Rhythm of footfalls does not change at all. Introduce short schooling sessions. It makes him think about what you’re asking, rather than you getting into a battle with him. If appropriate lungeing can be used, but keep the circles big, and lunge for no more than 20 minutes in total. Rather than riding each day, you could walk your horse in-hand. Flatwork Riding Schooling and Training, You’re ready to start improving his flatwork, but what’s most important to begin with? Monitor how your horse is coping and if you have any concerns contact your farrier. This article was originally published in the Early Summer 2018 issue of Canadian Horse Journal. Rather than changing up and down a lot, he’ll be used to maintaining one pace for a length of time, so you need to mix it up for him. Next, slide your outside leg back slightly and balance him with your outside rein.

So, although you might feel more nervous about asking for a canter transition in the open, your horse will feel less confined and more relaxed. Initially, help him to get the idea of moving sideways without falling in by keeping him in front of your leg and asking him to wait for you after each stride. Dressage rider Gareth Hughes explains a simple way to introduce them. It is vitally important to follow your vet’s guidance if you’re bringing your horse back into work from an injury, to prevent any further damage being caused. Just an offering of the right position is enough at first.

Each horse differs, however, and the rider should rise or sit based on how the horse is able to best maintain balance and rhythm throughout the exercise. Ride through at walk, keeping your leg aids even and your horse as straight as possible.

Like us, our horses may be keen and eager to get out and about. Get your copy now, with a FREE Shires catalogue: http://bit.ly/HR_SPR20_SHIRES_BUY #NewIssue, DJ Murphy (Publishers) Ltd Olive Studio, Grange Road, Tilford, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 2DQ, Do you find some of your horse’s habits frustrating at times? Blending together two exercises in sequence offers an excellent stimulation to his neuro-sensory system that allows you to re-program movement patterns.

Make sure all boots, bandages and saddlecloths are also clean and free of grime and sweat. H&R reveals why he might be behaving this way ... See MoreSee Less, Have you got your copy of Spring Horse&Rider yet? During sideways movement, the horse’s hoof rotates from one side to the other and without soft ground to press down into, that rotation causes torque on the fetlock joint and ligaments of the lower leg and hoof. If you're worried that your horse is showing signs of lameness contact your vet. This can cause massive complications and is not good horse welfare. Lateral exercises performed in a relaxed state like this trigger several responses that reflexively lead to improvements in the horse’s way of moving. However, if this is the case and they haven’t learnt the basics of each movement, when the movements get harder, cracks will start to appear. Top tip – If you’re planning to show your horse, practising riding loops is a great way to prepare for overtaking in the ring. HTML tags and attributes:

. If physical therapy, what kind of changes can you expect, and how much should you challenge your horse? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Then start to create a bit of bend with your inside hand while riding him forward with your inside leg. The leg-yield is an elementary lateral exercise, which can be performed at either the walk or sitting trot along the long side of the arena or across the diagonal of the ring, with the horse positioned at no more than a 45-degree angle from the direction in which it is moving. If appropriate lungeing can be used, but keep the circles big, and lunge for no more than 20 minutes in total. Difficult to access with other exercises, these muscles improve his posture during all other areas of performance by toning the sling muscles that suspend his trunk. To build strength in the horse’s gymnastic muscles, lateral movements are best performed at the trot. When your horse is more advanced, you can…. are they blowing? You may use these Once your horse feels like he is sitting up around your inside leg and not falling in, it’s time to ask for a bit more by pressing with your aids. It’s useful to introduce halt to canter and canter to halt quite early, even if you have a few steps of trot in-between to begin with. When you’re ready to try introducing lateral work, it can seem logical to begin in walk. If your horse has been off due to an injury, continue to follow or seek advice from your vet for their rehabilitation back into work. This movement also helps to keep your horse supple, so is good for horses at all stages of training. Initially, keep the angle of your leg-yield shallow – if it takes the whole length of the school to reach the track from the three-quarter line, then that’s okay. Easier lateral work can be reintroduced, again if appropriate, this will help the suppleness and flexibility of the horse and add some interest into their routine. 3. Lateral work isn’t always easy, but if you try to keep it simple in your mind and break it down into manageable chunks, it’s do-able. Warming up focuses the horse’s mind and gets them thinking about the job they’re about to do. It improves the gymnastic ability and suppleness of your horse, and hindleg engagement. By recruiting the deep inner structures needed to stabilize the spine and joints during sideways movement, the horse stimulates these richly innervated areas that become dormant when poor posture or movements habituate. An increased willingness or ability to cope with exercise, A change in body shape, with better muscle definition, Ability to maintain a regular and even speed in any gait, Less sweating for the same amount of work under similar conditions, More rapid recovery in breathing after finishing work.

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