1971 Amber is found in several regions of the world, but the most prized source is the Baltic region and west coast of Denmark. Tage Hansen also produced more mainstream silver jewellery, as well as tourist souvenirs. by As Erik Bohr, Chairman of the Lunning Committee wrote, " Bent Gabrielsen's jewelry carries absolute conviction as to its function; his handling of materials is so restrained and well considered that one feels this could hardly be otherwise.

Karl Gustav Hansen was born in 1914 and followed in his father's footsteps to become a silvesmith. Amongst her earliest prestigious contributions were jewellery for the Norwegian exibition at the XII Triennale in Milan 1960, and Expo 67, the Montreal World's Fair in Canada. His pewter hollowware from that period commands very high prices today. Apprenticed to Marius Hammer. Purchases by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 1933.

BERG, A.P  Ultimately, David Andersen bought both the Myhre & Prydz lines.

The jewellery is cast and hand-crafted to an appearance as were the jewellery just to leave that ancient workshop, from where it originated.

Bluitgen opened his own studio in 1961 and was one of the founders of the Danish Crafts Council .

The quality of the original pictures varies greatly com •• www . If you find items not in my Just Andersen started making jewellery In his own workshop in 1918, having received a kickstart from Mogens Ballin with a 3 year project to decorate an altar in Copenhagen. Use the information "Alpacca Silber" in German or "Alpaca Silver" in English. He had the right idea, for the initial kr 2,000 investment , which he had saved from his salary as an apprentice, gradually led to the development of one of the largest gold and silversmiths in Scandinavia. • RJA President’s Display Award 1977, New York In 2007 he was awarded the coveted Karl Gustav Hansen Prize. In the 1940s and 50s Borgila cooperated with Anton Michelsen’s subsidiary in Sweden.

He later moved to Auran Kultaseppä Oy, the second oldest Finnish jewelry maker, from 1971 to 1989, Piekäinen was artistic director and head designer. In the 1950s David-Andersen took the initiative to foster young and innovative designers of modernist 'Scandinavian Design' silver jewellery, with or without enamel, and these much sought-after pieces all bear the initials of the designer, preceded by INV (inventor). After Georg Jensen’s death in 1935, Nielsen became the artistic leader of the company. The finds all date back to the Bronze Age (1500-400 BC) Iron Age (400 BC-800 AD) and Viking Age (800-1050 AD) Tone Vigeland eventually had a major international break-through in 1981, exhibiting in the London gallery 'Electrum' . Started in the early 1985 in Aarhus, Denmark, this producer of very high quality jewellery rose very quickly to prominence due to its innovative designs. • Finalist in the International Craft Competition 2001, Itami Therefore, hallmarking is generally done before the piece goes for its final polishing. POLISH SILVER HALLMARKS: 1920-1931

In 1940 Hans Hansen died, and the now 25 year old Karl Gustav took over the family firm, designing jewellery and increasingly flatware and hollowware. dates for which I have seen the accompanying mark - they do not made an error, so please report it using the "Contact" link below. Many of these designs incorporated semi-precious stones, both in pendants, brooches and rings. or Meka Reklamegaver, registered in Holte, north of Copenhagen, from1951 to 1989.

Austria-Hungary ~ 1867 - 1922 ~ Large Marks.950 1867-1872.900 1867-1872.800 1867-1872.750 1867-1872.950 1872-1922.900 1872-1922.800 1872-1922.750 1872-1922; The Dianakopf or Diana's head mark first used in 1867, the cartouche shape and number within indicate the silver fineness. profile | register | preferences | faq | search. If you would like to suggest amendments to attributions or to expand 2.

Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, it is still a family business with Lynggaard's daughter Charlotte assisting her father as designer and goldsmith. The first group contains the name of the firm in Hungarian – "SZANDRIK" and two letters "A" and "E", which I suppose means "Alpakka Ezüst", i.e. The designs are innovative, especially in the beautiful guilloche enamel floral pieces such as the cala lily, which was made in several colours including a number of blues, white and deep red.

