After two weeks of watering, a properly installed sod lawn will be rooted and ready to go. You can stretch the sod slightly. Frequent or heavy lawn use can disturb the new roots forming underneath the sod, leading to a less than stellar lawn down the road. After the first week, you can reduce the irrigation schedule to every other day, and then twice per week as the sod begins to take root. Use this as a way to determine how much to water each time until the sod and native soil bond. Plan the project for a day when the weather forecast is clear, as rain can delay your efforts. Water frequently and mow when the grass is 3 inches. Sod should be installed within 24-48 hours of arrival and should be stored in a well-shaded area if possible. In an out of the way part of your yard, lay down a piece of sod grass. Need Help? Make sure that you don’t walk on the newly placed sod while you’re laying it out. The goal is to end up with a level stretch of soil that is about an inch below the surrounding surfaces. Pack the sod into place, making sure there aren't air pockets between the sod and soil. If you have gaps between the end of your row and the edge of your lawn, cut pieces to fit. Water it daily for the first week, preferably in the morning, and avoid walking on it as much as possible.

My Lawn App by Scotts helps simplify your lawn care. These are generally color-coded and include a chart for easy reading. This allows the sod to come up easier. Lay smaller rows of sod along the perimeter of flower beds, driveways and walkways, and fill in small seams with more topsoil. © 2002-2020 The Scotts Company LLC. Measure the Space and Buy Sod If you currently have grass in that area, set your lawn mower to the lowest setting and cut the grass in that area. Laying sod, on the other hand, is a path to near-instant gratification. After you’ve laid the first row, smooth out any areas that have wrinkled or bunched up, but be careful not to step on it. Learn how to work with nature, the climate and your watering system to water your lawn efficiently. Order your landscape tools online. Sod can turn any lawn into the talk of the neighborhood in a day. Since the average human step is roughly three feet, walk the perimeter and multiply the number of steps by three to determine the length and width. Start along a straight edge in your yard and unroll the first row of sod.

Use a. Unroll the first roll of sod against the longest edge of surrounding landscaping or concrete, making sure the entire length makes contact with the soil below it. We recommend using a push mower as new patches are still fragile at this time. Adding a layer of Scotts® Turf Builder® LawnSoil™ will help the new roots grow and bond quickly with the native soil. Continue Laying Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Food helps grass grow thick, strong, and green, leaving little room for weeds. Just follow these 7 steps to do a DIY sod installation. Make sure that you don’t walk on the newly placed sod while you’re laying it out. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format:

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