This sugar-free loaf does contain a single teaspoon of Stevia, but feel free to leave it out—the rich, bold flavors require no extra sweetening.

You can use this Cool Whip alternative, or you could make homemade whipped cream from whipping cream, which isn't as heavy as heavy cream. Get the recipe: Trust…. It’s also great with bananas, carrots, or simply spread on a Graham cracker. Whip up a batch for an office or after-school treat, or take them along to a holiday cookie swap. So go ahead and make them with your kids, bearing in mind that your biggest challenge will be getting your kids to wait, semi-patiently, for the dough to chill. Possibly the world’s best use for mini muffin tins, these treats combine cocoa powder, coconut, cinnamon, and just a little Stevia to make one of the best healthy candy makeovers we’ve ever seen. Top peanut-butter-sandwich-healthy recipes just for you Explore more recipes . The supplement form of turmeric offers a much more potent dose of the powerhouse curcuminoids.

Appliances (7) Stovetop Cookware (2) Bakeware (1) Gas Grill (1) Griddle (1) Microwave (1) Nonstick Skillet (1) Skillet (1) This recipe uses coconut oil, raisins, and ground chia seeds to make a mixture that will probably be eaten before it makes it into the jar. Pumpkin Pie vs. Apple Pie: Which Is Healthier? This (very) unconventional recipe requires an ice cream maker, but that’s not completely necessary for patient chefs. No oven, no problem! To save time, use precooked rice or cook rice a day ahead. This easy dessert is sure to please your family and friends. The green fruits are full of fiber, vitamins, and enough healthy fats to add a rich, creamy dimension to just about anything. This one-of-a-kind recipe contains no sugar and is instead sweetened with pineapple, strawberries, apple butter, and a bit of maple syrup. Last updated Sep 30, 2020.

Plus, it’s a great protein and healthy fat option for those on a budget.

This recipe suggests using a food processor to create the creamy, smooth peanut butter spread from scratch. PROTEIN But you remembered you've got German chocolate oats cooking in the Crock-Pot. Top with crushed peanuts for extra crunch. every two-tablespoon serving containing 28%, decimating an entire 16-ounce jar in one sitting, Find out how cooking together with the kids helped bring this family closer together, here's our recipe if you're feeling ambitious. Here’s a stew that packs a serious protein punch. It doesn't matter whether you're 1 or 100, this simple treat will put a smile on everyone's face. If you have a peanut allergy, try making your own nut or seed butter. Indonesian food isn’t quite as popular as some other Asian fare, but this meal has officially converted us. The peanut butter in this meaty main dish is combined with apricots, orange juice, and spices to make a flavorful marinade that eventually doubles as a sauce for drizzling. Sometimes called Indonesian tofu, it’s an earthy concoction of fermented soybeans that’s much more delicious than it sounds. Nothing makes us nostalgic quite like peanut butter and jelly, and this recipe manages to revamp the classic combo in snack form. This simple yet compelling meal deftly mixes apples, grapes, chicken, and peanut butter to create a low-carb wrap that works great as a light lunch or afternoon snack. We use bulgur, which cooks faster and is higher in fiber than brown rice, but you could swap in quinoa (or any hearty whole grain).

Peanut butter and banana is a classic combo that's even more delicious with the addition of tangy probiotic-rich kefir. It's one of our favorite foods for weight loss.

© 2020 is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. Dates, goji berries, and cranberries come together to make energy bars with a taste reminiscent of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Okay, there’s no cheese, but the peanut butter turns these tortillas into a decadent breakfast treat that’s about as healthy as quesadillas can get. Mixing quinoa, lentils, and peanut butter, this vegan main has a long list of ingredients, but it’s fairly simple to whip up. here's why you wouldn't necessarily want to, the merits and risks of sugar substitutes, this peanut butter, which just might be the best on the planet.

This creamy peanut dressing is as versatile as it is flavorful. Yogurt plus peanut butter plus a drizzle of honey makes the perfect dip, especially if you add chocolate chips to the mix. And for adults, peanut butter is a perfect stand-alone food that can support weight loss (as long as you're not in the habit of decimating an entire 16-ounce jar in one sitting).

Pan-crisping the noodles here mimics the crunch of the traditional dish, but limits the saturated fat. Healthy Eating (1) Gear. Protein: 11.42 g, Calories: 383.33 The peanut butter is used to make a fructose-free glaze that manages to bring PB and chocolate together without tons of sugar. The creamy nut spread is so versatile and can be used in both sweet or savory recipes. Look for Chinese noodles or lo mein noodles in the Asian or international aisle of major grocery stores. “Cookie” is a little misleading, since this breakfast treat is actually made from oat flour, cinnamon, applesauce, flax, and vanilla.

