There are a total of 65 clues in Max Payne 3. the IA2 AR, Old School Moves (Bronze) : Perform a 720 spin while prone in Nightclub, WMD (Silver) : Get 3 kills from a single use of the level 3 explosives burst. Golden Micro 9MM Part #3: When you encounter the enemies in the garage and see Fabiana being rushed out, first kill the enemies, then search the upper platform to find it. Clue #6 - Daphne's Passport: When you are at the designated hallway, it is in the very first room to the right side, on the table.

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Clue #1 - File On Fabiana: At the start of the chapter, look for it in an office to your right.

From the entrance, turn right to the side of the destroyed balcony, and look for it near the wall. From the entrance, turn right, and you should see the part.

Objective: 300 Headshots, Deathmatch Challenge If you have trouble you might want to increase your aiming speed and aiming acceleration (pause menu – settings – controls). The recording room is near the area where you find the injured gangster whom you investigate. We have no tips for Max Payne 3 yet. One is on a work table and another is near the entrance of the bathroom. It’s Fear That Gives Men Wings

Clear the room, then climb the desk to retrieve it. Macintosh PlayStation 3 Xbox 360. 2.6. Golden Auto 9MM Part #1: After you meet Passos in the cemetery, you will come across stairs. Golden G6 Commando Part #2: Search the kitchen in the next area. Golden .38 Revolver Part #2: When you come across the club's owner, it is to the left, behind the DJ's desk. completing the game without 'Last Stand', painkillers will heal you less, but you receive Find All Clues & Discover All Tourist Locations In the backroom of this building are several containers. Golden FMP G3S Part #1: During the firefights on the second floor of the building, you will come across a hallway on your left and a room on your right. It is under the serving desk. There you can also switch your settings to free aim. Break the glass to retrieve it.

For the trophy / achievement all of the vehicles need to be destroyed. Clue #1 - Dead Gang Members: The dead gang members are in the first building you enter. Objective: 10 Bullet TimeŽ Kills In A Row, Sometimes You Get Lucky Reload the last checkpoint if you didn’t get a headshot. Collectibles

Golden G6 Commando Part #3: After getting the previous part, cross the hallway, and search the office to your right. Watch out for an explosive, brown colored barrel on some set of stairs at the back of the room. When you do, turn left towards a small shelf to find it.

Objective: Shoot 10 Airborne Grenades, Payne In The Ass For further information please visit our. You will notice a poker table next to cage. Objective: Use Every Weapon In The Game, Part III Complete Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus. Clue #3 - Dead Residents: Examine the body of the resident the cop executed. Every couple seconds the screen gets shaky which makes it a lot harder to aim on enemies. It is inside the cage, on the floor. Clue #4 - Passos' ID Card: In the same room where you found the previous clue, examine the piece of paper near the couch.

Golden DE .50 Part #2: After you see paramilitaries escorting the residents, from the backyard, to your left, look for the two tires and a wheel.

Objective: Trigger A Bullet Cam On The Zipline [FREE AIM], It Was Chaos And Luck Get 6 Kills While Riding The Push Cart [FREE AIM] Amidst The Wreckage

You Push A Man Too Far (Chapter 14 – Checkpoint 12) Equip the Micro 9mm before you enter the garage with the boat. Once the slow motion sequence starts you need to take out all of the enemies on your way up. 2.3. It is newer than the others. Gold Guns are also required to complete all grinds. Golden AK-47 Part #1: When you reach the upper bridge and cross the bar, you will hear Max whine about checking every inch of the boat after the two doors open, leading you to the bridge.

This requires some good timing and might take a couple of tries. Clue #1 - Ex-Cop: The ex-cop is in the bathroom of the club, in the first chapter while searching for a phone and gun on the streets.

