The two blended extremes almost seem to be competing with one another only the cedar always has the upper-hand. I don’t know anything about that , No, it was the Rose 31 because I remember you brought it up just as I was considering testing my vial about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago, and you said you didn’t like it, so I thought maybe it would work for me (given how we’re so opposite). Then again, I thought I’d be smelling yet another rose-wood-oud fragrance. Something like that. I tested Rose 31 twice, to slightly different outcomes in terms of the opening burst. No new summer outfits or anything. Other times, it’s an indescribable synthetism that is very buoyant and shimmering. Sure, there are flickers of other things that occasionally pop up: vetiver makes a late appearance with a darkly rooty, earthy accord; bitter nutmeg and honeyed labdanum dance around the far edges once in a blue moon; and subtle muskiness is a quiet vein underneath. I have a general question: do you ever come back to perfumes you tested/reviewed before? Rose 31 never feels like a dusty, spice shop, but nor does it feel like a purely woody fragrance either. It has a powdery alcoholish rose scent.. quite ok.. but it's not for me.. not bad though..

With regard to honey perfumes, you HAVE to try Hedonist!! The issue of not smelling like what it is named is something that actually comes up quite a bit with regard to Rose 31. But I just simply reapply. I’ve been known to have allergic reactions to hypoallergenic baby oil, have loads of food intolerances, can’t wear skin make up (hence owning a million mascaras) and other nonfatal but annoying sensitivities (thank you air pollution in Athens, LA and downtown Beirut). Cathee Dahmen in Brooklyn circa 1969 by Claude Guillaumin in NYC. It’s one of those ambiguous “dry woods” that dominates so much of modern perfumery. I am a lover of Patchouli 24. It sounds like your daughter fell for the opening 40 minutes and that it was as fascinating on her as it was on me. You clarified something else for me as well: I must be anosmic to ISO E Super. Of course I had to see if you had reviewed it, and I’m so glad you did because it showed me the cumin was not in my imagination! The dry-down of Rose 31 is my least favorite part. LOL. I think it’s because it’s simply not special (to me), though it’s very pretty in its own right. Wow. Rose 31. But I like patch quite a lot. Given how the vetiver note is often paired with ISO E Super and given your comment about Le Labos having a lot of it, I’m hoping I can handle it.

It's full of exotic spices and woods, never goes too powdery or sharp like some rose orientals wind up becoming. The room was overpriced at the Fairmont too, where I was introduced to this brand, so I suppose its inevitable. Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2019, Love this scent. This is a pleasant sweet rose that walks the unisex tightrope nicely, being a dark enough rose for men but maintaining an overall floral character that's flattering for a woman. Many times, it’s very peppery, especially if the quantity of ISO E is high. Pingback: Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 34 | Undina's Looking Glass. But ignoring the headache-inducing qualities of the ISO E Super, Rose 31’s eventual tidal wave of the synthetic — and the parallel way in which the pepper note is created by every possible source — suddenly makes a lot more sense. Yeah, I just don’t love Rose 31 either. To me this smelled like pure incense , which is not a smell I like. An amazing rose scent. And powder for Labdanum 18?? Sexy. Rose 31 is one of my favourite Le Labo fragrances I tried so far.

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question.

Ha, now I’m going to be curious to see what *MY* wonky skin does to it! Rose 31 has some serious staying power, lasting on my skin for 8-9 hours. I know it’s not an inexpensive scent, but it is a truly lovely one. From the biting burst of freshly ground Malabar nuggets to the cedar trees which swathed its flanks from North to South and the great lakes of ISO E Super which dotted the landscape. Rose cedar is the perfect way to describe this one. I actually bought the second (small) bottle the day you published this review.

So I revisited Tolu yesterday. After a minute or two, the powderiness fades in; however, the powder in this is not ‘baby-powder’ nor ‘grandmother’, because underlying the powder is the mildly woody cedar, in addition to a skin-like musk. Thanks! You once said that Encre Noire and Terre d’Hermès gave you monstrous headaches, and we subsequently pinpointed it to the ISO E Super. I purchased a full bottle after reading such hyped reviews and am sorely disappointed. So funny! In Australia, Rose 31 retails at $227 for 50mls, and $300 for 100mls and is available from MECCA. I’d rather wear the Pirouette Rose Musk any day. What a huge disappointment after that first glorious hour! I haven’t tried the latter, so I can’t help. I always feel like I should love Rose 31 more than I do.

But perhaps a sampling of Fragrantica opinions on the perfume will provide some light on whether you’d like the perfume or not: Confused? Has a sexy feel to it from start to finish. Notes listed include rose, cumin, vetiver, cedar, musk, guaiacwood, olibanum, labdanum and oud.

To those unfamiliar with the synthetic, all they detect is “extra, extra pepperiness.” Some people are completely anosmic to the note, while others get extreme headaches from it. etc. ) This week I’m reviewing 5 fragrances that display a different aspect of rose perfumes.

Rose 31 was the only rose I liked until Mohur made herself known and that is a completely different affair.

The top notes are very peppery in the same vibe of Caron’s Parfum Sacre, but then the cumin and cedar take top places, I find quite nice but I think suits a man better because of the cedar and have a very wood basenote.

