All the landing page tools that we have listed above come with their fair share of pros and cons.

In fact, in Google Analytics, you can pull a report showing the pages of your site that visitors land on most often: If you connect your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts, you can access a report in Google Analytics showing the pages your visitors land on most often. Ucraft markets itself as a website builder–not a landing page builder. At the end of a three-week test, there were 96% more people on the waiting list for the course, and option B outperformed option A by 99%. For example, say you want to test the copy on your CTA to see if one version works better than another. You can easily divide traffic between the different variations to get the exact split that you want.

A sign-up form displays as soon as you open Dropbox’s homepage — users don’t even need to click through to another page to perform the desired action. You may be able to find a solution that delivers what you need at a lower price with limited support. Another way to get “more” is by doing more with the traffic that you already have.

That may have been the case five years ago.

While that plan does still include A/B testing, it limits you to 75 landing pages and 8 popups/sticky bars.

In other words, Landing Page MVPs help you determine if you’ll be able to get what you need to achieve Product-Market Fit (e.g.

There’s just one big thing to consider here: Whereas Google Optimize will work with any of your content, Thrive Optimize only works with WordPress pages…and it works best with pages that you’re already using Thrive Architect on*. You might be testing for any type of conversion. You’d be hard-pressed to find a modern office worker who hasn’t heard of Slack. Instapage: A really great Landing Page creation tool which requires you know nothing about coding – plus it comes with A/B testing out of the box! That leads us to the first best practice of high-converting landing pages: assume nothing.

Some say you need a navigation bar. The first step to A/B testing is having two different versions of your landing page, but there are so many elements, it’s hard to isolate exactly what to change and test first. See how our conversion-focused landing page software can scale your production and provide your audiences with unique post-click landing pages.

While Sendinblue has a generous free plan for email marketing, the landing page builder functionality is only available on the Premium tier and above. The most logical next step depends on many different things. Each element can be further styled. ConvertKit has landing page creation capabilities but is primarily an email marketing software used by businesses to grow their audiences. You get unlimited updates, though you only get one year of support. You also get to read a more practical definition of MVP – it will serve you well. You can run automated email marketing campaigns, including a drag and drop email builder.

For example, in the screenshot below you can see templates for everything from: Or, if you’ve got an eye for conversion-optimized design, you can always build your landing page from a blank slate. Before you go crazy building a landing page MVP, let’s make sure you have an empowering definition of MVP. I’ve tried several different methods for creating A/B tests on WordPress and I haven’t seen a simpler implementation (though I will share some non-WordPress tools that offer the same ease of use). That means you can test: Of course, Nelio A/B Testing can test your content, as well. Since I wrote this post Instapage changed it’s offering and If I was going to write it over, I’d definitely highlight instead.

If the pricing works for you and you want to be able to test your entire WordPress site, rather than just your content, then Nelio A/B testing is definitely your best option. As its name suggests, Clickfunnels is a tool that helps you create your entire sales funnel (which means a few different landing page designs).

I know I would use a lathe to make a set of table legs; that doesn’t mean I’d feel confident using it. However, their landing page builder isn’t just a “throw-in”, and the addition of their new Conversion Funnel feature makes GetResponse a great option for building both standalone landing pages and entire funnels. GTmetrix is a free tool that analyzes your page's speed performance. Discover the best practices — and the best tools — for designing homepages and landing pages that convert. This MobileMarketing case study shows how TSUM experimented with using 3D images instead of static images on its product landing pages.

You can measure your conversion rate using the first set of copy for a month, then measure your conversion rate for the second set of copy for another month. It clearly states what the tool is upfront — ”a collaboration hub” — and follows its introduction with a brief list of its most unique and desirable features: channels, search, integrations, and security. Did you have any luck setting up Google Experiements with Strikingly (Free)?

Pricing: SiteGainer starts at €199 per month for up to 50,000 unique visitors. Landing Page Testing Tools to Boost Your Conversion Rates Ruben Quinones July 30, 2020 Category Digital Marketing With the unpredictability of this year so far, marketers have had to make some tough decisions on how marketing dollars are being spent, and how to prioritize channels that will sustain their business in this climate. The Elementor homepage highlights that users can create stunning landing pages with the software; however, it is merely a WordPress page builder with no advanced creation or optimization features. He's on a mission to automate advertising conversion. It also integrates easily with WordPress thanks to a dedicated plugin.

Although it offers some advanced features, it may not be the best choice as it takes time to maximize its full capabilities fully, has become quite legacy, and now penalizes customers for getting more conversions (see pricing). Additionally, Unbounce comes with tools that let you A/B test the landing pages you build. Or, you can always start from scratch. Then, you can build and edit your landing page’s elements using the drag and drop editor: A few nice things about this interface are that you can: And like the other tools, you can also quickly spin up and analyze A/B tests. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Calculator, View analytics, including conversion rate, Have Leadpages host your landing page and/or downloadable assets, Integrate with email marketing services, webinar tools, CRMs, payment gateways, and more, Stylish notification bars that promote offers, grow your email list, and more, One-click signup links for your email list or webinar (called, Let Leadpages handle hosting everything (, Import your landing page to your own domain, including a simple WordPress plugin (, Connect to external tools like MailChimp, HubSpot, SalesForce, and lots more, Copy or move elements or sections between different landing pages, Invite other team members to collaborate and comment on your design, Instapage has more collaboration features, which is great for teams, Instapage’s drag and drop editor is free-form.

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