Pass through the waterfall, the largest tea plantation in the world and the highest volcano in Indonesia. Photograph by C. Ollier. The contents listed on this website are intended for informational purposes rather than commercial. By using this site, we are assuming that you agree with our use of cookies. Photograph by C. Ollier. The most recent confirmed eruption was in 1969-1970. Located at Kerinci Seblat National Park. It is surrounded by the lush forest of Kerinci Seblat National Park, home to the endangered species of Sumatran tiger and Sumatran rhinoceros. This is the official website of the Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia. Because of the presence of the crater lake there have been several phreatic eruptions. The volcano contains a deep 600-m-wide summit crater often partially filled by a small crater lake that lies on the NE crater floor, opposite the SW-rim summit of Kerinci. On August 27 at 10:00, an ash plume was observed at a height of approximately 3.5 kilometers above sea level. Any displayed sale is meant as a token of partnership and will always redirect you to our partners' sites.

An unconfirmed eruption was reported in 1971. Kerinci has erupted at least twenty times since 1838. It is a great masterpiece of nature having blue water color with contrasts with the green foliage of trees around it. Photograph by C. Ollier.

He was mentioned on the tripadvisor page multiple times and came highly recommended. And rightfully so.

Afer contacting Endatno he basically managed our entire trip for us by giving us advice on how to reach Kerinci, where to stay and so on. Fun and safe whitewater adventures for wilderness rafting. You can. Simkin, T., and Siebert, L., 1994, Volcanoes of the World: Geoscience Press, Tucson, Arizona, 349 p. VW is a higher education, k-12, and public outreach project of the.

Tour recommendation: Mount Kerinci + Danau Kaco (4N/5D). The nearest village and climber’s base is Kersik Tuo, near Kayu Aro, Kerinci. Kerinci is capped by an unvegetated young summit cone that was constructed NE of an older crater remnant. Mt Kerinci is the highest mountain on the island of Sumatra and it is popular with mountain climbers.

My girlfriend and I visited Mount Kerinci during February of 2019. Mount Kerinci (also spelled Kerintji, among several other ways, and referred to as Gunung Kerinci, Gadang, Berapi Kurinci, Kerinchi, Korinci/Korintji, or Peak of Indrapura/Indrapoera) is a volcano in Sumatra island of Indonesia. Pave your way to amazing stories with us. Kerinci has erupted at least twenty times since 1838. Kerinci is a stratovolcano on the island of Sumatra. Kerinci is a stratovolcano on the island of Sumatra.

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