Don't ask.). The other is the Klopstokian national love song, "Woof Bloogle Gik." appeals more to an adult audience and I only  learned to appreciate his comedy style as an adult. I'm probably clutching at legs, I mean, straws here when I ponder whether it could be Mata Machree's hams that are so highly valued, seeing as she will help the cabinet overthrow Pres.

They take the train, while the Major-Domo runs alongside. If you are interested in this all but forgotten rarity, don’t get the single disc, instead, hold out for the TCM Universal Rarities set which for much the same price will get you three additional films. darn!

There are so many great names in this film and all of them have memorable and hilarious scenes. One of the great lines of all time is delivered by Lyda Roberti. One that you will be glad to watch repeatedly, with so many layers to be seen.

Klopstokia is a corrupt, divided and nearly bankrupt nation. What I'm talking about is love.

Joe Weaver & The Don Juans - Baby I love you so - Duration: 3 minutes, 5 seconds. It does! You might think so but it apparently wasn't. In a typical non-linear fashion then, such as is befitting "Million Dollar Legs", let me now return to the start of the film. When I get hot in Klopstokia Lyda Roberti Lyrics No lyrics text found for this track. Joseph won back-to-back directing and writing Oscars for "A Letter to Three Wives" and the classic "All About Eve." A spy (Ben Turpin) takes notes.

Oakie and Fields are in big print, in middle print the last mentioned is Hank Mann, who is uncredited in the movie credits and appears only briefly. (His most memorable role — which resulted in his only Oscar nomination — was as the savagely satirical, Mussolini-inspired Benzino Napaloni, opposite Charles Chaplin's Adenoid Hynkel in "The Great Dictator.") For example, Migg accidentally drops the musical score to an old Klopstokian love song written on the skin of Angela's dead grandfather into a lake (don't ask), only for Angela to perform a perfect dive off the bridge that they are standing on into the water, to rescue the beloved music. Even if he's now worth millions. I haven't obsessed over every scene in this film; to do so would rather spoil the fun of watching it, so on that note, I suggest that you go and watch/re-watch it. ... How they choose a President in Klopstokia - Duration: 23 seconds. But Stillman — who clearly knows this world — was looking at something more like the disintegration of civilization. And savored. I wish I could find all of the lyrics to this. It is currently on the Internet Archives. Sure, Jack Oakie and Susan Fleming are the young, romantic leads in this utterly crazy film, but they seem self-consciously aware that this is their billing and the writers have them play up to it every time they are on screen.

This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, Night Stalker's ZOMBIE on 6 Million Dollar Man. The others are Mae West's "Belle of the Nineties" (1934), a risque tale of, well, Mae West; "Artists and Models," a Jack Benny musical of 1937; and — as a distinct change of pace — the 1937 adventure tale "Souls at Sea" starring Gary Cooper. That especially interesting riff in the relative minor key is also note for note in a band recording of the song, and so not, as I originally imagined, an inspired improv by Mr. Warren. It's a film that doesn't take itself too seriously, whilst at the same time, is fully aware that it is. Angela tells Migg to give them a pep talk and kisses him. But the whole film is blissful nonsense. Bill Green 1y.

(1927). Love this and love her.

Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley's daily series, benefiting The Actors Fund, commemorates Veterans Day.

After her diving success - where she shows off her legs - could her pins be the titular money-making legs??

At the same time, in their secret underground lair, the cabinet ministers meet to discuss how to sabotage Klopstokia's entry in the Olympic games and thwart Migg.

The dialogue between the pair is at times unconnected and seemingly ignored - for example, Migg's declaration of "I love you" nearly every time that the pair appear on screen together is rarely answered by Angela. What do I mean by this? One of the best moments in the film, in my opinion, is when the cabinet go to visit Mata Machree. Pres. All screenshots have been captured by me but are the property of their respective owners. The Cabinet of Klopstokia are also perfect. Migg and Angela sail with the Klopstokian athletes. For an example of Mata's power that is testament to her tambourine like torso, check out the Secretary of the Interior's (Billy Gilbert) reaction below: Mata's song is deliciously risqué: "When I start to dance, the fire hoses start to prance, and now the whole department, wears asbestos pants!". So richly detailed is this film that you assume it must be based on some thick, literate novel, but no; it is created in and of itself. So what are my other favourite comedy moments in the film? "Million Dollar Legs" is available on DVD as part of the Turner Classic Movies range from Universal. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. replies Angela.

