You have stuck by me and held me up through the best and the worst of times. Linda Burney, the first indigenous woman to be elected to the House of Representatives, delivered her maiden speech today.

"That creek is now known as Poison Waterhole Creek and their sheltering place as Murdering Island. People have decried what they see as a lack of sincerity and a lack of good faith in our political conversation. People get to see us as people and not as stereotypes and stories that they've heard," she said. More information is available at the Patreon website.

There are teams like Denis Loether’s City Suns in Rockdale and Nick’s Cooks River Titans. As the speeches concluded, two women stood and handed the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and minister an empty coolamon—and I beg the indulgence of the House in carrying a coolamon in here today. Because of the significance, I carry into this chamber this cloak. Ms Riley's cloak was designed to honour Pearl Gibbs, one of the most important female Indigenous activists in the 20th century who championed Aboriginal civil rights.

To the supporters in our community like Peter and Elizabeth Antonopoulos and Bill Mougios, I thank you. Picture: Kym SmithSource:News Corp Australia. So, Mr Speaker, the significance of coming down from that gallery up there to the floor of this chamber is not lost on me. I have been overwhelmed.

We cannot leave this task somehow to the never-never with our children. Symbolism is important. Government cannot simply outsource its responsibility. To the state party leaders and premiers I have had the pleasure of serving with—Bob Carr, Morris Iemma, my good friend Nathan Rees, Kristina Keneally, who I see around the place, John Robertson and our future Premier, Luke Foley—I say thank you.

I have already told my grim-faced media advisor that I will remain a Doggies fan, but a true friend of the Red Vs. If this is true, it is possible thanks only to the role models who guided me and allowed me to come into this place, resting on their shoulders.

She invited the chamber to imagine what it was like for a 13-year-old girl who was told at school her ancestors were the closest thing to stone-age men. The booth is being packed up and a car pulls up.

We grew up 40 minutes apart. I was in that gallery just up there. On it is my clan totem, the goanna, and my personal totem, the white cockatoo—a messenger bird and very noisy. Some from countries like Canada expressed disbelief that the historic election of an Indigenous woman to the Australian Parliament had taken until 2016. "Traditionally what would happen is when people get together for the first time, what they have to do is say 'this is who I am'. There was never a question of being anything else! The former NSW MP joked it was ironic her federal seat of Barton — named after former prime minister Edmund Barton who introduced the White Australia policy — was now one of the most multicultural in the country. We cannot sit on our hands in places like these hoping that it will be so. We are better for our differences and we are richer for all the broader cultural experience that it affords us. That creek is now known as Poisoned Waterhole Creek, and their sheltering place is called Murdering Island.

The longtime politician, who swapped state politics for Canberra at the invitation of the ALP, invited fellow Wiradjuri woman Lynette Riley to sing a traditional song from the public gallery. They recognise that a government’s job is to ensure services are provided, whether they are education, health care or social assistance. The first indigenous female MP Linda Burney delivered her maiden speech in the House of the Representatives in Parliament House in Canberra. Birrang a ngawaal. Ms Riley made the cloaks, for herself, Linda and her supporters in the public gallery. To my children, Binni and Willuari: my pride and love for you is more than all the stars in the sky.

The royal commission has been announced, but I suspect it will be difficult to restrict it to the Northern Territory. I have just said, in the language of Wiradjuri, my people: ‘I pay respect to the ancient Ngunawhal and Ngambri. I carry this empty coolamon into this place today as a reminder of that moment, of the power we exercise in this building today, and that it must be for the good of all. I am sorry if I missed somebody—you can throw something at me later!

The new member for Barton outlined what she wanted from her time in Parliament. THE first indigenous female MP elected to the House of Representatives broke all the rules and moved the House to tears with her maiden speech. We all have fantastic stories from election day, but let me share one with the House. “People in our community know that the invisible hand of the market cares little for the needs of the most disadvantaged.” She paid tribute to her late partner former politician Rick Farley, saying the world was a worse place without him.

