(Where's the US price you ask? It isn't worth it. That's particularly impressive given that the Nord is by no means a flagship even though OnePlus has managed to cram a few premium features into this budget-minded device. Both devices had near-identical specs, with OnePlus differentiating the 6T via an in-display fingerprint sensor, 128GB of storage for the base version, and a waterdrop cutout at the top of the display. Despite the display’s 90Hz refresh rate, it offers a more dense QHD+ resolution that some may prefer. Thank you for signing up to Tom's Guide. That said, it still delivers great value in the $500 segment, and will continue to do so for some time. The result is the OnePlus Nord, a much less expensive phone with capabilities that match — and in some cases exceed — what the OnePlus 6T can deliver. The build quality is top-notch, and after six months I haven't had any issues with any facet of the hardware. The design itself is fairly understated with the regular variants, but the clean look at the back and the tiny cutout make it look very modern. With WarpCharge 30T, you can get to 70% after 30 minutes. OnePlus' frenetic release cycle means there's a new phone to look forward to every six months. OnePlus 6T *Monthly payment: The above costs are based on a full retail price of $499 ( Midnight Black 8GB+128GB Storage) over 12-months at the lowest APR of 0%(Regular APR: 10% - 30%. That said, there were a few instances where I had to boost the brightness manually, but that was few and far between. Previous purchases are ineligible. Estimated payment amount excludes taxes. On the software front, OnePlus cameras have struggled to keep up with the best camera phones, as phone makers such as Apple and Google have really nailed the image processing part of the camera phone equation. Also oneplus 8T don't have a 90fps option that I think can be easily provided by an update and which is a better option for a user midway b/w 60fps and 120fps options. *Monthly payment: The above costs are based on a full retail price of $499 ( Midnight Black 8GB+128GB Storage) over 12-months at the lowest APR of 0%(Regular APR: 10% - 30%.

Android 11 has been available for a couple of months now. It doesn't take as long to authenticate my fingerprints, and the failure rate has also gone down significantly. More of this, please. View all Popular Questions . My unit picked up the March security patch a few weeks ago, and while OnePlus isn't quite as dilignet at rolling out monthly updates like Google or HMD Global, it has turned things around significantly in this area.

Things get a little bit more complex with the OnePlus Nord, where you get a 48MP main camera, 8MP ultra wide lens, 5MP depth sensor and 2MP macro lens. But two years is a long time in the smartphone world, and new features and enhancements have emerged among the best phones that make even the OnePlus 6T feel a little dated. New York, It now sells its phones in carrier stores in the U.S., and its billboards are found across all major cities in India. The final APR is subject to credit check and approval. The latter lens means you'll be able to squeeze more people into a self-portrait or include more of your surrounding background. The phone is taller than its predecessor, and that makes it even harder to use one-handed. There are a lot of areas for OnePlus to improve in 2019 — particularly around the camera.

The OnePlus Nord's less beefy processor might be a help when it comes to squeezing more battery life out of your phone, as the Snapdragon 765G won't consume as much power.

The display itself still holds up very well in 2019. I haven't had to worry about the battery running out even on days with heavy use, and Warp Charge continues to be one of the best charging standards around. The display is one of the best in this segment, and OxygenOS is just about the best third-party skin in the market today.

This is the least expensive phone OnePlus has sold in years, with a starting price of £379 in the UK and €399 in the rest of Europe.

The OnePlus 6T marked a step in the right direction, as OnePlus included a Night Mode that's still around today on the OnePlus Nord. But it's not going to match up against chips from Qualcomm's 8 Series, even one that is two years behind the times. For that, you get a phone with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Visit our corporate site. These are great additions to … Up front, there's just a single 160MP lens on the OnePlus 6T.

As good as the design is on the OnePlus 6T, what makes the device truly stand out is the performance on offer. Then there's the haptics: the vibration motor on the OnePlus 6T was one of the worst I've used over the last 12 months, and it was so underwhelming that I had to disable the haptics entirely. The waterdrop cutout does not bother me at all anymore, and the FHD+ Super AMOLED panel has held up well: it has vibrant colors with excellent detail, and I haven't faced many issues with sunlight legibility.

