The online tutorials I came across were inspiring but they didn’t give me a good understanding of the best way to connect the shelves. At Home Depot, I bought two pieces of poplar wood with a width of approx. Ikea Kallax Under Bed Storage Hack Source: Better Home & Gardens Under bed storage is often overlook, but this hacker has taken it to a new level and really gone to town with the Kallax as a bed platform that doubles as under bed storage. Although using the official measurements of the KALLAX shelves the distance between the two side shelves was supposed to be approx.

I also used these old curtains to cover the legs of the headboard. Accidentally I didn’t purchase the correct length/width and worked with what I got, but ideally, the width of the headboard should be the length of the KALLAX bookshelf, which in my case is 147+16.5+16.5=180 cm. hacks from all over the globe. 63 cm, I found it was 68 cm. This might sounds kind of weird but do you think it would hold the weight of two adults during bed time activities? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It’s a soft wood, screw them in with your hand!

I didn’t connect them at the top but a few cm down. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. A quick search for “milk-crate” inspiration found …, Materials: EXPEDIT Shelving unit, 4 Plywood, 4X4, 5′ Hinge, Black King size sheets Description: As we live in a condo we really needed more storage space so after visiting this site (thanks a lot for the inspiration) I decided to build my own bed, for a Queen size mattress using 3 Expedit Shelving units and …, Materials: Expedit Description: We were inspired by other Expedit bed hacks, specifically this one and decided to make a Queen Platform bed. 4. I haven’t found many hacks for that — would you say it is possible to build this free-standing with some support or is the double-KALLAX too unstable for a Kingsize bed? So total was about $300 (if you include the 4 additional storage boxes from IKEA). Next, I used two L-shaped ½ inch mounting braces (with three holes for screws on each side) to connect each of the side KALLAX shelves to the shelf at the base of the U. Build all three IKEA KALLAX shelves and place them in a U shape in the room where you want the bed to be. But I made a mistake in thinking that I had a full-sized bed, when in fact, my bed frame was a queen! 8 instead of 4 sections). It also took me time to realize which mounting braces I needed since I’d never used them before and didn’t know where on the shelves to put them.

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