Don’t fear, Razer gives you the ability to flick between profiles with a simple button on the chat adapter that is built into the controller. Sounds awesome, but no wireless killed it for me. Makes zero sense………. Or is Razer a mistake to buy to begin with. Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller features and specs. , For visiting the home of Early Axes! I'm waiting for my controller to get back to me after sending it around xmas. Correct, yes. It's a very nice gamepad. i've had mine like a year and i love it. It's coming soon, but until then I sit and wait, mocked by the never-ending cycle of the Chroma strip. The Wolverine Ultimate only has a few options that come with it, but they're versatile enough to give you some ideas. You'll notice from the angle below that you have six extra buttons and two trigger-stop switches. Just to be clear, how long have you had the Razer controller? Our Verdict. In 2016, Razer attempted to take on Microsoft’s luxurious Xbox One Elite controller with the $US150 ($191) Wildcat, an ambitious premium gamepad that fell short of greatness. You can't do to extra-long sticks, or two convex sticks, because there aren't two of either available. Now I can hear all of you saying “but I don’t need all these buttons” and I felt the same way, until I started using them in-game. Six programmable buttons. Sadly, the same functionality is not available for PC at launch. MadKats made better controllers than Razer. 4 comments. share. The only way I could describe it was like the buttons were scraping or pushing against one another. 122 comments. The free download allows users to adjust thumbstick sensitivity, control the chat audio/game sound mix, set up multiple controller profiles and even play with different chroma lighting effects. As stated in the title, I just got my brand-new Razer Wolverine Tournament edition. I can use my elite controller just fine with my mixamp thou. In my expertise the XB1 controllers have been way less durable than the previous 360 controllers. If you specifically want it so that you can toss a grenade before you fire without taking your finger off the run button, you can set it up to do so and make it easy to make a combo. Press J to jump to the feed. Make those extra six buttons work for you. I personally liked them both set around 3- I like the immersive experience of haptic feedback, but the motors are a LOT more intense than the ones in an Elite controller when set to max. There are however a few minor points that I have to point out. The build is good and the features are easy to use and are very effective at what they are intending to do. I will say that even with haptics turned all the way up, there was ZERO in the way of buzz or rattle, which I can't say about either one of my Elites, even when they were new. Any news on the Duke that's supposed to be coming out? Sliders along the back of the controller allow users to adjust the activation depth of the normal triggers and switch from full-press to half press on the fly. -This is also a wired controller, and it has basically zero latency... like, ZERO. 231. It's got a nice heft to it, it doesn't rattle, and it feels really nice in the hands, especially those textured grips in back. However...I personally can't use it due to the paddle placements. Yeah that Dpad looks like a nightmare to use. So Razer went back to the drawing board, dropped the cat name, replaced it with a catchy stronger title, toned down the styling and what they created was sheer brilliance! Shares . share. I've tried many "premium" controllers since the Xbox One Elite controller came on the scene, and none of them have managed to capture the seemingly magical melding of luxury and utility of Microsoft's own offering. There is also a small control pad at the bottom of the controller that has all of the audio controls for a headset built in (chat and game volume, mute, ect), as well as a button to switch profiles with a colored LED to indicate which one is active, and a quick program button so that you can change what controller functions the programmable paddles and switches correspond to on the fly without opening the app (Similar to the way button mapping works on a Scuf). My partner went through two elites in a week as the grips were clicking noticeably when pressing the left trigger. After several years of wired Xbox and PC controllers named after cats, Razer turns to the family Mustelidae for its latest model, and it seems to have paid off. They also make the shoulder buttons slightly easier to use, as they're shaped differently than the ones I'm used to on a standard or Elite controller. Is there no newer firmware version for this wolverine TE? I recently purchased the Razer Wolverine TE and I really like it for the most part. I was excited for a LONG time about the rumored "Elite v2", but it got cancelled and they released the same controller in white instead. especially when the Elite is there like you say… not that I would even splash out for that, can’t remember a game I’ve played on the xbox where the original controller wasn’t good enough. Thanks for replying. I didn’t test the controller while using headset plugged into it due to it being more tricky to change and play with the equalizers and mixing the chat and ingame volume so I preferred to just use my Astro Amp.

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