I also presented a paper entitled “Hyperloop Safety Study”. The initials HARP stand for “Hyperloop Advanced Research Partnership”. The railroads are moving toward a passenger-style system in which it is the responsibility of the customer to get his goods to the train depot to meet a schedule rather than have the railroad assemble trains based on what the customer sends to them.

The recent change in administration is likely to revive interest in high speed rail. Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT), DC2RVA Town of Ashland /Hanover County Area CAC Webpage, Innovation & Technology Subcommittee Agenda, Presidents Robert Lindgren's Public Comments (2:55), Ashland Supervisor Prichard's Comments (9:42), Final Commonwealth Transportation Board DC2RVA Resolution, Mayor Foley's Letter to the Ashland Community (2017-10-05), View the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Town of Ashland Video about the Three Track Trench (2017-09-20), Mayor Foley's Letter to the Ashland Community (2017-08-31), Mayor Foley's Letter to the Ashland Community (2017-07-21), Mayor Foley's Letter to the Ashland Community (2017-05-01), Ashland Resolution Thanking DRPT and the CTB (2016-12-20), Joint Town-Hanover-RMC Letter to DRPT Supporting Ashland Separation from Process (2016-12-08), Mayor Foley's Letter to the Ashland Community (2016-12-07), Ashland Resolution Supporting Request of DRPT (2016-12-06), anover County Board of Supervisors Resolution Regarding DC2RVA Rail Improvements (2016-11-28), Draft Environmental Impact Study received via FOIA - THIS IS NOT THE FINAL ONE SUBMITTED TO FRA (2016-11-11), Mayor Foley Letter to the Community (2016-10-28), Interim Town Manager Summary of Steps Taken to Date (2016-10-28), Ashland High Speed Rail Resolution (2016-07-05, Ashland High Speed Rail Resolution (2009-06-16), Ashland Rail Corridor Resolution (2008-04-15). (Last year’s was at the University of California — here is what I wrote about that successful event). I replied expressing my strong support for the proposal. In this post, let’s take a look at a response to the first question: new technology.

The resolution by the CTB is a recommendation to the Federal Railroad Administration who will make the ultimate decision on the track improvements throughout the 123 mile DC2RVA corridor. Posted on November 19, 2017 by Ian Sutton. I replied expressing my strong support for the proposal. It is my impression that there are fewer CSX trains these days. But for now, I say that I started my presentation with two simple questions that must always be asked when starting a new project, or looking at new technology: My remarks were focused on the second question, “Is it safe?”. Is there a way of expanding our transportation network (as distinct from merely the railway network) without causing so much disruption? High Speed Rail Ashland VA. Ashland High Speed Rail Historic Designation. HARP organizes an annual conference. The recent change in administration is likely to revive interest in high speed rail. In fact, there are two answers. I think that the answer to this question is “Yes”. Please spread the word about HARP and what promises to be an interesting and useful meeting. I wonder if the project will do better than what has happened in California. For now, I would like to introduce an organization called HARP and to provide a plug for the organization’s upcoming conference. View the Town of Ashland/Hanover County Alternatives Page. Therefore we need to keep the “No High Speed Rail” project active. It is an integral part the team opposing the Third Track through Ashland. This article from the Richmond Times Dispatch describes the work done by students at Virginia Commonwealth University to do with designing hyperloop pods. Virginia has $3.7 billion deal to expand rail service between Richmond and Washington. Agenda, Presentation, Comment Report, Full Comment Responses, D.C. to Richmond Southeast High Speed Rail :: Town of Ashland/Hanover County Area CAC, Three Track Trench Town Council Worksession, September 6, 2017, Agenda and Video, Presentation Doc1, Presentation Doc2, Presentation Doc3, DC2RVA Ashland/Hanover County Area Community Advisory Committee Meetings #1-4, May - August 2017, Commonwealth Transportation Board, April 18, 2017, Commonwealth Transportation Board, February 16, 2017, Ashland Resolutions, Analysis, and Updates. High Speed Rail Ashland VA. Ashland Amtrak’s Long-Term Vision. In addition to questions to do with track capacity, if ever we get frequent, reliable train service to northern Virginia, the impact on the quality of life in Ashland (both good and bad) needs to be considered. Do you have a request or concern? Here are the requirements for a new form of long distance transportation: So, is there a form of transportation that meets these requirements? The recent change in administration is likely to revive interest in high speed rail. Posted on November 9, 2020 by Ian Sutton. Three Track Trench Town Council Worksession, September 6, 2017 Well, the natural solution to the problem of adding capacity to the existing railroad in the Ashland area is to go underground, i.e., to build a tunnel for the new trains, and to keep the existing tracks … The conference followed the Space-X competition, hosted by Elon Musk, in nearby Hawthorne. Through the DC2RVA alternatives development process and related community meetings, DRPT recognized the unique nature of the Town of Ashland and Hanover County area, and that many of the alternatives for greater rail capacity in this area generated community concerns. Sign up to receive email or text notifications. To promote the collaboration, research, funding, and knowledge sharing necessary for the development of high-speed tube transportation networks and standards around the world. On Wednesday, December 6 the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) unanimously adopted a resolution supporting option 5A (the 3-2-3 option) through the Ashland/Hanover portion of the DC2RVA corridor. One reason for opposing a third track through the town of Ashland is that it would damage the historic properties that are located on or near the tracks. My study overlooks the tracks running through Ashland. In the mean time we see articles such as this one to do with conventional high speed rail in Texas. Our last post to do with passenger rail service between Richmond and Washington, D.C. referred to a Richmond Times-Dispatch report that discussed the possibility of having hourly Amtrak service between the two cities. I think that the answer is, “Yes”. The Washington Post has just published an article on the same theme. We, as a community, need to keep a watchful eye on the proposal to drive a third track through Ashland. If anything, it may increase the number of cars as customers respond to the more efficient service. So what does this have to do with the proposed “high speed” rail project? From the beginning of the controversy I felt that there should be a technical solution to the problems that were raised. Moreover, the trains seem to be shorter, on average, and we see very few of the double-stacked containers that were introduced a couple of years ago. Let us know about it. As many of you know I continue to follow the development of hyperloop technology. Posted in Amtrak, Ashland, dc2rvarail, High Speed Rail Leave a comment Virginia has $3.7 billion deal to expand rail service between Richmond and Washington Posted on …

The issue has not gone away. Although immediate actions have been shelved for now we need to keep our guard up. The resolution includes language intended to limit property acquisition along the tracks in Ashland and protect property and operations at Randolph-Macon College. The natural question that citizens of Ashland have is, “How can they fit more trains on the existing tracks?” (One answer may be that freight traffic is declining — that will be the topic of a future post.). Therefore we need to keep the “No High Speed Rail” project active. Where can I find the answers to my frequently asked questions? After all, if there is one industry that is in turmoil right now, it is transportation (think drones, autonomous vehicles, electric cars, Uber). Last week I attended a Hyperloop conference at UCLA in Los Angeles. Are other people noticing something similar? I will post details later. An Amtrak train passes through Ashland, Virginia, Feb. 7, 2016. 1. The museum also has an online donation form.). But JIT would not change the overall amount of traffic. Speeds at least equal to that of airplanes; Radically reduced impact on the climate as compared to conventional trains, trucks and airplanes; The highest levels of energy efficiency; and.

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