No prior removal/revocation of escort status. Have no physical disabilities or disfigurements. Commands with frequent prisoner movements shall provide a pool of escorts and each trip shall include at least one escort who has traversed the same route in similar transportation. Competitors are not permitted to alter the fit of the posing suit by hiking it up in the back or by pulling up the sides at any time while posing on stage. Since 1982, the top athletes in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini and physique have started their careers in the NPC. Who Qualifies for NPC (USA) National Level Competitions?

up to & including 198 ¼ lbs, over 198 ¼ lbs up to & including 225 ¼ lbs, over 165-1/4 up to and including 187 ¼ lbs, over 154 ¼ lbs up to and including 176 ¼ lbs, over 176 ¼ lbs up to and including 198 ¼ lbs, over 143 ¼ lbs up to and including 154 ¼ lbs, over 198 ¼ lbs up to and including 225 ¼ lbs.

Be within service branch body composition standards, and passed most recent service PRT/PFT. this Website. Have no neuropsychiatric disorders, or recorded history of alcohol abuse, or in-service drug use. Any competitor doing the “Moon Pose” will be disqualified. Bikini and Wellness competitors have the option of wearing their number on their dominant hip forward when standing to the front, meaning on the left or right side of their suit bottom.

Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR), Secretary of the Navy Tours with Industry, Address Correspondence to: Attn: PERS-### or BUPERS-###. Judges will score competitors according to the NPC “total package” which is a balance of size, symmetry and muscularity.

Have no record of civil court conviction, (except misdemeanor traffic violations). NPC Mighty Muscle on the Miss. Note: At the NPC Universe Championships there is no Super Heavyweight class but there is a Welterweight class that is over 154 ¼ lbs up to and including 165 ¼ lbs for a total of six (6) classes. Maximum of 60 seconds with a warning when 10 seconds remain.

Note: Scroll below to see examples of mandatory round poses. Any competitor disqualified for health reasons must be checked by the attending EMT and, if it is advised by the EMT, must go to the nearest hospital for evaluation. Not identified as a witness or victim in a prisoner’s courts-martial related to the escort detail.

Also, athletes that place 3rd, 4th or 5th place at the NPC USA or NPC … All suits will be inspected at the check-in’s. « Reply #7 on: October 13, 2007, 02:30:44 PM » Quote from: tweeter on October 13, 2007, 02:29:27 PM. Your head must be facing the same direction as your feet. Competitors name must be on the CD for identification.

This was for a local level NPC show. Every competitor must wear their competition suit under their clothing to check-in’s for inspection. You are not obligated to use all 60 seconds. Having an internationally recognized body building and fitness certification is vital in the current fitness market. Also, athletes that place 3rd, 4th or 5th place at the NPC USA or NPC … Also, athletes that place 3rd, 4th or 5th place at the NPC USA or NPC Nationals are also qualified for one year. Competitors who refuse to be evaluated by the EMT or at the hospital will be suspended from competition for a period of one year from the date of the occurrence. Competitors using music containing vulgar lyrics will be disqualified. Take a look at our recent NPC contest galleries for examples of approved NPC Posing Suits. UPA Hooligan Holiday Bash (March 20) Dubuque, IA. Please enable scripts and reload this page. The judges have to be there pretty much all day though, for prejudging and the finals. A military judge (not a lawyer) may direct that restraints be removed from a prisoner in a courtroom if, in the judge’s opinion, such restraint is not necessary. Each competitor must be a member of the NPC. Official NPC News Online site; Entry Forms (Hard Copy) Online Entry Forms. MDI prisoners shall wear restraints at all times while outside the security perimeter of the Brig. UPA Iron Battle on the Mississippi (July 17 & 18) Dubuque, IA, NPC Mighty Muscle on the Miss. Maximum and Medium Custody In (MDI) prisoners must be escorted by at least two escorts. Point of Contact. It is a not-for-profit international amateur sport governing body, located in Madrid, Spain, with an Executive Council democratically elected at the IFBB World Congress. Posing music must be on a CD and must be the only music on the CD. (April 24) Dubuque, IA; Tickets; NPC … Many of those athletes graduated to successful careers in the IFBB Professional League, a list that includes 24 Olympia and 38 Arnold Classic winners. Any competitor who appears to be disoriented, light-headed or experiences undue cramping will not be permitted to compete. Requesting activities shall provide their own escorts for trial, administrative, legal, and any other appointments for pre-trial prisoners. (April 24) Dubuque, IA. IFBB, International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) is the governing body of the sport of Bodybuilding and Fitness, founded in 1946 in Montreal. Suits worn by male competitors must be plain in color with no fringe or wording. No Exceptions. Logged davidpaul. up to & including 176 ¼ lbs, over 176 ¼ lbs. Must be E-4 or above with at least 24 months of active service (after completion of recruit training), regardless of service branch.

Begin when ready – no signal is necessary from the Head Judge. No Exceptions. *The Welterweight is optional at local, regional and national qualifying contests. Who Qualifies for NPC (USA) National Level Competitions? Beginning January 1, 2018 athletes must place Top 2 in an open class at a NPC National Qualifier to be qualified for any NPC National contest. Getbig V; Posts: 7585; Re: How Much Are NPC and IFBB Judges/Officials Paid? To be qualified, personnel must meet screening criteria, attend a one-day Brig Escort Class and pass a written proficiency test. Competitors will be checked in and weighed. Screened for eligibility by a command representative of grade E-7 or above. The only people permitted in the backstage area are competitors, expediters, NPC officials & NPC News Online. Note: National level contests do not permit competitors to cross over into fitness, figure or bikini at the same event.

In all cases, at least one escort will be of the same gender as the prisoner.

All athletes that qualified in 2019 for a NPC National contest are eligible to compete in a NPC National Contest in 2020. Beginning January 1, 2018 athletes must place Top 2 in an open class at a NPC National Qualifier to be qualified for any NPC National contest. Escorts will not be required or authorized to carry less than lethal or lethal weapons. Click here to find out more about the IFBB educational program! Army/Marine Corps Military Police, Air Force Security Police, Navy Master-At-Arms and formal NEC/MOS school-trained corrections personnel may be exempt from attending the class, but must meet the screening criteria.

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