All Rights Reserved. At this time, the stress relief method of heating at a temperature below 450 ℃ can be used, and part of the stress can also be eliminated. Therefore, the main purpose of austenitic stainless steel heat treatment is not to change the mechanical properties, but to improve corrosion resistance. Generally, the content of Cr is 17~30%, and the content of Ni is 3~13%. After heating at a high temperature and cooling at a certain speed, the structure is basically martensite. Isothermal annealing, which can replace complete annealing to achieve the purpose of complete annealing. Pressure vessels and piping carrying hot oils, steam, etc. Stainless steel is characterized by the composition of a large number of alloy elements mainly composed of Cr, which is the basic condition of stainless steel and corrosion resistance. For tools, C can reach 0.8~1.0%, and some are to improve the stability of tempering resistance by adding Mo, V,and Nb etc. In general, it’s always best to use a heat treated metal rather than the metal in its orginal form.

The two methods are dependent on the amount of carbon present in the steel. Here are some articles that will explain in detail on each of the above processes. Ever wondered how the gears in your automobile work for years without any breakdown or how a drill is able to make a hole in steel even after numerous holes are made? Tempering between 180~320℃can obtain tempered martensite structure, maintain high hardness and strength. Parameters like toughness, tensile strength, wear resistance, etc. The effect of heating the metals to a particular temperature level like the lower critical limit temperature or the higher critical temperature tends to alter various qualities of the material. There are many classification methods for stainless steel, such as chemical composition, functional characteristics, metallographic structure and heat treatment characteristics. In the GB1200 standard, the recommended heating temperature range: 1000 ~ 1150 ℃, usually 1020-1080 ℃. It has good corrosion resistance in oxidizing media (such as nitric acid) and poor corrosion resistance in reducing media. Compared with ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel and duplex stainless steel, the most prominent feature of martensitic stainless steel is that the mechanical properties can be adjusted in a wide range through heat treatment methods to meet the needs of different use conditions. When the Cr-rich area is formed, there must be a Cr-poor area, which has an adverse effect on the corrosion resistance. ② Stabilization heat treatment of austenitic stainless steel. It needs to heat and hold at 780~830°C, and then to use air cooling or furnace cooling. Heat treatment is required to subdue the internal stresses in the structure and provide a safe working environment. Content includes chemical composition, similar U.S. and foreign alloys, characteristics, and recommended heat treating procedures.

Heat treatment plays a vital role for any steel material to work properly. Therefore, the steel is heated to a high temperature to fully dissolve the C-Cr compound,. Quick access to recommended heat treating information for hundreds of nonferrous alloys, plus composition, trade names, common names, specifications (both U.S. and foreign), available product forms, and typical applications. But for parts that require large hardening depth and mechanical properties, especially high impact toughness, oil cooling should be used. Heat Treatment of Ferritic-Austenitic Duplex Stainless Steel, 5. After re-strengthening by aging, it reduces processing costs and outperforming martensitic steels. It has high corrosion resistance, especially in Cl- containing media and seawater, which has good resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion.

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