Tell us your goals and taste preferences, and we'll scour our database of over 2 million recipes to find recipes just for you. You didn't specify which type of cream cheese? I always have and always will. Please try again. Success! How would I change the recipe? Have you been looking for a sugar free cream cheese frosting that's easy to make and adaptable enough for almost any flavour? In US buy Amish butter, Kerry Gold or some other form of super high fat/high grade butter. Add confectioners' sugar in 2 additions.

Add the lemon zest, extract, juice, and powdered sugar all at once. It appears the spreadable cream cheese you used had salt added. I will try it again using half a stick of butter and a full eight ounces of cream cheese. Well this is your lucky day, you have found it. NZ butter is a high grade than typical American butter. Thank you for posting this. thank you. It's unfortunate to see someone so unhinged by change. Beat until creamy. See terms and privacy policy. Metric is used throughout the world, by all but like 3 countries and it is a much, much more accurate scale for measuring. The butter and the cream cheese should be warmed to allow them to mix easily, then let it set to become a spreadable consistency. Ann. Hi, salted or unsalted butter? the only problem is that it did not come out as white as i wanted it to be.

Beat cream cheese, butter, lemon juice, lemon rind, and vanilla together until smooth and fluffy. I would imagine it would freeze well in an airtight container. As someone else who lives in the US, I've found that weighing my ingredients makes for better results with my baked recipes. Different items weigh different amounts in a cup. Just speaking fro experience with family recipes- using fresh farm products from Michigan and Ohio farms. I agree ! Stevia can have quite a bitter aftertaste or metallic taste if you add too much. Is there any other sugar free powdered sugar as I find the Swerve one leaves a strange feeling/taste in your mouth. Always add sweetener to your taste as we all have a differing sweet tooth I'm sure you'll have better success next time. This is a superb version for Christmas time and, Peppermint - add 1/2 teaspoon peppermint essence. I've tested the difference on a good scale and there IS a difference. The recipe does state full fat cream cheese and there is an image of the cream cheese block below the recipe, just to be sure. Now what do I do? Our butter in NZ is mildly salted it would appear, compared to some countries. Makes about 3 2/3 cups The brown sugar does make it a more caramel Color than the image shows but with the right food pairing! Associates Program.

Thank you!

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Can you use maple syrup or honey instead of a powdered sweetener?

Learn how your comment data is processed. Gradually add the butter 2 Tablespoons at a time, and continue beating until smooth and well blended. Do you use salted butter or unsalted please - thanks.

Add more icing sugar or juice as needed for easy spreading. I would either add melted chocolate, which would turn this into a lovely ganache (make sure the cream cheese isn't too cold otherwise the chocolate will harden when mixing), or add some cocoa powder and possibly a teaspoon or two of double cream to soften the frosting.

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