Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Most of the recordings are included on the page, so if you have interest in studying jazz clarinet, there is a lot of material there for you to check out. Shine - Eddie Daniels Solo (66.7 KiB, 1,324 hits)You do not have permission to download this file. All transcriptions are available in PDF format for FREE download Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I have been trying to do only “focused, intentional” playing, so I tried thinking, and saying the coordination phrase. Evan Christopher – I know Evan, and he is a master of the blues on clarinet! The piece uses a lot of the Bb 9-note augmented scale for inspiration, although the remaining 4 pitches (coming then to all 12, thinking in octave and enharmonic equivalence) are included sometimes also. Note how he emphasizes the major seventh on the dim7 chords in bars 53-58. 1. Eddie Daniels uses it as well. The chord sequence of this track is a kind of “rhythm change” in the “A Section” where “D” is mainly meant as “D7”, and then the original chords are played on the “B Section”. Eddie Daniels’s Solo on “Air Mail Special”, “At the Woodchopper’s ball” (solo by Woody Herman). Above is my transcription of a Don Byron solo (click the underlined link,”Solo”). Great work! Here’s a little impromptu lecture (edited with the delete button a little for length, etc) about the diminished scales.

except for some chromatic passages at the end of the solo or for the 5. I strive as much as humanly possible to  offer leading edge products that go further than meeting your expectations. Thanks Mike! I guess in some ways, the out things begin to sound a little Dolphy-ish, but on soprano clarinet.

He emphasizes even more the Blues Scale in bars 46-49.

Some considerations about this solo are listed below: NB: The score is meant to be for “Bb” instruments. In general, I’d say that DeFranco’s take on bringing the clarinet into modern music was Apollonian and Scott’s was Dionysian. His playing with Louis Armstrong’s All Stars on the album “Satchmo: A Musical Autobiography” in particular is AMAZING! I sounded good. Tony Scott’s Solo on “I’ll Remember April”. As I get older, and farther divorced from my days as a jazz college student, I realize that more and more. Tony Scott solo. As a composer and conceptualist I do still enjoy being a painter of dense color with sound. They were both great at playing beautiful ballads as well, but also in very different ways. In any case, his style is one of the most eccentric of earlier jazz players, using weird sounds and rhythms. I believe that Miller’s presence on piano is what made Eddie play some of the most modernistic stuff he’s ever recorded. I am still learning when is the best time to post, and how to get the word out. Change ). He could also play fast, as he also later does on this track, but check the mood set on this example: 5.

His wide vibrato, wild tone, and bluesy microtonal inflections—and an almost pre-swing/Armstrong, more ragtime-ish rhythmic feel (compare his feel to Armstrong’s on any recording where they play together)—defines that sound, I think, to a lot of people. Start playing and learning music for clarinet the fun way with The Entertainer by Scott Joplin as a special and unique transcription for clarinet and piano. ( Log Out /  My tone improved, and my tension relaxed. When composing this piece, I started by composing an unaccompanied piece for clarinet ala all those fantastic pieces in the contemporary classical realm. He plays with Earl Hines on this one, coming in at 1:06: 4. Well, some of it is actually more like his ensemble playing but well worth checking out. Check out this link for sure! When I felt challenged, I re-thought the placement of the mouthpiece at the end of my “new” spine. Please let us know if you would like to submit one of your own transcriptions. Clarence Clemons | 1942-2011. Notice: All of the album links within this article are associate links. Please either login or create an account first. The solos have been transcribed in the key of the instrument on which it was performed. 12/15/2015 - There are now 11 Sam Most Solo Transcriptions to download for free. Leblanc or Selmer – Best clarinet for jazz? Albert Nicholas – Another clarinetist deserving of more attention. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I hope you enjoy this piece! Michael Sanchi on Albert System Clarinets; Michael on Albert System Clarinets; Brian on Albert System Clarinets; Jens on Buffet Super Dynaction Clarinet? When I think back to what made me attracted to the music in the first place, it was the feeling of swing. II-V-I Patterns for Bb Clarinet Pages 1 to 100 (1.7 MiB, 1,841 hits), F Blues - Eddie Daniels Solo (32.5 KiB, 1,479 hits), Shine - Eddie Daniels Solo (66.7 KiB, 1,324 hits), Let's Dance - Eddie Daniels Solo (40.9 KiB, 1,177 hits), II-V-I Patterns for Bb Clarinet (4.8 MiB, 1,098 hits), As Long As I Live - Eddie Daniels Solo (46.9 KiB, 1,041 hits), Benny Goodman Collage (121.7 KiB, 809 hits), II-V-I Patterns for Bb Clarinet Pages 201 to 286 (1.4 MiB, 804 hits), II-V-I Patterns for Bb Clarinet Pages 101 to 200 (1.8 MiB, 795 hits), Eddie Daniels Collage (732.6 KiB, 537 hits). In general, the more recent solo is more patterned and stepwise than the older one, but there are a lot of similarities of course as well. As Long As I Live - Eddie Daniels Solo (46.9 KiB, 1,041 hits)You do not have permission to download this file. Shine - Eddie Daniels Solo (66.7 KiB, 1,324 hits)You do not have permission to download this file. Search for: Recent Comments. And yes, noticing how you are sitting and supporting yourself can help those reflexes of contracting upon ourself be much less tempting.