PEANUT BUTTER Peanut Butter, Strawberry, and Banana Quesadillas, Thai Peanut Soup with Grilled Peanut Butter Croutons, Vegan Lettuce Wraps with Peanut Dipping Sauce, Beef and Cabbage Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce, Tempeh and Green Bean Stir-fry with Peanut Sauce, Barbecued Ribs with Peanut Chipotle Sauce and Tomatillo Corn Salsa, Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt Pops, Chocolate and Avocado Peanut Butter Pudding, Peanut Butter, Maple, and Strawberry Slice, Flourless Sweet Potato Chocolate Brownies with Salted Peanut Butter, Grain-Free Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites, Flourless Chocolate Chip Zucchini Brownies, Quinoa Peanut Butter and Roasted Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches, Apple, Peanut Butter, and Granola Sandwich, Sweet on You: The 15 Best Keto Candy Substitutes of 2020, It’s All About That Baste, ’Bout That Baste, 9 Ways to Make Your Shells & White Cheddar Fancy AF, What to Say When People Undermine Your Healthy Choices, 12 Keto-Friendly Protein Powders That Actually Taste Good, These Stuffed Cinnamon Roll Recipes Are Like Cozy In a Bun, 27 Easy Breakfasts You Can Make in a Crock-Pot, The Cutting Conundrum: How to Lose Fat While Preserving Muscle, 13+ Sugar-Free Energy Bevvies to Combat Your Fatigue. Pitted dates hold it all together while adding extra fiber. Protein: 11.46 g, RELATED: Tobin Heath's Old-School Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Calories: 411.33 Yes, you should grill sweet potatoes. The recipe specifies that you'll be best off with smooth peanut butter that tends toward the drippy, which makes homemade peanut butter a perfect choice (just make sure you keep the oil that rises to the top mixed in). These healthy peanut butter and chocolate energy balls deliver a mixture of simple and complex carbohydrates to help fuel you up whenever you need a little boost. Fat: 17.55 g Carbohydrates: 56.21 g The peanut butter acts as a healthy “frosting,” and does a great job at balancing the recipe’s sweet and savory qualities. Get the recipe from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs. If you prefer a thinner dressing, whisk in more water a teaspoon at a time.

Part pumpkin, part peanut butter, all awesome, this is the perfect cake to serve when friends are over for a cup of coffee. Here's a look at the best ingredients and products out there to get a jolt of energy without the sugar and the crash.

Carbohydrates: 57.17 g Protein: 10.1 g. RELATED: Should You Add Butter To Your Coffee? Sign up for our newsletter to get daily recipes and food news in your inbox! This one combines oats, honey, protein powder, and peanut butter to make a simple, delicious “fudge” that’s practically a health food. For the healthiest possible nut butter, try to pick a brand without any added sugar, salt, or oil (look for varieties where the sole ingredient is peanuts). With this yummy (and gorgeous) recipe in your back pocket, you’ll never be tempted to skip breakfast again. ®/™©2020 Yummly.

Protein: 12.9 g, Calories: 411.33 Not all peanut butters are created equal. Get our recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dip.

6. Peanut butter sandwiches are also portable and convenient, meaning you can make one ahead of time so it's ready to eat before a workout or following a rigorous training session. With no added sugar, this smoothie mixes berries, dates, vanilla, and peanut butter for a liquified version of everyone’s favorite childhood sandwich. The Top 15 Halloween Candies You Should Definitely Avoid, 8 Awesome Benefits of Eating an Apple a Day. We've got you covered with this…, Annie's Shells & White Cheddar mac and cheese is the perfect blank canvas for making new and interesting meals. Edamame make these homemade veggie burgers mean, green protein machines. Get your personalized results . The recipe calls for almost half a cup of sugar among four servings, but feel free to cut it back for a more savory dinner. All Rights Reserved. Peanut sauce, curry paste and quick-pickled carrots give them Thai-inspired flair. Step 1: Spread the peanut & almond butter mixture on both slices of bread, and top one half with sliced bananas. Fat: 21.73 g All of these ingredients make them really high in calories, but they’re a great source of energy for outdoor activities. Not everyone thinks chocolate is the perfect pairing for peanut butter. Eat these as a snack, grab for a quick breakfast or serve as a healthier dessert. SANDWICH These crunchy balls of Rice Krispies and coconut are bolstered by the tangy apple cider and cinnamon, making for a unique, Fall-themed snack that’s great for any occasion. Make good use of crunchy and colorful seasonal produce in these meal-prep-friendly vegetable bowls. The roasted sweet potatoes also add fiber and a layer of sweetness to this hearty meal. Flourless Chocolate Chip Zucchini Brownies. The result is a rare, spicy-yet-creamy taste that makes this stew absolutely unique. You'll end up with more peanut sauce than you need in this zucchini noodle recipe, and that's a good thing! Yep, these baked-not-fried treats contain no refined sugar and are instead sweetened by rice malt syrup and applesauce.

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