weather. With Outremer’s sister company Gunboat just across the road, they borrowed some GB technology and even installed thermo-formed foam sandwich construction which in effect, removes excess resin from an already optimised resin infused layup process. Based on the very popular the Outremer 45, the 4X has been optimized while maintaining Outremer’s core principles of speed, comfort and safety. Outremer achieves its idea of comfort not by extravagant living spaces but by specific designing details that make the catamaran a nimble delight on the sea. With the naval architecture of France’s VPLP, deck layout by Michel Desjoyeaux, interior design by Darnet Design, and the global design by Patrick Le Quement, the Outremer 5X reflects particular attention to details and, Bagging prestigious awards such as The European Yacht of the Year Award and the Boat of the Year Award, the Outremer 51 catamaran is a prime example of a boat built for bluewater cruising.

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