Angela has Mata tell the men she does not love them. It turns out that the Klopstokians are all world-class athletes; it must be something in the goat's milk. This is a land where all the girls are named Angela. The President and Treasury secretary exercise while Migg sings to Angela. She was a real jewel.

A brush salesman in love with the President's daughter gets athletic Klopstokia to enter the Olympic games. : "I have -it-", to which Angela replies "You don't look -it-, but I'm sure you have", surely a reference to the original 20's It-girl, Clara??

This particular Angela is the President of Klopstokia's daughter. It only runs sixty minutes. Stillman made the film, on location in New York for $225,000, which in 1990 was a minimal amount. At the games in Los Angeles the Klopstokian team walks on crutches. That is what it looks like, a Mack Sennett feature with dialogue. "I have done all I public.".

The romantic leads are bland and forgettable, and the only other standout is sexy Lyda Roberti as Mata Machree. Political power is satirized as based on physical strength. Also included is an incisive essay by Kent Jones in which he suggests that "The Royal Tenenbaums" has its stylistic roots in the films of Preston Sturges mixed in with Orson Welles' "The Magnificent Ambersons," Salinger's short stories, and decades-worth of New Yorker cartoons.

This is at the point when Migg is recruiting athletes for the Olympic games, and comically, it never crosses his mind that Angela should go in for the diving at the games! Click here to edit contents of this page. I suspect that Lyda's more expressive "oooo's" and "aaaah's" heard here might've been considered censorable once the Hays Code really took hold in 1934.

I find it kind of interesting the print ad lists the actors in three sizes. The wounded athletes of Klopstokia - lovesick for Mata Machree - can do nothing in the games, even with coach Migg's pep talk. Directed by Edward F. Cline. One fine example of the film's bonkerssness (new word) is it's successful parodying of conventional elements featured in many a film from the 20s and 30s - heck - even from the birth of cinema. Wearing a goat's head.) In fact, like the titles above suggest, you could also say that Klopstokia is populated by goats and nuts.

I just might pick up that set, depending on what the other films are.

Jack Oakie is similarly goofy as Migg, throwing himself around and taking a few bumps along the way. An entirely different slice of New York — real, or perhaps imagined — is served in the 1990 sleeper Metropolitan [Criterion]. General documentation and help section. The more analytical of the group know, even as they go through the paces, that they are dinosaurs: WASP preppies embarking on a world in which privileged pedigree no longer brings privilege. Literally so; he reigns under the threat of being unseated by anyone who can beat him at hand wrestling. Oakie does fine here. To solve it, an American brush salesman persuaded the Klopstokian president to field a team to the Los Angeles Olympic Games in order to win prize money his company was offering. @Carlos Robins A young Jack Oakie DOES share some resemblance to Jack Carson, but he wouldn't be in the movies until 1937. She: "What are you selling?" Finally, it was great to see Hal Roach stalwart star Charlie Hall pop up in one of his trademark cameo roles - this time as a Klopstokian athlete in love with Mata Machree. A small country on the verge of bankruptcy is persuaded to enter the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics as a means of raising money. "There is a lot of money tied up in this film and people expect to hear a boom when something blows up, so I'll give them a boom.". @Stephen Vinson -- Thank you for identifying Jack Okie. Inside the Broadway Community Project: What Happens When a Costume Needs Fixing...But the Actor's Already Wearing It? The shows will film performances ahead of the broadcast. His relationship with the most vulnerable of the girls (Carolyn Farina) — sweet and warm and a wallflower — provides the plot. Featuring Max Davidson, Charlie Hall, and Edgar Kennedy. Mata gives in, and Angela wins a medal. In weight lifting Mata inspires the Treasury secretary to lift; but Migg makes the President mad, and he wins weight lifting and the shot put as well.

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