Police & Fire Departments, Public Safety Building, 20 Bedford St., Cumberland, Maryland, October 2014. 215 Bowen St., Cumberland, MD 21502 (301) 759-6424; fax: (301) 759-6438 web: www.choosecumberland.org/, Lee Borror, Community Development Specialist (301) 759-6437; e-mail: lee.borror@cumberlandmd.gov Robert Rider, Superintendent of Technical Services/Water Distribution (301) 759-6625; e-mail: bob.rider@cumberlandmd.gov web: www.cumberlandmd.gov/229/Utilities-Division, WATER DISTRIBUTION

Vacancy, City Planner (301) 759-6503 e-mail: cpd@cumberlandmd.gov Either way, the June 10 opinion of this Court will be small judicial potatoes after the Supreme Court decides the issue. PLEASE NOTE: The site may contain material from other sources which may be under copyright. At the April 7, 2015 Public Meeting, Mayor Grim presents the Cumberland Arbor Day Proclamation to City Natural Resource Specialist Paul Eriksson, and Maryland Dept. e-mail: brooke.cassell@cumberlandmd.gov CITY COUNCIL Elected by Voters to 4-year terms (Nov.): Raymond Morriss, Mayor, 2022 (301) 759-6414 Seth D. Bernard, 2022 Richard J. December 17, 2013 Council Meeting. Regular public meeting of the Mayor and City Council. from the Mayor and City Council for capturing the Tournament of Bands 2. City of Cumberland 57 N Liberty Street Cumberland, MD 21502 General Inquiries 301-722-2000 Administrative Offices 301-759-6424 Community Development (Permits, Code Enforcement, Rental Housing) 301-759-6442 the titles of Third Place for Group II Tournament of Bands Atlantic John Charles (Chuck) Ternent, Chief (301) 759-6475; (301) 777-1600 Meetings: 4th Monday, 12:00 p.m. Presentation of Proclamation for Hunger Action Month to Diane Lohr. www.cumberlandmd.gov/288/Administrative-Appeals-Board, www.cumberlandmd.gov/311/Housing-Authority, www.cumberlandmd.gov/150/Community-Development, www.cumberlandmd.gov/289/Downtown-Development-Commission, www.cumberlandmd.gov/312/Human-Relations-Commission, www.cumberlandmd.gov/297/Historic-Preservation-Commission, www.cumberlandmd.gov/209/Parks-Recreation, www.cumberlandmd.gov/338/Parks-Recreation-Board, www.cumberlandmd.gov/283/Bicycle-Advisory-Commission, www.cumberlandmd.gov/327/Municipal-Planning-Zoning-Commission, www.cumberlandmd.gov/340/Zoning-Board-of-Appeals, www.cumberlandmd.gov/253/Police-Department, www.cumberlandmd.gov/179/Engineering-Division, www.cumberlandmd.gov/222/Maintenance-Division, http://www.cumberlandmd.gov/228/Fleet-Maintenance, www.cumberlandmd.gov/238/Street-Maintenance, www.cumberlandmd.gov/339/Shade-Tree-Commission, www.cumberlandmd.gov/235/Parks-Recreation-Maintenance, www.cumberlandmd.gov/237/Street-Light-Traffic-Light-Maintenance, www.cumberlandmd.gov/229/Utilities-Division, www.cumberlandmd.gov/250/Wastewater-Treatment, www.cumberlandmd.gov/246/Water-Distribution, www.cumberlandmd.gov/239/Water-Filtration, Maryland Constitutional Offices & Agencies, Maryland Executive Commissions, Committees, Task Forces, & Advisory Boards.

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