Golden Rotary Grenade Launcher Part #2: After getting the first part, take the stairs up to the next floor. It is the building where Max walks slow. One-Hit Kills - Complete the storyline on Hardcore with Free Aim Its location is marked by a large poster of a football team. Game Cheats: Restart the last checkpoint if you fail. Golden LMG .30 Part #1: After exiting the garage, through the courtyard you will enter another building. Examine the urn on top of this stone. Go around it, and follow the platforms to reach another dead-end and find the part. Clue #2 - Blood Stained Door: While following Passos, when you come across the first elevator, look left for a white door. To get the trophy / achievement you must make every bullet count. Objective: Story Complete [HARD], It's Fear That Gives Men Wings

Kill 30 Enemies In 2 Minutes

Clue #2 - Dropped Photo: While following Rodrigo (attempt to save him) when you exit the garage, look for it on the floor. Golden 1911 Part #2: Take the stairs near the pool table, leading to the corridor to the left to find it. After killing the enemies, look at the picture Mr. Da Silva left behind. Objective: Kill 100 Other Players, One Bullet At A Time

It is behind the crates. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit first! Golden .38 Revolver Part #1: It is in the starting area, behind the DJ's desk. Once you’ve unlocked the cheats, you’ll have to turn them on via the main menu options. Instead of following the stairs, check the workbench to find it. Clue #4 - Discarded Newspaper: The place where you take out the three pirates near the wall is a round table. 10 Bullet Time® Kills In A Row Although as usual in Rockstar games enabling cheat codes disables your Achievements or Trophies from unlocking, so keep that in mind. , Ladies and gentlemen, here’s my Life Is Strange 2 Walkthrough!

Clue #4 - Torn Dress Piece: In the same bathroom as above, search the right corner of the sink to find it. Clue #3 - Blood Trail: You will open a hatch after you escape from the engines' room. Use the above links or scroll down see all to the PlayStation 3 cheats we have available for Max Payne 3. The tourist locations also count as clues. Clear the area, and search behind the last couch. Take the picture off the wall. You might want to set the difficulty down to easy. Golden SAF 40 CAL Part #2: After you fall down from the Water Tower for a quick-time-event, Passos will appear and ask you to follow him. If you fail to get a headshot, keep restarting from the checkpoint until you get the "Sometimes You Get Lucky" achievement. These cookies help us identify via which channels, influencers or media sites users come to our website. Objective: Destroy All The Models In The Boardroom, Past The Point Of No Return Search the indicated locations to find all Golden Guns: Golden PT92 Part #1: It is on the left side of the corridor near the window, immediately after the tutorial finishes. Clue #7 - Flyer Of Giovanna: When you reach the backyard after clearing the enemies on the rooftops, it is on the ground, to the right. Golden .38 Revolver Part #3: As you are chasing Fabiana on the roof, you will come across a large red sign placed on a platform, which you will have to go around. Each weapon has 3 golden parts. after you’ve collected all the Clues and Golden Guns. Objective: Find All Clues, Full Monty The game has 14 chapters in total. Trouble Had Come To Me (Chapter 10 – Checkpoint 11)

Activate bullet time as soon as the enemies get on the platform. Video Guide [ edit | edit source ] Max Payne 3 - Collectables Guide Golden Guns & Clues Share: stLight.options({ publisher:'2c893999-73ed-42d5-9497-31507d2d27d5' }); Categories: Cheats, News, PC Cheats, PS3 Cheats, Xbox 360 Cheats. You will come across a small wall. 2.9.

New York Minute Hardcore: There you can also switch your settings to free aim. Clue #2 - Night-Club Flyer: It is in the VIP lounge, on the right side of the bar, while facing the stairs leading to the next floor. Objective: Story Complete [MEDIUM], Along For The Ride

Golden AK-47 Part #3: After opening the security door, take the stairs to the second floor. If you have any unlockables please, Top 25 Hottest Video Game Girls of All Time, Full list of GTA Online Missions, Payouts, and Rewards, Pokemon: LeafGreen Gameshark Codes (Pokemon LeafGreen - GBA),'s Top 10 Best Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats, All Cheats to Spawn Vehicles in GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V - X360), Unlock And Complete New York Minute Hardcore, Get 6 Kills While Diving Through The VIP Window [FREE AIM], Get 7 Kills While Jumping From The Rickety Boat [FREE AIM], Get 9 Kills While Being Pulled By A Chain [FREE AIM], Get 8 Kills While Dangling From A Chain [FREE AIM], Trigger A Bullet Cam On The Zipline [FREE AIM], Get A Headshot During The Rooftop Tremors, Get 6 Kills While Riding The Push Cart [FREE AIM], You Might Hurt Someone With That (Bronze), You Sure Know How To Pick A Place (Bronze), Complete One Of Each Game Mode Including All Gang Wars, Invite someone to play through the in-game contact list, Bullet Cam on Every Kill : Find all clues, One-Hit Kills : Complete the storyline on Hardcore with the free-aim control modifier

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