There are scraps along the way but these doesn't count to any scavenging location so no need to find them all. Look for SCROTUS INSIGNIA #3 (48/77) above the gate inside. Finally head back down the stair and climb the ladder to the right, go through the door and look to the right for SCRAP #7. © Valve Corporation. Backtrack and kick open the door to the left and go inside the bus in front of you to find SCROTUS INSIGNIA #4 (62/77). It's a long drive but I advice to take it and work on any moving vehicle challenge you have left. Next go into the door next the the ladder you were advised to climb before the big fight. Next climb the ladder to find SCRAP #6. Intel Encounter [H 38] (7/11): BLOOD RIDGE information. 7 . If the convey gets far enough from you any destroyed vehicle will respawn, lost health regained and the boarding parties replenished. You can wait until they return on their next lap if you'd like - but waiting that long won't be necessary. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. You won't be able to interact with the Legend Encounter at [AK 7] - so don't bother. Know that when starting that mission you will automatically be teleported to the final showdown.

In Barrel Bash there are several checkpoints consisting of rows of barrels. Talk to Outcrier to automatically start the next Story Mission, 1.

Look for some AMMO in the shed next to the stair you came from. If you got the scrap (you should!) As you exit the camp note the highway leading eastward.

You need to cross the top rafters and drop down into the Fuel cage - and go back the same same way. Before you get to face the Top Dog you need to finish off 7 of his henchmen. The Threat Level in Gutgash Territory should now have been lowered to 1, unlocking a few upgrades for your car: And for defeating the Top Dog you have also unlocked: With these new unlocks you can now build the Rule of War and Sanguine Guardian Archangels which makes the following Challenges available to you: Scavenging Location [Q 44] (148/191)Enemies: 4 RoadkillsLoot: 1 Scrap, Fuel Can, CANNED FOOD, PROJECT PART: Scrap Crew (3/3), Scavenging Location [M 43] WATER (149/191)Enemies: 9 RoadkillsLoot: 3 Scraps, Fuel Can, Water, Scavenging Location [K 44] (150/191)Enemies: NoneLoot: 1 Scrap, CANNED FOOD, Scavenging Location [J 42] WATER (151/191)Enemies: 4 RoadkillsLoot: 2 Scraps, Ammo, Fuel Can. Destroy one and another will shortly take its place. Continue down the path and you'll soon see SCRAP #8 next to a stair. Shoot 2 fuel tanks on moving vehicles using the Sniper Rifle, while driving the "Rule of War" Archangel. Enter the building to find History Relic [2:13] (79/85).

Scavenging Location [O 30] (167/191)Enemies: None but frequent visits by War PartiesLoot: 1 Scrap, History Relic [1:4] (75/85), Scavenging Location [H 23] (168/191)Enemies: 6 RoadkillsLoot: 2 Scraps, Scrap Pallet, Fuel Can, CANNED FOOD, History Relic [2:3] (76/85), Scavenging Location [K 22] (169/191)Enemies: NoneLoot: 2 Scraps, Fuel Can, Scavenging Location [L 23] (170/191)Enemies: 4 RoadkillsLoot: 2 Scraps, Fuel Can, Scavenging Location [L 24] WATER (171/191)Enemies: 6 RoadkillsLoot: 3 Scraps, Ammo, Fuel Can, Water, PROJECT PART: Scrap Crew (3/3), Make sure that you have a spare Fuel Can in the car - you'll need it soon, Vantage Outpost [M 21] (12/13): Ballon is TIED DOWN (3) and OUT OF FUEL (need to bring fuel)Enemies: 4 Scrotus (2 snipers in Small Towers)Loot: 2 Scraps, Ammo, CANNED FOOD, History Relic [4:20] (77/85), Scavenging Location [L 21] WATER (172/191)Enemies: 3 ScrotusLoot: 2 Scraps, Ammo, History Relic [5:12] (78/85), Wasteland Sniper [L 19]: Snipe from scarecrow location. Scarecrow.

Tear down the Massive Gate, enter and wait a little for the first wave of enemies to arrive.

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