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Clearly something new. Searching for streaming and purchasing options ... Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, Chompy Picasso, Leonardo, Verminator Rex, Reptilicus (formerly), Maximus Kong. Interesting at times but I can't say I'm not completely dissappointed with this show and I'm definitely looking forward to a second season if one is in the works.

The Hollow is a show currently featuring 20 episodes over two seasons. Unfortunately for her, Donatello was on board to the vehicule and chaining the young meerkat before going to recover his brother.

This animated adventure features character design by Oscar nominee and Annie Award winner Robert Valley. It has a diverse group of characters, including a gay one! Wonder

Active On the enemy vehicle, small oil monsters under the orders of Maximus and helped by Verminator, attack the mutants and quickly massacring the honey badgers and the lizards. I watched this on my own and loved it. During the battle, Raph was confident that Mira could get take Verminator while the meerkat prayed that the goddess green would be with him when he fought Maximus. Maybe to watch as a family. [45] When exerted it is purple in color. Avoid this show. She was able to understand how the Super Mage Giant Phantom MK II's spell, Abyss Break, worked after observing it for just a short moment. The other character answered, "But I kissed you!" Supernatural Mirajane Strauss (ミラジェーン・ストラウス Mirajēn Sutorausu) is an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, as well as its "drawing card",6 and is often a model for the Sorcerer Magazine.5 She is the older sister of Elfman and Lisanna. Status Thank you for your support. (Yay rep!!) And parents who have an appreciation for the dark and puzzling may be pulled into watching The Hollow, too. Arriving in front of Quicksand pits, Raph warns the meerkat girl to cling to her tatoo while he rushes on the pits. Family

During their second meeting, when Mira was chained in the Shellraisers, Raph immediately wanted to get rid of her without worrying about what could have happened to the thief girl but convinced by Dony he did not grant it yet a little respite. [68][25], Enhanced Reflexes: Mirajane possesses remarkable reflexes, agility and reaction in the face of danger. Movie Debut and then has worse things like skeletons, zombies, witches, chanting, and even worse things. it’s important that these kind of characters are being shown in children shows. He is an actor, known for The Hollow (2018) and Beyblade Burst (2016)From a young age, he performed in numerous local theater productions and trained in various forms of dance. After the death of her family, Mira went in search of the Oasis, a place still livable but very coveted. Mira is resourceful and persevering, having managed to survive alone after the destruction of her clan but had to adapt to a thief's life to support her trip, which initially made her somewhat antisocial with others and having no qualms about stealing them, like when she stole the Shellraisers for going further on her journey. Parents: Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Sense Media Plus. Though our heroes always manage to get away right at the last moment, there are scary creatures galore that might frighten young or sensitive viewers: scary wolf-dogs with lizard tails, glowing red eyes, and giant teeth; an enormous bull who drools over bones like an ogre and threatens to eat Mira, Kai, and Adam; hideous witches with gray skin and hair who scream things like "Death is your friend!". Mira is a humanoid meerkat with pale brown fur and four-fingered hands. When she first activated Satan Soul after two years of dormancy, her Magic Power completely destroyed the ground around her in a wide area. When Maximus Kong turned out to be really Leonardo who then regained memory thanks to his brothers, Mira was no longer afraid of him at all and considered him as a friend in the same way as the others. The tension between Reeve and Adam reaches a tipping point, sending them plunging into the ocean — where a hungry sea monster awaits. She wears a brown finger-less glove on her right hand while her left hand is bare. The show follows Adam, Mira, and Kai who wake up to find themselves alone in a bunker without any memories. Learn more about our use of cookies and information.

After being outside during their fight, Mira managed to disarm Raph from his gun with her whip before launching a shuriken blade on him so that the turtle dodged it. [41] Furthermore, Mirajane is able to withstand a barrage of physical attacks from one of Tartaros' strongest members, Seilah, and was still able to muster the energy required to apply Take Over to the demon. Steal vehicles, Learn about trees But something's not right. Occupation She has rarely been shown to be in a bad mood, and can tolerate all of the guild's eccentricities. Blue We won't share this comment without your permission.

MageWaitress[3] Your privacy is important to us. Mikey reveals to him that it was he who created this card a long time ago but that he had lost it, confirming the existence of the Oasis.

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