Some people may even call it a rolled edge. Each of the topics that you listed are accomplished using a serger.

I normally always hem on my sewing machine. Sergers also provide the decorative artfulness to clothing projects as well as other home upholstery products, such as cushions, covers, curtains. Secondly, this article explains the flatlock technique: Partly because it would be expensive to do so and partly because there are some colors I would only use once and that would be a waste. Besides, the weight astonishingly low makes the portability is the main talking feature of Juki MO654DE Serger. It can offer you narrow hem, rolled hem… to finish the edges of napkins or tablecloths, ruffles, scarves and more. See this video about making a 3-thread overlock stitch: The 4-thread overlock is the most common stitch and usually for finishing seams on clothes based on its strength and durability. You may also need to adjust your differential feed.

I believe you will understand more about Singer 14T968DC Serger by watching the video below: Is there a serger machine powerful enough to do the jobs perfectly but still compact to suit the limited workplace space? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. You also can use a serger to sew multiple layers of fabrics together and add decorative variations such as ribbons, elastics, sequins to your workpiece. The Singer 14T968DC Serger is perfect for home projects and professional use as well, as long as the users have a good idea of basic/standard sergers in order to be able to understand and use this professional serger in the best way. If your machine is a newer model, it may have a “serge” stitch on it. 2-thread overcast, 2 and 3-thread rolled hem, 3 thread overlock and narrow overlock, 3 thread flatlock, and 4-thread overlock.

It performs a wide variety of stitches, offers clean and perfect edges while being one of the easiest sergers to thread. With this technique, you’ll get the same effect. As you sew, pull the elastic in that quadrant until it lays flat and then stitch that quadrant while holding the stretched elastic as you sew. It can offer you narrow hem, rolled hem… to finish the edges of napkins or tablecloths, ruffles, scarves and more.

You should look for a serger with the range of about 0.5 to 5 mm and the stitch length can be customized whenever needed. In next part of tutorial, I show you another way. My name is David and I hope you can help with some advice about machines please. Do not hesitate to send us your own questions by commenting right below this review article! To figure out how much elastic to cut, measure your waist. You can refer to this video to know more about sewing 2-thread flatlock: Or learn about a 2-thread serger rolled hem here: The 3-thread overlock is used typically in stretchy knitted items as well as woven fabrics or to make a blind hem. Required fields are marked *. With this Brother 2340CV Serger, do not hesitate to try some popular new fabric blends to create your unique fashion. Change ). I’m a visual learner and I think most people are.

So, it’s very necessary to refer to my above reviews and other analysis to determine your need, then you will quickly find out the best serger for you. The Juki MO-1000 Serger possesses the air threader technology, which can surprise you how easy it is to thread the right or left needles with it. 13 things you need to know about a serger (overlocker). Repeat until you have all 4 quadrants sewn. So, even though you hear it is a “no no” to use regular thread when serging, I do. My reviews here are to ease your difficulty in selecting. The Brother Designio DZ1234 serger is a real package because of the wide variety of stitch functions provided and its high-quality serging capacity. Hence, you can work with a wide range of fabrics: formal wear, stretchy, thin, knitted, thick, linens, laces, upholstery… It will also help you produce professional-grade lettuce edges and ruffles. 9 Steps To Hem A T-shirt With A Serger Step 1: First, you need to make a pattern by using certain modifications to make it match with the serger. You want it to lie flat. This lesson will expand on how to use differential feed to create a stretching effect on the fabric which results in a beautiful lettuce edge finish. You can hem a stretchy t-shirt. The Brother 1034D Serger has a wide range of functions, and almost every major function can be adjusted according to user needs.

Thank you! On mine, I take out the left needle, which leaves only the right needle for this process. Besides adjusting the type of fabric and your stitch width, I can do quick color changes simply with this serger by cutting the threads behind the feeders, then tie the new color thread on and run it out on the leftover fabric. Just use the width of zig zag stitch you prefer. In that case, reset the stitch width and make your stitches wider than they are now. Let me ask those questions again… can you put in the elastic with a serger? Refer to this video for your exploration about this type of serger machine: Users often pay attention to the robustness and adjustment of the serger without paying attention to the noise that this kind of machine will produce due to its high working speed.

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