You need to use it in the winter and chiller days. It is a balanced reformulation of the previous project, plus an oriental structure that adds more kick. Instead, perhaps inspired by Marie Antoinette's extensive remodeling of the palace and grounds in the 18th century, Marly has rebuilt Layton from the ground up, delivering a companion piece to the fresh, sporty original that surrounds the signature blend of fruits and spices with deep, animalic woods and resins for a darkly seductive experience. Compared with Layton, Layton Exclusif feels less fruiter, woodier, spicier, and muskier. But side by side compared, I think, this is not so easy to say anymore. Does Layton Exclusif take the place of our beloved Layton? Gucci Envy / D&G By Man 2. i have been wearing it for the past few days. …

However, it was only with you that I began to consider fragrances from my deepest inside as art. Layton Exclusif has some similarities with the earlier creation, yet is builds towards a diverging goal. The man who appropriately wears Layton Exclusif is elegant and fit. On a man, it adds more charisma and masculinity. In Layton Exclusif, a heavy dose of civet hums through the rich floral heart, delivering a new layer of sensuality. Nothing stinky, challenging, or "weird" about it. The woody, oriental base, which became wider and wider on my arm as you went along, was already strongly perceptible at the beginning. I bought this fragrance almost at the same time as Layton in spring, driven by various Youtube videos and top marks on Parfumo and Co. After wearing it twice and testing it, I had almost written it off again and put it aside, but more about that now. And the already opulent vanilla and woods base is further enhanced, with resinous amber and an alluringly powerful coffee note to invigorate the senses and heighten the passion. I haven't yet experienced the full drydown so I can't speak for that. If you pick it up this weekend, then you will have a chance to smell it before I do. The opening does not smell artificial, and that note of vanilla in enchanting. It's sublime. In my opinion. It's a decent fragrance but massively overpriced.

I hope by that you do not mean it smells similar to Aventus aka clone, "Thank GOD for the nose, for without it we would not be enjoying these beautiful created Scents" also Remember "Balance is everything and the key to appreciating ". Layton starts with an astonishing opening. There's no oud in it whatsoever and PDM did not list it as one of the notes for Layton Exclusif. It stands for Layton Exclusif.

For smells it smells too "dark", too smoky, too obtrusive; the character of the original layton is unfortunately lost here. I already had 2-3 fragrances on the screen that I wanted to test, so hurry to the perfumery department. Add to cart “An original woody and spiced take on Layton, even more mysterious and even more intense.” Top … Considering PdM hadn't presented anything that's a real challenge, I'd be surprised if the base had any or much more weight than Godolphin. In October 2019 I was in Berlin on business. Layton Exclusif Notes Bergamot, mandarin, water accord, grapefruit, rose, geranium, waterlily, gardenia, civet, cardamom, sandalwood, gaiac, amber, pink pepper, vanilla, coffee, musk Layton Notes Bergamot, lavender, apple, mandarin, violet, jasmine, geranium, gaiac, patchouli, sandalwood, cardamom, vanilla, pepper Any fan of Layton will like Exclusif. Can't wait, How is the original? Free shipping and returns on Parfums de Marly Layton Exclusif Parfum at

It probably has more performance than Terre de Hermes though but it is younger. What surprises here is that they are not the usual opposites (one for the summer and the other for the winter). However, this is because Layton Exclusif requires a more mature wearer. Layton Exclusif was one of the candidates I had on my test list even before I logged in to this forum. Too high expectations or simply not my scent. A fragrance which asserts its strength and impetuousness. Now that we have it in our hands, we're pleased to announce this is no mere flanker. Layton Exclusif is less friendly and offers a complex opening. In Layton Exclusif, a heavy dose of civet hums through the rich floral heart, delivering a new layer of sensuality. 1st December 2017, 07:09 AM #2. oudaddict. The first time I held you in my hands in the form of a bottling and sprayed you on the inside of my arm, my attitude towards perfume changed radically. Here's hoping for the best. The original is exquisite, very refined and versatile. However, on a woman, it can become way sexier than on a man. Cardamom, sandalwood and above all oud, as it could hardly be more beautiful. Udo, her father, represents the oud and the cypriol in this fragrance, the austere animal, because it wonderfully reflects his past patriarchy. Layton Exclusif combines niche and mass appeal in an interesting and pleasant way.

