I'm happy to say that I’ve completely overcome my anxiety toward cooking. The fear of cooking is called “mageirocophobia.” Don’t let mageirocophobia ruin your life. My worst day in class was during the baking module, when we were making laminated dough for croissants. Instead, try starting with some small, single meal experiments on your own. Another good book is the Moosewood’s Low-Fat Favorites from the restaurant in Ithaca. How to chop and dice an onion efficiently. Read through the entire recipe from start to finish several times before even considering cooking it. Choose recipes without many pages of instructions, a multitude of steps, and a dozen implements; those are for more seasoned pros. Buy all the ingredients several days before you get started. These recipes don’t ask for wild ingredients. Each little success will improve your confidence and sense of adventure. 6)      Make your dish for a supportive audience. This developed into a panic attack and I had to take myself outside. I often don't measure. I want them to always be able to whip up a healthy meal in a few minutes.

. They are the side dish to my vegetables. If you have had some bad cooking experiences, you might even feel intimidated. If you feel anxious all the time for several weeks, or if it feels like your fears are taking over your life, then it’s a good idea to ask your doctor for help, or try one of the websites or numbers listed at the back of this booklet. I love to cook, but I didn’t always like it. Another way to boost confidence is to find a learning partner. That's the only way to stretch yourself, make new discoveries, find exciting things.

When you mindfully cook, you learn how to taste to get the spices and flavor just right.

I’ve read through it and it is absolutely awesome. Make yourself very familiar with the instructions. Or, look for recipes where making a half batch seems like it would work. It’s a skill enjoyed by millions the world over, so there must be something fun and fulfilling about it, right? Also, pick dishes that rely on ingredients easily obtained at your local grocery store.

One strategy is not to eat what you cooked that same night  (many dishes taste better after they've been in a the fridge for a day anyway.) Growing up, I was always striving to be the best, to accomplish things — good grades, varsity tennis player, newspaper editor. I have How to Cook Everything Vegetarian and it is great! However, some of us pick up this skill faster than others. It has so much useful information about vegetarian and low-meat cooking as well, describing all the ingredients used in the book in great detail as to where it comes from. Funny and informative article. Even the best chefs produce an occasional dud! However, some of us pick up this skill faster than others. It's usually the 2nd or 3rd try that I get the dish exactly how I like it. Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today. It is only when it is severe and long-lasting that doctors class it as a mental health problem. You can’t expect to have good health if you continue eating processed convenience foods, no matter how much you try to skew your intake of macronutrients to reflect the latest diet trend.

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