Avoiding mirrors may keep you from feeling these negative emotions, while looking directly at yourself in a mirror may initially intensify these feelings.

Observe yourself for 10 minutes…and that’s it. For most of us, looking in the mirror is about putting on make-up, brushing our hair, and checking our appearance for the day, either criticizing it or praising it, but rarely do we actually stare deeply into our own eyes and feel the emotions that come up.

You sit with yourself in silence and experience whatever arises.

Then you’ll have a choice, and a practice, to treat yourself with more self-acceptance and self-compassion.

These cookies do not store any personal information. Remember to relax, breathe, and continue to observe yourself with compassion. Recent projects include promoting positive body image in girls and women, using mirror meditation for stress-management and emotional resilience, and the role of attention and motivation in mindful media consumption.

Motivational psychologist Tara Well, PhD has created Mirror Meditation based on the neuroscience of mirroring and psychological research on stress-management, self-compassion, and emotional resilience. Imagine sending your breathing to those areas of tension and letting your breath heal and soothe them. Instead, it facilitates honesty and acceptance – and ultimately self-compassion. As you build tolerance for being present with yourself without needing to do or say anything, you’ll develop more self-acceptance and self-compassion will naturally arise from your experience. When you do this, changing the way you see yourself, you come to face-to-face with your suffering in your emotional expressions for it is literally visible in your face. Before you start with the meditation … I just enjoy Meditation and Yoga and want to create a daily routine that allows me to be present, mindful and in touch with consciousness and thought I would blog about the process. The next time you are feeling down on yourself, head to your quiet space, get your mirror, and take a few minutes to gaze at your reflection. In the age of selfies and shameless Instagram posing, most of us associate looking at our own reflections in the mirror with narcissism, vanity, or feelings of low self-esteem and inadequacy, however, the truth is mirror gazing can teach us to see parts of ourselves that we usually keep hidden away. Subscribe to our newsletter and join the fastest growing yoga and meditation community. My visual perception of myself has changed dramatically since I began this practice. Her research on motivation, perception, and cognition has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Mental Health, and published in the top psychology journals. Having a focal point like a candle flame or even a spot on the wall can help focus your attention.

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If you can experiment with the idea of looking at yourself the way a stranger might look at you, you’ll at least find that those [criticisms] aren’t even there. We offer private facilitation over the phone. Focusing on yourself is more complex and powerful. If the idea of gazing at your own face in the mirror with a neutral expression for several minutes sounds terrifying, you are not alone.

Mirror meditation is a silent mindful meditation. The mirror itself acts as a focal point to keep returning to, whenever your mind wanders or your feelings become too intense.

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