Earwigs can be found in almost any zone, although they more likely to inhabit southern climates. Smear a little oil inside the container just underneath the rim, or add a … Pour into a spray bottle. Rubbing alcohol and water – Mix rubbing alcohol and water together to spray at earwigs onsite. Does vinegar get rid of earwigs? Oftentimes, they can be found in basements and woodpiles. Sink a deep container half-full of soapy water into the ground underneath a tree or plant where earwigs have been enjoying a nightly meal. They like decaying wood and plant material, and dark, damp spaces. You can use vinegar as a repellent to keep pincher bugs away. Mix water and white vinegar in equal parts. [2] X Research source Do this whenever you spot earwigs in or around your home. Make sure it is buried at ground level so that they can crawl right in. And Then spray it around your home or garden where you suspect earwigs are. This method can be used to kill earwigs immediately. How to Get Rid of Earwigs the “Natural Way” Encouraging the use of your yard-scape by earwig predators, including frogs, toads, and insectivorous songbirds, is a solid natural way to keep pincher-bug numbers under control. Wipe down the leaves and stalks with a damp cloth to remove the dead bugs. Spray the leaves of your plant to kill earwigs, as well as damp corners of your home or garden where you have spotted the bugs.

The earwigs and other critters die in no time at all. Fill up your spray bottle with a mixture of half rubbing alcohol and half water. Wear gloves to avoid getting the spray on your hands, and spray down any infestations. Dish soap and water – Mix dish soap and water to spray down areas where you have found earwigs to be crawling. Fill a spray bottle with warm water. Add a few drops of dish soap and shake the mixture gently until it is soapy. You can use it on door frames and windows, and especially your foundation where there are cracks or entry points.

You might have trouble spotting onenot only are they quick movers, they are also nocturnal, and tend to hide out during the day when you are tending the garden. Spray a mixture of dish soap and water if you want to avoid pesticides.

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