Official data on forced internal displacement was limited in part because gangs controlled many of the neighborhoods that were sources of internal displacement (see section 6, Displaced Children). NGOs reported irregularities, including problems with voter rolls, buying and selling of electoral workers’ credentials, and lack of transparency in campaign financing. Early and Forced Marriage: The minimum legal age of marriage for both boys and girls is 18 with parental consent. One opposition politician told us that some of his colleagues were stopped by armed men in Locomapa as they headed to a meeting. In 2012, a U.S. citizen reported that his boat was boarded and his passengers were the victims of an armed robbery while sailing in Honduran waters near Puerto Cortes, three miles north of Punta Sal. When possible, travel in groups. Targeted killings, massacres, and deadly riots have all occurred in Honduras' maximum-security prisons this year, putting a spotlight on how violence has spiraled... Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial 3.0, Yet Another Presidential Candidate in Honduras Accused of Embezzlement, Demand for Illegal Alcohol Claiming Hundreds of Lives Across Region, Latin America’s History of Dirty Cops, Ministers and Generals, The Jaguar King Who Founded Honduras’ Little French Key Zoo, Drug Flights Climb Again in Honduras and Guatemala, Crashed Plane in Colombia May Be Example of ‘Cloned Craft’, The Logging Barons of Catacamas, Honduras, Honduras Unable to Curb Rising Violence Inside Prisons. The three major union federations and several civil society groups noted that many companies paid the fines that government authorities imposed but continued to violate the law. The father of the boys, Dario Urbina Fernández, married Lilian Soto and eventually became mayor of Yoro. On the way, we passed numerous trucks carrying large amounts of pine wood exiting the area. The country last held national and local elections in November 2017. Coxen Hole on the island of Roatan should be avoided after dark. He said they were told to turn around, return to town and not bother campaigning in that area. Still, it is questionable how far its different units are coordinated across borders, or even within the same city. On December 2, one year after seven individuals were found guilty of the murder of Berta Cáceres, a court finally handed down prison sentences against them. Contact the Webmaster to submit comments. There was pervasive gang-related violence, and the government failed to control criminal activity effectively within the prisons. LGBTI groups continued working with the Violent Crimes Task Force, Ministry of Security, and Office of the Special Prosecutor for Human Rights to address concerns about intimidation, fear of reprisals, and police corruption. Urbina Soto refused our overtures to meet and did not speak to us when we were there, but he did, according to prosecutors, meet regularly with his longtime political operators. It's also a good … Violence was often rooted in a broader context of conflict over land and natural resources, extensive corruption, lack of transparency and community consultation, other criminal activity, and limited state ability to protect the rights of vulnerable communities. There were not enough trained inspectors, however, to deter violations sufficiently. Rape and Domestic Violence: The law criminalizes all forms of rape of men or women, including spousal rape. After one of them erroneously reported that the mayor had been freed, they all scrambled for the buses and returned to Yoro. In past years, several U.S. citizens have been murdered in San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba shortly after arriving in the country. The mayor was also tapped to run the presidential campaign in the department for the National Party. The law prohibits certain public service employees from striking. Every day seems like visitors’ day, as dozens of people go in and out of the jail to see their relatives, friends and patrons.

Some companies also delayed appointing or failed to appoint representatives for required STSS-led mediation, a practice that prolonged the mediation process and impeded the right to strike. Despite a recent downward trend, the murder rate remains among the highest in the world. The Agroindustrial Worker’s Federation, a labor syndicate, reported two cases of threats against union leaders (see section 7.a.). Authorities eventually forced these traffickers to move from the highway into Locomapa and its surroundings, which gives way to the northern coast, specifically a road that stretches between La Ceiba, the country’s third largest city in Atlántida state, and Tocoa, the capital of the neighboring state of Colón. The STSS is responsible for enforcing the national minimum wage, hours of work, and occupational health and safety laws, but it did so inconsistently and ineffectively. Both legal parties asserted their right to review additional evidence that investigators had collected but not analyzed, including electronics such as laptops, cell phones, memory sticks, and tablets. Through June more than 5,800 members of the armed forces received human rights training from military and nongovernmental organization (NGO) instructors.

