Although "media reform" social movement organizations like Future of Music Coalition mobilized against Clear Channel, so far the company has been able to hold on to all of its stations after divesting a few following the acquisition of AMFM, although over 500 stations have since been sold or are in the process of being sold since the company announced plans to become privately held. [citation needed]. The FCC responded by rescinding the Zapple doctrine as a no longer enforceable component of the fairness doctrine. Big Machine Label Group was announced as the first partner in this scheme. The playlist also includes approximately a dozen pre 1964 tracks and around 50 songs from the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The reasoning was bleak economic conditions and debt from its transition to a private company. The 855 stations reach more than 110 million listeners every week, and 245 million every month. M5V 2Z5.

[145], Clear Channel-owned KTVX was the only local television station that refused to air the paid political message of Cindy Sheehan against the war in Iraq.[146]. Afterwards, some iHeartMedia (then Clear Channel) stations removed The Dixie Chicks from their playlists without any noted repercussions from the company. Other shows include the Walton and Johnson Show out of KPRC in Houston and Rover's Morning Glory out of WMMS in Cleveland. Starting with WQBW Milwaukee (now the sports formatted WRNW) and WBWR Columbus (now WXZX), several iHeartMedia stations have adopted a 1980s-centered classic rock approach called "The Brew.". During the nationwide crackdown on indecent material following the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show in 2004, Clear Channel launched a "self-policing" effort, and declared that there would be no "indecent" material allowed on the air. [41][42], In September 2014, it was announced that the company would be renamed from Clear Channel Communications to iHeartMedia, alluding to its iHeartRadio platform to reflect the company's growing emphasis on digital media and internet radio.

In 2007, the company entered into an agreement to sell all its television stations to Providence Equity Partners for $1.2 billion,[25] a deal that eventually closed in March 2008. During the same period, Howard Stern was dropped from six Clear Channel-owned stations in Florida, California, Pennsylvania, New York and Kentucky. Others Rhythmics, such as KUBE/Seattle, KDON-FM/Salinas-Monterey and KGGI/Riverside-San Bernardino, simply use the call letters and/or frequency. Now iHeartRadio is giving you a Chance to Win $1000 Dollar every hour while listening iHeartRadio. [138], In June 2010 Clear Channel Outdoor rejected without comment two digital billboard images submitted by St. Pete Pride,[139] an LGBT organization that sponsors gay pride events in the St. Petersburg, Florida area, leading the group to cancel its contract with Clear Channel. In November 2019, K256AS/KUCD-HD2 in Honolulu launched a variant Top 40 format with a focus on K-pop and other international pop hits. About 60 percent of the time they play 1964 to 1969 oldies, 20 percent pre 1964 oldies, and 20 percent music from the 1970s. With 855 stations, iHeartMedia is the largest radio station group owner in the United States, both by number of stations and by revenue.

[43] The previous name "Clear Channel" came from AM broadcasting, referring to a channel (frequency) on which only one station transmits.

In a few markets, iHeartMedia has a religious station on the AM band. [32] The company announced that it would move to more centralized programming and lay off 1,500 employees, or approximately 7% of its workforce, on January 20, 2009. (Both of the aforementioned shows are syndicated by Premiere.) Grattan was named to the board of managers of iHeartMedia Capital I, LLC, the direct parent of iHeartCommunications, as well as the board of directors of iHeartMedia, Inc., the indirect parent of iHeartCommunications. WXXM was eventually allowed to keep its liberal format, though they eventually retired it in November 2016 due to a general lack of syndicated programming for that format. ", "Minority Voice Fading For Broadcast Owners", "Investor Relations for Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings (CCOH)", "iHeartMedia to Launch BIN: Black Information Network on Radio, Digital Channels", "iHeartMedia Launches Black Information Network", "Clear Channel Radio joins pursuit of Hispanic listeners", "It's the End of the World as Clear Channel Knows It", "Clear Channel Says National "Banned Playlist" Does Not Exist", "Clear Channel adopts 'zero-tolerance' indecency policy", "The voice of Charlotte... and Huntsville... and Jackson...", "Minot train derailment kills one, injures dozens", "Exclusive... 911 Calls in North Dakota Town Reveal Dangers of Media Consolidation". Nearly all of the FM stations play oldies spanning from 1964 to 1975, with a 500-song active playlist split nearly half 1960s and half 1970s. [29] On July 24, 2008, Clear Channel held a special shareholder meeting, during which the majority of shareholders accepted a revised $36-per-share offer from Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners. 2/3 of iHeartMedia stations that play Adult contemporary air Christmas formats. As a result of this buyout, Clear Channel Communications, Inc. began to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of CC Media Holdings, Inc.[4][5] On September 16, 2014, CC Media Holdings, Inc. was rebranded iHeartMedia, Inc.; and Clear Channel Communications, Inc., became iHeartCommunications, Inc.[6][7].