For most of its extension the solo stays within an octave and a half hardly going under the “B” on the third line. This became a piece for clarinet and jazz combo, and now I’ve transcribed my own piece for clarinet choir by using the voicings in the piano part, and the original bass part, for the clarinet parts. Included here are mostly clarinet solos, but also a couple of tenor saxophone solos, from Lester Young and Ken Peplowski, who are also clarinetists, and thus their tenor solos translate to clarinet really well. The solo above is from “Benny Rides Again,” which had Mulgrew Miller on piano. He displays his high register mastery with a few altissimo (transposed for Bb clarinet) B’s, C’s, and D’s (he ends the arrangement, at the very end of the track, with an altissimo E!!!!!). Great to hear from you, Diane! I think one can hear a lot of influence from pieces like the Magnus Lindberg concerto for clarinet in this new piece, as far as how it is a little happier and arguably more toward the melodic. …So, this week’s entry serves as a preview for that coming lecture video! His tone, articulation, and use of the clarinet registers for certain purposes influenced a lot of clarinetists after him, including most noticeably Benny Goodman I think.

I am still learning when is the best time to post, and how to get the word out. I’m taking all this to the bank! For many years, I have pursued occasional jazz clarinet projects, and would like to share some of my transcriptions here. He also played with Monk, etc. Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment. Note the complete absence of the so-called Blues Scale. ( Log Out /  I’m posting another solo by Buddy DeFranco. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. However, their focuses in this kind of  medium/up to up tempo tunes were different: Buddy’s burning was focused on controlled, clear melodic/harmonic vocabulary played in eighth note lines, while Scott was more focused on impact, physicality, swirls of unclear/ghosted notes (almost more like swirls of color than distinct melodies/lines), piercing high notes, etc. So if you are finally ready to delve deeply into the study of the clarinet and it’s role in jazz, then by all means, take some time to digest the material contained in The Improvising Clarinetist. This is BLUES clarinet! Please either login or create an account first. I’m posting an overdub recording I recently did. Tony Scott – I like that Tony Scott was a modern jazz era player, classically trained and so forth, who still incorporated into his jazz the spirit of abandon, and some of the timbral/microtonal effects, of early jazz clarinetists. It would be hard to be considered modern or contemporary in jazz without some diminished scale vocabulary I think. Here’s a transcription of bebop clarinet master Buddy DeFranco. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Pdf download, Easy Clarinet Jazz Duets Digital PDF download, Monsters Inc- Jazz analysis + corollary exercises, Harmonised Major Scale Melodic Exercises PDF download-All Instruments, Natural, Melodic, Dorian + Harmonic Minor Arpeggio Exercises, Michael Brecker Master Class Blues ending, Take A Walk Blues Tune analysis- Michael Brecker, Michael Brecker inspired practice/warm up Expansion exercises PDF+ mp3 playalong, Flute+ Clarinet Duets volume 2- Instant PDF download, Flute and Clarinet Jazz Duets PDF booklet - mixed level- vol 1, Pat Metheny Natural Minor harmonised scale+ Guide tone lines+ analysis, Spot the difference - Minor scale harmonisation - PDF + Mp3, Sonny Stitt Killing Blues solo transcription 'Made for Each other'. Please either login or create an account first. This became a piece for clarinet and jazz combo, and now I’ve transcribed my own piece for clarinet choir by using the voicings in the piano part, and the original bass part, for the clarinet parts. Huge low register and a sweeping high register with a touch more sweetness in the tone than some early jazz clarinetists. In any case, the harmonic stackings and sounds are inspired by the rich sonority types available in this scale: for example Maj7th chords with raised 5th and raised 9th degrees, with or without added notes that then sort of cancel out the stability of the bottom chord. We encounter a minor third (blue note) at the end of the solo caused by a small pattern where there is the repetition of an ascending half-tone. F Blues - Eddie Daniels Solo (32.5 KiB, 1,479 hits)You do not have permission to download this file. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The “glissato” as a main clarinet feature (thanks to its acoustic characteristics) and a technique sometimes overused by a whole generation of clarinettists of the past or with styles influenced by Dixieland, New Orleans, 40s swing, etc. Vertically, it is Bb+ over B+ over C+ (+ means simply augmented triads here). I enjoyed your point of view and philosophy, but wanted clarinet instruction. Mike Braverman was kind enough to contribute 4 Eddie Daniels Solos to Jazz-Clarinet. Jim Roach on Leblanc or Selmer – Best clarinet for jazz? Here are some jazz clarinet and sax transcriptions I've done that I humbly submit to those who might learn from them. Thanks Mike! This one is from much earlier in his career and shows that he was already using a lot of modernisms very early on. I’m new to blogging, so I had been following the wrong thread; your non-violence writings. John Coltrane Pentatonic- exercises/theory digital download.

Listen to his wonderful solo starting at 0:27. Besides a minimum use of ghost-notes, there is a very little use of certain kind of dissonances indeed (altered fifth or ninth, etc.) Also we would like to add that you will learn a great deal more if you transcribe these solos yourself. For example, measures 36-41 of the solo posted above show an interaction between Eddie and Mulgrew where sustained diminished vocabularies are used over this traditional form (with these solos, as well as with the other solos I’ve posted here thus far, I have transcribed the actual in-the-moment voicings qualities and root movements used by the ensemble). Introductory Triad Pair Approach note exercises- all instruments, A Guided Musical Meditation - Mp3 Download, Don't be Square exercises + Mp3 Tutorial + PDF digital download, 7/4 12 key Amazing Grace practice playalong digital download, Soul Scale Exercises for improvisation - All Instruments, The "Blues Arpeggio"- exercises.

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