I think you’ve mistaken Rose 31 with Lumiere Noire pour Homme which has similiar notes but it smells all cumin on me. I couldn't detect any rose at all. It’s really as simple as that. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Perfumes containing rose and spice are always dark, heavy, and complex. It’s worth the mood life with every use.

MakeupAlley™ is a registered trademark of MUA, Inc. However, this is one of those that I don’t notice but then someone later comments on it. In each case, the number in the fragrance name refers to the number of notes that make up the scent’s composition, and the name is taken from the ingredient in the highest concentration; to take one example, Jasmin 17 has 17 ingredients, with jasmine being in the highest concentration. See 32 member reviews and photos. LOL! . Vinegary, dirty socks???! There’s no rose in this perfume. I have a sample of the Santal 33 that I’ll get around to testing one of these days, but that’s about it. BUT the Le Labo ones….. they truly give me some pause. As some of my regular readers know, I’ve got oud-fatigue, but this is an absolutely brilliant and fitting way to use the note, taking advantage of one of its intrinsic qualities to shore up the general peppered cocktail of notes. If I smell something noticeably rose in public, then it is most likely the delicate sillage of Le Labo Rose 31. I never knew you had Lumiere Noire until I reviewed the female version. And the bottom line seems to be that — even for those who do smell it — the cedar and woodsy notes eventually take over and, then, fully dominate. (Link embedded within.

Easily the best wearable rose fragrance for men. By shopping through these retailer links, EauMG will receive a small commission. , I always do a quick sniff when I receive my samples, just because I’m too curious and impatient. As noted earlier, Luca Turin is not a fan of Rose 31. Nb: I purchased this product with my own money, I’m not being paid nor receiving anything from the brand, store I purchased the fragrance from, nor any third party. Caraway is listed on Fragrantica, but not cumin. As for Labdanum 18 I didn’t like the opening at all! . When you mentioned the honey creeping up behind the light rose, I got excited for a moment. *Sample obtained by me.

There are whiffs of nutmeg that subtly add a sharp, bitter edge to the perfume, along with the spicy, red-hot kick of cloves. I also wanted to tell you I received my samples from LuckyScent and I’m planning my purchase of Hedonist, I am loving Ambre Russe, and I’m planning on wearing Onda on my next day off. LOL. I was quite surprised that I liked Rose 31. Well, at this stage, anyway. , HA! I’m one of those unlucky ones where rose could just smell off (remember Mohur = pencil shavings, L’AP Voleur Roses [the recently launched one and I am not 100% sure of the name / spelling] = bad musty). While the scent is surprisingly not a huge compliments-getter, the few compliments I’ve received while wearing Rose 31 have been some of the most memorable compliments I’ve received while wearing any scent; for example, a middle-aged lady who came into my workplace asked what scent I was wearing, and insisted I find a pen and paper so I could note down the name of the scent and where she could purchase it.

Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior, Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum by Chanel, Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani. While marketed as unisex, to me Rose 31 leans feminine, which is something I look for whenever I attempt an oud fragrance, or a perfume with oud listed as an ingredient. Not your typical rose. Given just how tired I’ve been lately, the latter is MORE than likely. I think the cumin makes this a butch rose compared to all others. I'm not denying that this is a fascinating rose unlike any I've smelled before.

Le Labo Rose 31 is a beautiful, alluring, ethereal fragrance for those of us who adore the contained fragrance notes. I have given decants of Rose 31 to other guys without telling them the name. Then, I did the second test, and all the notes I wrote about earlier were backed from the start by the presence of the flower. I discovered this scent during my stay in Dallas at the Fairmont and just fell in love with it. Okay, a number of your choices, but I’m in the same boat, as you know.

Originally formulated for men, it made this woman buy it. Beautiful grasse rose with a smokey wood undertone. It was an immediate, deep love. Granted, it’s a spicy, warm rose, but it is rosy on me. The rose is now only a shadow of its former self, and in spite wood and labdanum making a restrained appearance in the base, this latter phase is not only quite unoriginal but plainly disappointing. Change ), Review: Alexander McQueen Card Wallet with Bill Clip. A little sparse but rich with spice. (After your beloved Iris one, of course. I’m very tempted to try the Patchouli and Labdanum perfumes from Le Labo, but I suspect it may be a while before I get around to ordering samples. Reviewed in the United States on February 6, 2019. A nice summer scent for cooler days; just hovering at the border between a neutral and a positive score due to the substandard second half. I am always trying to turn people on to that perfume. ( Log Out /  The "dirty yet clean" approach is on full display here with Rose 31 (2006), created by mostly-niche perfumer Daphne Bugey.

The only other perfume that gets a response like this from them is CB I Hate Perfume CBMusk and some cheap unlabeled rose oil that I bought in a store in Turkey that also sold dried eggplants too.

... Now more than ever it’s important to take a moment for ourselves. Damn you IsoE. It’s nice, but I have so many other rose soliflores collecting dust that I can’t justify $200 of more rose soliflores.

Even the oud and guaiac seem to have grown a little in strength — just two more sources of peppered woods that soon overtake the entire perfume. Then caraway with vetiver are added in the drydown. I’m so happy for you. (The word “fascinating” appears more than a handful of times in my notes.).

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