Layton Exclusif would be a nice addition to the perfume wardrobe but a the price it sells it is a little pricey !! *Valid on any domestic US ground shipments. You are unique and yet very suitable for everyday use. The employees were glad that Linus created a relaxed atmosphere in between. The fragrance has enough fans and many would prefer it to the original without batting an eyelid. Layton is a more daytime and versatile scent for office as well as other social contexts, while Layton Exclusif is an elegant concoction for the night.

A fragrance which asserts its strength and impetuousness. Accordingly my anticipation was quite big. Imagine the spice of Interlude with the sweetness of Vanilla Flash and the dry minimalism of Noir Anthracite and you get this. Do not be fooled by the names. This Parfums De Marly Layton vs Layton Exclusif is all about the differences that separate these two creations apart. Yea, civet can certainly kill a fragrance. 02/04/2020 . Parfumo is the place for all fragrance enthusiasts.Discover new perfumes for women and men, organize your collection, connect with others and much more! Regularly I discover Layton Exclusif in the lists of forum users and I am happy that the fragrance is on. However, Evelyn intervenes when it gets too relaxed. Instead, Linus has been appointed head of the marketing department. From the first whiff, it is obvious that this is a crowd-pleaser. Of course she also has a stylish and self-confident appearance. In the end it got a little bit too much for me and I sprayed the Layton Exclusif on my wrist and got right out again. It is similar except that the apple note was removed (which I personally love in the Layton) and replaced … As the name suggests, it is not for everyone. Under Udo's leadership, everything would always have been serious. Unfortunately not in any Nordstrom close to me, so it would be a website purchase. How is Layton Exclusif compared to the original Layton by PDM? Instead, we think of the two as the … Before that, Lucas worked at a Men’s Fashion Care where he taught Fashion to individuals.

Many who don’t fancy Layton that much says that it is an ok fragrance, but it is not an intense smell or an aroma that haunts you like the supposedly good ones. Only with Percival, another Parfums de Marly fragrance by the same nose, we see Hamid Merati Kashani formulating a genuine summer fragrance.r. In the unisex list, Layton Exclusif leads before Layton, but Layton has twice as many ratings. Above the dictates of fashion and typecasting, this composition for connoisseurs (a 20% concentration) is presented in a luxurious deep blue bottle with silver signature, sheathed in an elegant case." As a side note, just got off the phone with the Parfums de Marly boutique in NYC and they will have it on Tuesday of next week for purchase. They are both great though. It retains the modern, mass-appropriate and sweet elements of Layton, but adds sophisticated elements. Especially in these times an understandable wish . 4th June 2019, 01:25 AM #20. I have no idea where the civet note referenced above comes from, because it's definitely NOT in this fragrance, and not anywhere in the listed notes, either. Here is where Layton Exclusif enters the game.

The only thing you have in common with your little brother is the vanilla, which runs in the Marly family, with a light! The major difference that the nose chose is the structure of the two blends. Bergamot, mandarin, water accord, grapefruit, rose, geranium, waterlily, gardenia, civet, cardamom, sandalwood, gaiac, amber, pink pepper, vanilla, coffee, musk. Both fragrances are recommendable during cold or cool days. Layton came out first in 2016. Join our email list and get FREE US Ground Shipping on your first order, plus notifications on specials, new launches, events and more.

This is a pity in so far as Layton Exclusif is an interesting and exciting fragrance, next to which the original Layton seems dull and uninspired. Then, a year later, Parfums de Marly launched Layton Exclusif. i get remnants of it (vanilla) on my hand 24 hours later. His visit never lasts long and as soon as he leaves the building, Linus usually trumpets out a joke that makes the whole staff cheerful. Its opening and dry-down performance are excellent. In my opinion, your very diverse scents, which give a somewhat unusual combination, could not be better coordinated. It's not meant to. Then, a year later, Parfums de Marly launched Layton Exclusif. the opening is very reminiscent of the original layton. Size. You started out similar to your little brother Layton, sweetish, slightly citrusy and fruity, but I immediately realized that a different wind was blowing with you. This striking new take on Layton shakes up its original composition, creating a twist with a hint of cardamom together with sandalwood and guaiac wood essence. Having worn both of these side by side, I find them them extremely close in smell. Lucas M. Hall has been a pioneer in the Men’s Grooming industry for more than 10 years now. 255.00 € This striking new take on Layton shakes up its original composition, creating a twist with a hint of cardamom together with sandalwood and guaiac wood essence.

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