Let me tell you a little of the Wiradjuri story. Linda Burney, the first indigenous woman to be elected to the House of Representatives, delivered her maiden speech today. I am giving my first speech and I am deeply moved. People do not ask for much from us. Burney has also served as National President of the ALP. They were of Scottish heritage and in the latter part of their life. Linda Burney MP, tells the story of her kangaroo skin cloak in maiden speech at Parliament House. Those are just some of the stories; there are so many more. This cloak was made by my Wiradjuri sister, Lynette Riley, who will sing us into this place now.

Today, in this chamber, I make those same promises again to the people of Barton, to my party, to my colleagues in this place and to the people of Australia. Kevin Rudd was the new Prime Minister, Jenny Macklin Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Brendan Nelson Opposition Leader. They see it when some members of this parliament rally behind their right to hate speech but say nothing of the effect this will have on our most marginalised communities. I didn’t meet my Wiradjuri father until I was in 28—his first words to me were, ‘I hope I don’t disappoint you.’ His name was Nonni Ingram, Lawrence Ingram, of the great Wiradjuri Ingram clan. I had two sets of brothers and sisters—my mother married a man, a wonderful man, called Fred Stracke. They had decided that they wanted to attend the opening of the provisional parliament. The challenge of domestic violence in our communities is a national crisis. But around the perimeter of this chamber sat some of those children, now old people, still wearing the scars of forced removal on their faces. Ngadu bang marang Ngadhu Ngu-nha winhanga nha nulabang nguwandang. In many ways these experiences have been the catalyst for my subsequent life as an advocate for education and social justice. Linda Burney at that time was a Minister in the NSW Government and one of the few Aboriginal people in any of our parliaments. Strong rhetoric must be matched with strong action and leadership. Famous Speech Friday: Australian MP Linda Burney's maiden speech. "Scars as much on our national landscape as on our national soul.". "I think this chamber too would be greatly enhanced with the addition of the red, yellow, black, green and blue of the First Peoples," she said. She was previously a member of the NSW Parliament, a minister in the last Labor government, and deputy leader of the Opposition between 2011 and 2016.

Since the speech there has been an outpouring of support for Ms Burney and for Indigenous Australians. So, what was that remarkable moment?

Nonni and his wonderful wife Launa had 10 children. As a school teacher, as a member of the Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales, as a director-general, as a representative in the United Nations of the first peoples, as a local member, as a minister responsible for children at risk, as a minister responsible for women, I have seen why government intervention is necessary. I have journeyed to another place—a powerful place. Perhaps another great act of honesty and healing would be a permanent remembering of those frontier wars, just down the road at our national war memorial. It feels like it was just yesterday. People put their lives on hold, as everyone did in all of our campaigns—people like Leon Pun; Di Ford, Cheryl Han, Rheuben Freelander, Louay Moustafa, Kalista Kaval, Mark Buttigieg and his wonderful wife, Kirsten Andrews, Ross Bennett and the ever present Maria Pasten, Mitch Wilson, Irene Macbeth and the others. AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time which is 10 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), ‘Difficult and hard news for Australians’: PM warns of content in war crimes report, Live: Morrison has first chat with Biden since he won US election, Angry Anderson's ex-wife hugs their son's killer after manslaughter verdict, Eastern Freeway truck driver will plead guilty to killing four police officers, These key dates will finalise the US election results, Twenty obstetricians threaten to walk out of one of Sydney's busiest hospitals after four newborns die, Live: New Zealand says it's too early to allow Australians in without quarantine, More Melbourne locations added to list of possible COVID exposure sites, Very few countries are untouched by coronavirus.

Wiradjuri woman Lynette Riley has been "blown away" by the international interest in her Indigenous acknowledgement, sung from the public gallery of the Australian Parliament, to welcome her long-time friend Linda Burney as the first Aboriginal woman to be elected to the Lower House.

They want to be heard and they want to be treated with respect and with empathy. One of the bravest statements I ever heard was in the opening ceremony of the 1997 Reconciliation Convention in Melbourne.

Much work of government is important but nothing more so than education. So, Mr Speaker, why Labor?

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