Mayor Urbina Soto in Yoro reportedly did just that — providing the 20-strong police unit with gasoline for their patrol cars and paying for the maintenance of the vehicles, among other things — so they would keep watch over their illicit operations. “They have total control of the Yoro Department,” one investigator wrote. Displaced Children: Many children lived on the streets. At least six people died and dozens more were injured between April and June. The arrests came amidst a wave of law enforcement actions against mayors. His closest competitor got just over 4,000 votes. This raised further concerns over the shrinking space for civil society in the country. Cookie Statement The judicial system was legally responsible for monitoring prison conditions and providing for the rights of prisoners. They charged them with abuse of authority and misuse of public funds. Through October 2018 the national prisons had approximately 1,160 female prisoners, 810 of whom the government detained at the National Women’s Social Adjustment penitentiary. There were no reports of such cases during the year, although authorities charged some protesters with sedition. No Safe Place: Salvadorans, Guatemalans and Hondurans seeking asylum in Mexico based on their sexual orientation and/or gender indentity. Reports linked many of these homicides to organized crime and gangs. While there were cases where a worker was reinstated, such as the reinstatement of a union leader in Tegucigalpa following his unlawful dismissal, the reinstatement process in the courts was unduly long, lasting from six months to more than five years. The law mandates that the Supreme Auditing Tribunal monitor and verify disclosures. As of September officials reported that 151 prisoners were being treated for tuberculosis. Workers reported that the presence and participation of the STSS reduced the risk that employers would dismiss the union’s founders and later claim they were unaware of efforts to unionize. In general the killings took place during law enforcement operations or were linked to other criminal activity by government agents. This is in part due to the decentralization of political power in the country. “He is still popular,” Urbina said. The law allows the release of other suspects pending formal charges, on the condition that they periodically report to authorities. These reporting centers were in addition to the 298 government-operated women’s offices–one in each municipality–that provided a wide array of services to women, focusing on education, personal finance, health, social and political participation, environmental stewardship, and prevention of gender-based violence. In all, another witness told authorities, they stole over 500 hectares of the Puente’s lands. Female victims of domestic violence are entitled to certain protective measures. Respect for the Integrity of the Person, Including Freedom from: a. Corruption and Lack of Transparency in Government, Section 5. This raised further concerns over the shrinking space for civil society in the country. Despite a recent downward trend, the murder rate remains among the highest in the world. Independent Monitoring: The government generally permitted prison visits by independent local and international human rights observers, including the International Committee of the Red Cross. Prohibition of Forced or Compulsory Labor, c. Prohibition of Child Labor and Minimum Age for Employment, d. Discrimination with Respect to Employment and Occupation,, As of September the PMOP had approximately 4,500 personnel organized into eight of 10 planned battalions and was present in all 18 departments. The HNP recovered an additional person through negotiations, one victim remained captive, and two victims were killed while in captivity. Defendants may receive free assistance of an interpreter. Unions also raised concerns about the use of temporary contracts and part-time employment, suggesting that employers used these mechanisms to prevent unionization and avoid providing full benefits. (He lost in the primaries.) They noted that Mario and Miguel Angel Urbina Soto each had permits for their weapons, and they said that the mayor was a “servant of society,” and should not be taken away from his job. Conversely, media sources reported in October that two soldiers were ambushed and killed near Tocoa, Colon, as they sought peacefully to remove protesters from blocking a road. Following months of investigations into postelection violence, the HNP and the Public Ministry’s Technical Agency for Criminal Investigations (ATIC) concluded 22 investigations into alleged human rights violations by members of both the HNP and PMOP and passed the cases to the Public Ministry for possible prosecution. Authorities headed straight to the mayor’s house, placed a detonator on his door, and blew it open. Authorities generally respected these rights. The former mayor’s sister, Congresswoman Diana Patricia, also appeared unapologetic and defiant. CONAPREV registered 25 deaths through September and confirmed four inmates died from violence within the prison. Violence was at its peak in the country, and Hernández was running on a law and order platform. Access to Asylum: The law allows for the granting of asylum or refugee status. The prospect of another Urbina Soto in the mayor’s office has some people scared.

Kidnappings have occurred in recent years, with large ransoms paid and infrequent capture of the kidnappers. After two months in a high security jail, they were transferred in November to the Olanchito detention centre, where they remained at the end of the year. However, in September, seven other human rights defenders were charged and detained pending trial. The STSS has the power to declare a work stoppage illegal, and employers may discipline employees consistent with their internal regulations, including firing strikers, if the STSS rules that a work stoppage is illegal.

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