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Then again, if you'd rather dish out a lot of damage in a short amount of time, equip dual pistols for maximum damage potential. Watch the door to the right also. The resulting explosion will cause plenty of damage. Now during the game press the "Page Up" and "Page Down" buttons to cycle through alternate character models. Another guard waits inside the front door. I am very happy to have downloaded this mod and can't wait to find out the sequel to roscoe street! Bullet time drains just as it does in the single-player storyline. The most recent version of the Old School series is the Remix 1.01, this original one is a Piece of Art but it's not likely to be updated as far as I know. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. You can hit them easier from the high vantage point. M24. Open the double doors and exit into the lobby. Now you can move through the door. Go to the left and follow the rooms.

Shoot the guards at the top of the stairs. Shotguns. There's one to the right. Go around into the bathroom to the right and find the body. Both sets of pistols are good all-purpose weapons, though the desert eagle is the better choice at longer range. This permits extended bullet time as well as increasing your time on the map. Stay on the girders; it's tough to leap to the left and make it to the opening. It also has a scope, which makes it more useful at longer range. Spot the huge explosives.

Go forward and find the mirror (freeze!). Target the red barrel or green gas can to eliminate them quickly and easily. Exit the upper floor of the station and go downstairs into lockup. #PaynetotheMax.

You should use bullet time to reload because you're extremely vulnerable while reloading (since you can't shoot back). Nail the first few with your sniper from long-range. Hide around a corner or just beyond a doorway and wait for them to approach. Walk forward to the door. All rights reserved. Turn left and start down the hall (yelling to Mona automatically). Pick up the sniper rifle then listen to the tape machine for an enlightening call. There's another enemy on the other side so be ready. As they progress, players access weapons including other handguns, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and hand-thrown weapons. The MP5 is another submachine gun with a slower rate of fire than the Ingram but a more accurate shot. A cabinet filled with painkillers can be found down to the left. Save your painkillers and use each bottle to its fullest extent. M972. More hide in the garage backdrop. The concept remains the same, however; get close and crush the enemy at close-range.

Alternatively you can remain up high and walk along the catwalk and try and pick off enemies below from up high. getkalashnikov - Give Max a Kalashnikov with 1,000 ammo. 3. Once inside the elevator, leap onto the crates and climb up to reach the next floor. Gather the ammunition and enter the door from where they emerged. Weapons from Max Payne 2 including Molotov Cocktails and the Kalashnikovs. Open the door on the left and enter the stairwell. Ascend the stairs making sure to watch your footing on the next level. Spot the pile of chairs and tires in the corner. Enter bullet time and go for headshots with the MP5. Grab the plentiful ammo from the room as well as the painkillers to mend any wounds. Listen or just take them out. Enter the next hallway. In 1 collection by Banshee64. He'll stop in the next room as guards enter from the window to the upper left. With bullet time enabled, the MP5 can become a "poor man's" sniper rifle with its faster rate of fire. These codes can also be used in sections of the game in which you control Mona. Find the ramp down. Utilize your grenades (more can be found on the staircase). Stay up the stairs and face the door you didn't enter from. Meet Detective Winterson as the chapter concludes. You can go through the door on the left to listen to more conversations. They're entering the room from the left so be prepared. Clear all the rooms of enemies to watch the cut scene where you meet Vinnie and Vlad. The purpose of this mod,upgradet original Max Payne 2 game,without changing gameplay and style. When you beat the game on the Detective difficulty level, a new difficulty level, called Hard Boiled is unlocked. Across the hall on the right is another storage room with more ammo and painkillers. You shouldn't ignore every enemy because you do receive the time benefit from killing each foe. When you jump back over, jump again as soon as you land as the planks will give way.

When you're done, Vinnie will move on. You'll eventually enter the Pink Bird Mental Institute. The shotgun works great here. Go up and enter the room.

Continue until you reach the double doors on your left. Mona will enter the second floor and dish out some damage of her own. Leap down onto the girder then drop into the room to complete the chapter. Follow the path to the scaffolding on the right. Approach the entrance and you'll hear cleaners in conversation.

Activate bullet time and eliminate them. Annihilate them. Enter the apartment and search it for ammo and painkillers. Enter the door on the left and you're at the top of a large staircase; several enemies shoot at you from the bottom. With an arsenal of weapons, array of action moves, and the ability to invoke "bullet time" at your disposal, guide Max and Mona through the New York underworld for the answers Max seeks. Exit to the left then to the right and follow the hall. Vlad stands up and tosses cocktails down. Approach the front door to end the chapter. There are many objects to detonate in Max Payne 2: explosive crates, boxes of ammunition, toxic barrels, etc.

After about four or five enemies, enter bullet time and turn right to face a second upper floor door. -The songs of the first game always fit perfectly on the missions, giving even more nostalgic vibes. They decide to fire at you instead. Gather the ammunition then go to the back of the black van to complete the chapter. Right-click on the shortcut and select properties. Search the nearby lockers for ammo and painkillers. Follow Vinnie back up the stairs. Go to the top of the stairs and enter the police station. You'll have the reload these weapons frequently so be prepared to make a quick retreat or enable bullet time to reload safely. Stand away from the barrels and gas cans; they're about to explode. At the top, there's a guard to the right. These three weapons comprise the shotgun set of weapons; each of these weapons is best used at close-range. Go around the corner to the right. The next door is across the room on the left. As soon as they open the door, enter bullet time, and use the MP5 to fill them full of lead. Reach the three doors. You'll discover a lot of enemies around the next corner. Search the bathroom on the left to find more painkillers. Chapter Seven: The Million Dollar Question, Part III: Waking Up From the American Dream. Enter and use the lift. Enter bullet time and kill the guards to the left and right. Enter bullet time and start your rampage. In the interrogation room, pick up the pistol and shoot both of the detectives to complete the chapter. Another comes down from the stairs. A bomb goes off upstairs. Use the machine that says "do not use" for fun. He'll hide from guards but you must keep him alive to complete the task. Use an accurate weapon to defeat them (desert eagle works nicely). Blast the lone enemy on the structure then Mona tells Max to go. Cross the wooden beams to the opening in the adjacent building. Then just mop up any survivors to complete the chapter. The sniper rifle and Mona's Dragunov are your long-range weapons. Search the desk on the right for a bottle of painkillers. Collect their discarded ammo. Virus scan. 1.1. Max Payne 1 - Dual Weapons (2020) Apr 27 2020 Full Version 2 comments. REMEDY ENTERTAINMENT- The first two games in Max Payne series, ROCKSTAR GAMES- Preserving the official mod tutorials and source fileson their website and of course their other work forthe series.

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