OnePlus has a tendency to over-engineer its phones, and that works out very well for its customers.

Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips. With flagship phone prices creeping ever upward, OnePlus opted to take a different tack with a more midrange phone that still retains a few premium features. The OnePlus 6T debuted to favorable reviews a couple years ago, thanks to its gorgeous display, fast performance and low cost relative to other flagships. Right now, it's hard for any phone to claim that it's a better value than the OnePlus Nord. OnePlus 6T. Flip the phones over and you'll find a different approach to the rear camera arrays. Maybe current OnePlus 6T owners will see enough in the OnePlus Nord to decide that this midrange device should be their next smartphone when it's time to upgrade. Corning Gorilla Glass v5 ... OnePlus 6T. The OnePlus 6T started at $549 for the 6GB/128GB model when it debuted in 2018, though the most popular version of the 6T was likely the one sold through T-Mobile. Still, that's a compromise more than a few smartphone owners will be willing to make, especially if it means paying less than $500 for a first rate phone. (Or both, ideally.). So if you're eager to enjoy faster data speeds, the OnePlus Nord will allow you to hop onto a 5G network near you, at least if you live in an area where that service is available.

People are starting to sell the PS5 for upwards of $1,500, but you really shouldn't spend that much for Sony's next-gen console. The OnePlus 6T and OnePlus Nord are roughly the same size, though the Nord is shorter than the 6T by a fraction of an inch. We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. For now, you can import a Nord from a country where it's on sale, though reports say the current phone lacks the bands to work with US cellular networks. Android Central has learned that future Pixel devices will not offer the same unlimited High-quality photo and video backups that current Pixels do. Battery life is definitely an upgrade in this newer model. The matte finish belies the fact that the phone has a glass back, and it also prevents smudges from showing up. I switched to the phone intermittently over the last five months as new OxygenOS updates were rolled out or new variants were released. New Mobile Phones. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor,

The OnePlus Nord can do one thing the 6T can't, though — connect to 5G networks. We can take or leave macro lenses, but the wide angle lens on the Nord allows you to pull back to capture more background details while the dedicated depth sensor should allow the newer OnePlus phone to take sharper portrait shots than you'll get with the OnePlus 6T. For the Nord, OnePlus went with an in-screen cutout for the two front cameras.

The OnePlus 6T delivers the same level of performance as flagships that cost nearly twice as much, and OxygenOS continues to be the best third-party skin around. On that note, another feature that I didn't like in the beginning but I'm warming up to now is the in-display sensor. The faster refresh rate on the OnePlus Nord will mean a smoother scrolling experience when you're surfing the web.

We don't have a OnePlus 6T handy to capture photos to compare to what the OnePlus Nord produces. Steady updates over the last six months have made OxygenOS much more responsive.

Harish Jonnalagadda is the Regional Editor at Android Central. I particularly like using OnePlus phones because of Reading Mode. The OnePlus Nord doubles your selfie cam pleasure with a 32MP main lens augmented by an 8MP wide angle shooter. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? The 6T certainly sports better numbers on graphics testing than the Nord. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. With the 6T, OnePlus used a teardrop design to host the front camera. Switching to the device from the Pixel 3 highlighted this even more, and OnePlus has mentioned that it will roll out a stronger motor in the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Once you get over the fact that there's no headphone jack anymore, the OnePlus 6T is a pretty great device.

OnePlus has also continued to tweak its post-processing since the 6T came out, and while the Nord still can't match the iPhone SE for photos, it's not that far behind. NY 10036. The Snapdragon 765G contains an integrated 5G modem, while the OnePlus 6T came out at a time when commercially available 5G networks were still a gleam in wireless carriers' eyes. In cases of partial approval, a down payment may be required. We'd need to test the phones side by side to confirm, but the Nord is unlikely to be as peppy as the 6T, even though that phone is two years older.

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