As noted earlier, iHeartMedia has the Smooth Jazz Network (aka Your Smooth Jazz), which is programmed by Broadcast Architecture. In addition to its own syndication network, iHeartMedia offers studio space and other services to the WestStar TalkRadio Network, which is based at iHeartMedia's studios in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1976, the company purchased its first stations outside of San Antonio. A majority of stations that report to Mediabase are iHeartMedia outlets but other companies also report to the Mediabase charts. 299 Queen Street West iHeartMedia owns and operates approximately 1,500 broadcast transmission towers across the U.S., many of which are available for co-location by third parties such as cellular and PCS companies, wireless internet, fixed wireless, and other broadcasters. It owned more than 40 additional stations, a few of which are independent (non-network affiliates). In 1998 it made its first move outside of the United States when it acquired the leading UK outdoor advertising company More Group plc, which was led by Roger Parry; Clear Channel went on to buy many other outdoor advertising, radio broadcasting, and live events companies around the world, which were then re-branded Clear Channel International. [45], Since 2008, iHeartMedia had struggled to pay down more than $20 billion in debt the company assumed from its leveraged buyout. In San Francisco, iHeartMedia owned more urban-related stations such as Rhythmic Top 40 KYLD, urban oldies KISQ, and urban contemporary KMEL in that area (KYLD shifted to Top 40/CHR in 2015, KISQ flipped to AC in 2016), and the same happened in Detroit, where the company also owns urban AC WMXD, urban contemporary WJLB and former rhythmic AC WDTW-FM (now WLLZ). Clear Channel claimed no responsibility for its failure to warn residents, maintaining that the city should have used the Emergency Alert System to trigger automatic equipment in place at all U.S. radio stations. [30][31] Shareholders received either $36 in cash, or one share of CC Media Class A common stock for each share of Clear Channel common stock held. Still other branding can be heard, however, when a preferred format name is already in use by another station in the market. iHeartMedia's Oldies stations consists largely of FM stations with some AM stations. iHeartMedia Alternative Stations usually are branded as "Radio" (such as Radio 104.5 (WRFF) in Philadelphia or Channel 93.3 (KTCL) in Denver), or "ALT" (Alt 98.7 (KYSR) in Los Angeles). [127] This led to the company's dismissal of several of their own employees, including popular and high-profile hosts in a number of cities. In markets where iHeartMedia-owned news talk stations have not been profitable (such as Boston and Atlanta), iHeartMedia has chosen to sell shows such as Limbaugh and Coast to Coast AM to their rivals and change the stations to other formats. In a few markets, iHeartMedia has an FM station carrying Hispanic programming full-time. Most sports talk stations owned by iHeartMedia are affiliated with Fox Sports Radio. [22] This was just under a 10 percent premium above its closing price of $35.36 a share on November 16 (the deal values Clear Channel at $37.60 per share). The following is a list of radio stations currently owned by iHeartMedia. After failing to see any significant ratings gains from these moves, Clear Channel showed signs of abandoning this strategy when it changed KNST-FM to country music in February 2013 as KYWD. Also WOFX, Cincinnati, owned by Clear Channel at the time continued to play songs that were on the alleged list, even though radio headquarters was in Cincinnati at the time. Some Hot AC stations lean modern rock while others lean toward adult rock. Spanning at least 10 different Christmas genres, iHeartRadio has got you covered with these commercial-free digital channels just for you! [55][56] In April 2019, the company also filed a proposed initial public offering. The formats ranged from mainstream formats, music genre niches, lifestyles to the highly experimental. This included the restructuring of its Markets Group into three divisions (the "Regions" division for its largest markets, the "Metropolitan" division for other major cities, and the "Communities" division for smaller markets) and adding a "multi-market partnerships" unit, and the announced development of "centers of excellence" that would use its technology investments to "provide a better experience for listeners and business partners and a more efficient process for all of its employees". [3] Another 201 stations are up for sale. Listen to music you love. The division is run by Spanish radio executive Alfredo Alonso, who joined the company in September 2004 as Senior Vice President of Hispanic Radio.[125]. [17][18][19], In 2000, Clear Channel acquired Robert F. X. Sillerman's SFX Entertainment, a concert promoter that had focused on consolidation of regional promoters under a national operation. In a few markets an iHeartMedia FM station carries a rap based Spanish format known as Hurban, which blends Spanish dance music with rhythm and blues hits as well as some Hip Hop. Examples include San Diego, California, on KUSS 95.7 (which became KOGO-FM after simulcasting KOGO (AM), replacing country music), Sacramento, California on KGBY 92.5 (which became KFBK-FM after simulcasting KFBK, replacing hot adult contemporary), in Tucson, Arizona, on KTZR-FM (which became KNST-FM after simulcasting KNST, replacing Spanish top 40), in Schenectady, New York (WGY-FM/103.1, simulcasting WGY/810, replacing rock WHRL) and Syracuse, New York (WSYR-FM/106.9 simulcasting WSYR/570, displacing urban AC "Power" to WHEN/620).

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