The dates in the "Dates seen" column are the earliest and latest The brand is now  one of Britain's leading jewellery companies, winning many prestigious awards, and Ola Gorie was herself recently awarded the MBE. Another member of the team was Odvar Pettersen, who was the production manager, but he also designed a couple of pieces. It was his mission to create affordable quality jewellery in modern designs. Most Plus Design pieces feature the signature of the designer as well as ND in a box and + in a box. Authentic replicas of jewelry of the past, mainly from the Scandinavian countries, but also some that originate from the Baltic Region, Great Britain, Germany and Holland. Most famous for works designed by. One of his most successful creations was “Connections”, with its click and turn clasp mechanism.

High quality Danish silversmith working in Copenhagen, established 1933. Art Competition, Certificate of Excellence 1988, NY Founded in Turku in 1953 and still manufacturing jewellery, their middle market, stylish products have been widely exported to Europe and North America. The old hallmarks were as unique as today's logos, and disputes often arose when one company copied another's stamp. These forums are not open to the public and require special authorization to view or post. It was so large that it had several hundred employees, and provided apprenticeships for many famous silversmiths, for instance Hans Hansen and much later, Bent Knudsen. His son-in-law Hilmer Jensen joined the management team in 1960, and took over the firm in 1986 after Niels Erik's death.

The company was wound up a few years later. Much of this was exported. French silver made for export carries an assay mark in the shape of the head of Mercury, along with a number to indicate the millesimal fineness: "1" for .920, "2" for .840 and "3" for .750. In general however, and quite logically, larger pieces will bear the script signature, smaller ones the initials. There are two distinct styles in the From production.

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Workshop continued after his death in 1976. Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, it is still a family business with Lynggaard's daughter Charlotte assisting her father as designer and goldsmith. He still lives there. He was immediately hired by the Hans Hansen Solvsmedie and worked there until 1969. During World War II Hungary suffered German occupation (1944), followed by the Soviet occupation and the loss of the war.

Large and renowned Danish silversmith, whose initials W&SS stand for founders, Brødrene W & S Sørensen of Horsens, a market town on the east coast of Jutland. He insisted that everything leaving his workshop bore one of his stamps, J.HULL or Jacob, or Jacob Hull in script or etched initials, and it is thus likely that any unstamped piece was made without his knowledge or approval. Well, at least we all had fun trying to solve this puzzle! W&SS- Horsens Sølvvarefabrik. He was Georg Jensen’s first apprentice and produced many designs in silver and gold for the company whilst he was foreman of the jewellery workshop.

These items cover everything from golf tees to Christmas decorations. 1. The company closed in 1973. Pieces by this company are highly prized, not only for the innovative designs, but also because it only existed for 10 years, from 1961 to 1971. |Hallmark ID This same system was also used to frame gold hallmarks. Much of Dennung's work is bold, in the so-called Brutalist style, and requires a lot of material, so he tended to use silver plate over base. the Hungarian silversmith Zoltan Popovits born 1940, who started working for Lapponia in 1975.

Matti Hyvärinen, started his career as a trainee at his father’s workshop in 1953 but soon established his own studio at the age of 21, founding Sirokoru Ltd in 1958. He also started the retail outlets ' House of Amber', now widely represented internationally, especially in China.

The jewelry is recreated in Bronze, Sterling Silver, 8 and 14 carat gold by skilled goldsmiths at Vissenbjerg near Odense. MIC was the maker's mark used for items produced in Sweden, and this mark is often seen on Gertrud Engel designs of the 1950s, although they were also made in Denmark. The workshop was in operation from 1949 to 1990. He was to become head of sales, head of production and product development and even rose to the post of managing director. 4. addition to the tables of makers' marks the site now also includes a section on Amongst her earliest prestigious contributions were jewellery for the Norwegian exibition at the. Their creations, always marked Bent K, and clearly inspired by Bent's time at Hans Hansen, exhibited the understated, clear and simple lines that are the hallmark of Danish Modern. For more details click here (under development). These can however be extended by any competent jeweller, as they have usually been assembled with simple jump rings. Closed 1980. ANDERSEN, Just , (Just A) But Bahner also produced simple, non-figurative designs in the Art Deco style.

Every single detail of his things is worked out.

His whole family became involved in the production and sale until 1993. In the first half of the twentieth century the company was best known for cutlery (flatware) and hollowware, and to a lesser extent, jewellery.

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